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Ok so ‘speechless’ is a very fluid term.... that I’ve ignored in this rambling video BUT how could I be when there are so many thank you’s to give to YOU AMAZING HUMAN BEANS!!!!! Bloody hell, I am one very lucky lady to have such kind, generous, shining spirited fans who are raising money for my chairty @sameyouorg Elle Elaria and your reddit page where you have raised almost £38,000 has made my day, week, month, year, decade, and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to wave goodbye to the mother of dragons than with this step towards making brain injury sufferers feel less alone. YOU ARE MY HEROS. I am the one who should be bending the knee to you. #loveinabundance #sameyoucharity #humanitywins #thisiswhatbraininjurylookslike #❤️

May 2019

So my dear kind peeps at @newyorkermag asked me a few questions about my MOD experience and I answered as best I could.... link in bio for a few snippets on how it felt to wave goodbye to my extra limb. #modforlyfe @gameofthrones #endofanera #goodbyemylover

May 2019

This is what it took not only to shoot ep5...but to watch it too! #🤯 @gameofthrones @hbo #soshockingitblewmywigoff #😳 #🤢

May 2019

HAPPY MAMMA (of dragons ) DAY!!! This is me pretending to be Italian, and blonde. To all the mothers and daughters and sons (and people who like smelling good ) I hope you find some love to give and some love to receive this fine day. And to the dragon mammas?! May you find your fyre and walk through it unscathed. @dgbeauty #DGbeauty #DGTheOnlyOne2 #SheIsTheOnlyOne #mammasforlyfenotjustformammasday #love #❤️

May 2019

Did I just stumble upon the truth here?! The cup bearer does not drinketh the Starbucks tea... oh and this ain’t a spoiler just a lost wanderer coming home for a mid filming cuppa....🔥 @prideofgypsies you so fire you make my hair turn blue. #forfuturereferenceileavethebagin #drogonyouhavemyheart4lyfe #familyvalues @gameofthrones #forthethrone #forthecaffeine #forthedragons #🔥 #🙌 #❤️

May 2019

This is it friends. The last chance to end all last chances, for the Game of Thrones experience to end all Game of Thrones experiences. You. Me. Three of your best friends who’ll have to battle for your affection to be selected. (I’m thinking episode 3 in style. ) Make sure to use promo code KHALEESI100 to get 100 extra entries! We’ll hang out, chat about your favorite theories and even take some silly photos all before a private screening of the final episode. THERE WILL BE POPCORN. ARE YOU READY?!?! And now are watch is ALMOST ended.....support my charity SameYou and enter NOW through my bio link or omaze.com/emilia before time runs out!!! 🔥🔥 @omazeworld #onlyatomaze #winteriscoming #screwitwinterisHERE #awinnerishere #itcantreallybeover #forthethrone #motherofdragonsfriendofomaze #🔥🔥🔥🔥

April 2019

MIND BLOWING EPISODE. (I can’t lie- I WEPT ) 🔥 but you guys....there are three more left and YOU could win a private screening of the grand GoT finale and come hang with me in London! (Fish and chips and a pint of stout anyone? ) I can’t promise I’ll tell you the ending, but I can promise you’ll have an absolutely amazing time. Like seriously....I’ve not seen it, you’ve not seen it but together we can scream and cry alllll the whole Supporting my charity SameYou!!! GO ON BABY enter for your chance to win through my bio link or at omaze.com/emilia @omazeworld #onlyatomaze @gameofthrones @hbo #winteriscoming #screwitwinterisHERE #mushypeasanyone ? #awinnerishere #motherofdragonsfriendofomaze

April 2019

“YOURE SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST, BETTER THAN ANYONE, ANYONE IVE EVER MET......😭” #serjorahforlyfe #thronesthrowsapunchandahalf @hbo @gameofthrones #heartbreakhotel #bestthingiveverseenonscreenEVER

April 2019

This is what perfection looks like, in case you were wondering... #❤️ #mywholeheartisinthatoneearuponeeardown #foxyroxy #🙌 #yourewelcome

April 2019

Oh yeah, I am kit Harington without the (any ) abs. Maybe I’ll wear this outfit when I host your Game of Thrones finale party! Maybe I’ll let you wear the beard!! That’s right—you and three friends could come hang with me in London, take lots of fun photos, ask me all your burning GoT questions (yes I kept the dragons, no kit didn’t keep his hair ) and enjoy a private screening of the final episode. Just don’t ask me who’ll win the Iron Throne… you’ll have to find that out for yourself. WHICH YOU WILL IN LONDON BABY!!! Support my new charity SameYou and ENTER to win through my bio link or at omaze.com/emilia #onlyatomaze #motherofdragonsfriendofomaze #awinnerhasnonameYET #winnerofadreamexperience #undercoverkhaleesi #nowjonsnowknowssomething #🎉 #🔥

April 2019

Yes @time and I both called in the morning to make sure we would be colour coordinated. A DREAM of a night, thought provoking powerful insightful humans wanting to make a difference, and then dance. 💃🕺 And I didn’t tell anyone how @gameofthrones ends! Success all round. Not forgetting these perfect legends of their crafts for making me look fresh and clean @fulviafarolfi @benskervin @petraflannery @narrativepr @dolcegabbana @dgbeauty #❤️ #🎉 #🙌

April 2019

@voguespain you have brought the yellow to my mellow and damn my self confidence just got a delightful bow filled boost 😂 #ifonlyiwokeuplikethat #grasias #💪🏻 #🙌 #🥰 @narrativepr 💁‍♀️ @jennychohair 💄 @kateleemakeup 💅🏻 @jennahipp 👗 @simonrobins1000 📸 @thomaswhiteside Aka the miracle workers 🎉

