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22 hours ago

The moment the gates to Petra open, walk straight here. It’ll take about an hour (all uphill ) but you’ll have the whole monastery to yourself. Afterwards you can hike back down the mountain and explore the massive city carved into the canyon below.


Every morning in Alor was filled with the craziest sunbeams. It felt like we were shooting a Planet Earth documentary. Happy Independence Day to all my Indonesian followers out there!

3 days ago

An old favourite of mine from an incredible morning in Switzerland. A helicopter dropped us off on top of a nearby mountain and we tried not to: A ) Freeze to death, and B ) Fall off the cliff. The Swiss Alps make you feel so tiny.

4 days ago

We waited for the perfect timing with the sun shining through the trees. It created a spotlight on the ground right in front of the waterfall. The locals loved showing us the way to this secret spot hidden below their village, so we managed to pick up an extra 15 or so excited locals on the way down.

5 days ago

We spent the night in the clouds at Wae Rebo village. The cloud/fog was thin enough to create these insane light beams from the hut’s lantern. These local guys were stoked to pose like super hero’s for the shot. I had to do 2 separate exposures- one for the hut with the light on, then one for the misty stars without the light.

6 days ago

We came up with this concept and told the captain. He said we had 5 minutes to nail it before the crew had to take down the sails. @josiahwg and I jumped in the water with the 1Dxii and started shooting. Rushed underwater shoots are probably the most exhausting/challenging of all. This is the best we got in a single exposure. Shot with a dome port + a 14mm lens at f/8 (unfortunately Josiah is still out of focus ).

1 weeks ago

Beautiful calm mornings near Mt. Fuji- the tallest mountain in Japan. Fuji stands out like crazy because there’s no other mountains around it, which makes it look even taller than the already insane ~12,400ft peak. If you’re in japan I highly recommend taking the train to Fuji!

2 weeks ago

On our 3rd day in Komodo, we stopped at one of the many pink beaches this park is so famous for. The nearby coral is bright red which slowly gets ground up and ultimately ends up as red sand. When you mix this red coral sand with the white rock sand, you get pink 👍🏼 Check my story to see how I took this shot! @indtravel #wonderfullindonesia

2 weeks ago

Imagine looking out of the airplane window and seeing this! The flight from Ende to Labuan Bajo was easily the most beautiful flight I’ve ever been on. It was non-stop volcanoes and sunbeams the entire time. @indtravel #wonderfullindonesia

2 weeks ago

@josiahwg and I decided to leave on a photo mission at 11:30pm from our boat. We did a short hike and got on top of this hill. The Milky Way was insane and we stayed up there until 2:30am. This was the first photo we took, and probably the best one. I’ll post a before and after photo on my story in the morning because this almost looks fake, but for now it’s back to stargazing on the roof of our boat ✨ Shot on the Canon 1Dxii with a 20mm f/1.4 lens. 15 second exposure, 2000 ISO. @indtravel #wonderfullindonesia

3 weeks ago

Perfectly clear water surrounding one of the many beautiful islands here in Komodo National Park. It’ll be interesting shooting the rest of this trip without my drone because it came to a very violent end this evening as I crashed it into the mast of our boat... @indtravel #wonderfullindonesia

3 weeks ago

We’ve arrived in Komodo national park for the next leg of our trip through Indonesia. I’ve wanted to come to this insane place for so long, and I’m super excited to finally be here. @indtravel #wonderfullindonesia

3 weeks ago

Every morning in Alor was blanketed in a layer of mist which meant we didn’t have to go far to shoot sunrise. Sunbeams everywhere.

3 weeks ago

Today we woke up at sunrise and began a long drive across the island in hopes of finding this waterfall. After about 2 hours on a bumpy, mostly dirt road, we reached a village. The villagers immediately took charge and led the way. We had an entourage of about 20 locals eager to show us the magical spot. Shot on the Canon 1DxII with a 14mm lens. This is a 5 photo vertical panorama- necessary in order to get the whole tree in the shot. Edited with the ‘Monday Updated’ preset from my new Master Collection.

4 weeks ago

One of the most relaxing things I’ve experienced underwater is watching bubbles float from scuba divers beneath you. @indtravel #wonderfullindonesia

last month

Crazy light on the Amalfi Coast. Positano was home to the Romans in 100 BC before it was destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. This little town was then home to the Byzantine empire where you can still find a church that dates back to the 10th century. So much history in one little spot.

last month

A quick road trip into Bosnia & Herzegovina yesterday lead us to this cute little town called Mostar. It was interesting to see the similarities between the markets here and the ones in Turkey. All through the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe you can still see the influence of the Ottoman Empire. Next stop: Split Croatia to start Yacht Week with the gang 🙌🏼

last month

One of the most beautiful spots on the island. No better place to relax during sunset with some friends.

June 2019

Being in a cave underwater without any oxygen isn’t necessarily the most relaxing thought... however after a bit of practice, you’ll discover how beautiful and calming it actually is. It also helps having @chelseakauai as a teacher 🧜🏼‍♀️ Come get taught by both Chelsea and I this summer on Bowen island during the @triplit conference! Link in bio : )

June 2019

Spontaneous adventures with friends always lead to the best shots. I’m sad to be leaving Hawaii but excited because Croatia is next! I have a new preset pack launching in a couple days as well (I edited this photo with one of the presets in the pack 😉 ).

June 2019

Hawaii’s mountains have always been some of my favourite because of how alien they look 👽

June 2019

I spent way too long in the water trying to capture the perfect wave. I’ve never seen the back of a wave before now and it was awesome (I’m a Canadian who hasn’t spent much time in the surf😛 )

June 2019

One of my favourite shots from summer time in Banff National Park. On a still morning, moraine lake looks like a giant mirror. I always thought the perfect reflection was photoshop until I saw it for myself 😅

June 2019

We found the smallest beach in the world, built a sand castle on it, then watched as the waves came and destroyed it in 30 seconds. This was one of the best hangout spots I’ve ever been because the water was so warm and shallow. Nothing but good vibes.

June 2019

Early mornings in Coron are as close to paradise as you can get. It’s so calm, quiet and peaceful. No other tourists have showed up, and you can explore the area all to yourself for a couple hours. Shot on the Mavic Pro 2

May 2019

Without fail, every single sunset in Coron was incredible. On this day, we spent the afternoon building a massive sand castle. We were so into building it that we almost missed the bright pink sky 😅🏰 Check my story to see the epic sand castle 😂

May 2019

Trippy underwater cave walks with @josiahwg Shot by @jacob Fist bump by me . EARLY BIRD PRICING for my workshop this summer ENDS JUNE 11. Join me and an awesome lineup of other instructors as we teach you how to do what we do. Link in bio for more info!

May 2019

Currently planning some mini Bali adventures. Should I make a Bali vlog?

May 2019

Our sunrise spot from the air! We got up early and had this beautiful place all to ourselves for hours. All of these crazy cliffs were underwater around 30 million years ago until they were pushed above the surface by the movement of tectonic plates. @bdbm_coron

May 2019

2019 @TRIPLIT CONFERENCE I’m so stoked to announce that I’m hosting a workshop/conference this August (21-25 ) with some awesome friends on Bowen Island, BC. EARLY BIRD SALE UNTIL JUNE 11. We’re focusing on storytelling, building a photography business, and creating mock-campaigns with various brands. Check out the lineup of instructors and guest speakers: @chelseakauai @samkolder @matthewhahnel @reneeroaming @amirzakeri @emmett_sparling @karmagawa @tentree Link in bio for more info 🙌🏼 See you this summer : )

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