April 2019

Me and my baby (dragon ) (Drogon ) just very excited for you all to see #season8gameofthrones which if I’m not mistaken begins....now. #gulp #enjoy #forthethrone #forthelasttime #buckleupkids @hbo @gameofthrones #🤯 #🔥 #☄️ #🐲

March 2019

🙏🏻 A million million thank you’s to everyone who has read shared and sent love for my story, it’s a beautiful thing to behold and I can’t quite believe how many of you this has affected! #❤️ @sameyouorg is ready to hear your stories, how you recovered and what could have made that recovery experience better. By hearing your stories we can build a case for an improved aftercare experience for all in the future...who wouldn’t want that! #sameyoucharity #love #sometimestheworldshowsyouwhatkindesslookslike #thankyou #❤️ #💪🏻 #🙌

March 2019

🎉THE MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!🎉 The charity I have been working on for a fair few years goes live today!!! 💥💥💥 @sameyouorg is full to bursting with love, brain power and the help of amazing people with amazing stories. @newyorkermag published my story, now I’d like to hear yours! #sameyoucharity #sameyourecovery #braininjury #letschangehowwehelp #letsbreakthesilence #youarenotalone #love #❤️

March 2019

THIS IS IT YOU GUYS! It’s almost time for the final season… which means it’s your FINAL CHANCE to be my plus-one at our very last Game of Thrones premiere. Don’t miss your chance to support a great cause and come hang with me and the cast while we laugh/cry/snot/hug/dance all over each other at the premiere. I can’t wait. Click my bio link or go to omaze.com/emilia @omazeworld #onlyatomaze #bestplusoneever #seriouslyweregoingtopartyandcryandparty #😥 #itsgonnabeEPIC #❤️

March 2019

Most handsome dude I ever saw. Godmamma duties going into overdrive for the day he turned 2. Yes I had to show him my license before he let me drive. #proudaspunch #honestlythemostperfecthumanevermade #canigethisdungareesinmysize ? #lovelovelove #❤️

March 2019

Proving that your thirties are made for clubbing till dawn. @imogen_f_lloyd you will always have my heart and my dancing shoes for LYFE! #❤️ #bffs #longtimelove #coffeepatronanditson #🏆

March 2019

Thought you’d seen it all?! Well here you have it...My eyebrows for the Throne. And YOU for my VIP guest at the final Game of Thrones premiere EVER. It’s your LAST CHANCE to see these brows in person and be the first to see how our final season begins—NEED I SAY MORE?!! Well ok...please support a truly wonderful cause and enter to win through my bio link or at omaze.com/emilia. @omazeworld #motherofdragonsfriendofomaze #awinnerhasnonameYET #highbrowbaby #youlltakethehighbrowandilltakethe ohyougetheidea

March 2019

Will you be my Hand of the Queen? My red carpet sidekick? My plus one and then some? I’ll sneak you (give you a luxury trip and make you feel like a khaleesi/khal ) to the final Game of Thrones premiere EVER and we can get lit at the after-party! Can’t say anyone else fighting for the Throne would do that, eh? TEAM TARGARYEN 4 LYFE! For your chance to win, enter through my bio link or at omaze.com/emilia @omazeworld #onlyatomaze #breakerofchainsandwebsites #motherofdragonsfriendofomaze #litafredcarpet #onceinalifetimebaby #❤️ #fortheredcarpetthrone

February 2019

ITS HAPPENING PEOPLE!!!!!!! Posters are live and kicking and mammas got her game face on 🔥 #forthethrone #holdontoyourdragonsbabycosthiswillblowyourmind @gameofthrones @hbo @helenstills

February 2019

I mean I really don’t know how many more times I can remind myself that last night happened...not only because the end seems rather erm... hazy now.. Safe to say we got LIT UP. Who knew the #oscars2019 could be so damn fun?! From my insane @balmain dress to my insanely magical @niwaka_collections bling to my perfect colour (NOT DONE BY ME OUT OF A BOX! ) but by the fantabulous kind saw me on the last day of her holidays @nicolaclarkecolour to @jennychohair @jilliandempsey @jennahipp @petraflannery my sisters from other mistas thank you for making me sparkly and shine and get me to the damn party on time! #littyinthecity #brunetteshavemorefunandnowiveprovedit #🔥 #❤️ #💪🏻

February 2019

My HEROS!!!!!!! These incredible human beans have turned me from “I can barely wake up” to a sparkly purple parmer violet preened to perfection. #❤️ #👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #😍 #🎉 #oscars2019 #letsgetlit @petraflannery @jennahipp @jennychohair @jilliandempsey @dgbeauty

February 2019

Blondes have more fun eh?! Well I will see about that this fine #oscar2019 evening..... let the good times roll. #illegitimatelycantpeeinthisdress #butwhocaresitsthegoddamnoscars ! @jennahipp @jennychohair @jilliandempsey @petraflannery @dgbeauty @georgialouisesk

February 2019

WTF!!!! YOU GUYS BROKE THE OMAZE WEBSITE!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 BLOWN AWAY by the reaction from my little @omazeworld video, THANK YOU this breaker of chains and websites can now safely report it is back up and running smoothly! 👉By way of an apology the throne, my dragons, Westeros, omaze and I would like to say SOZ and if you enter now at 👉omaze.com/Emilia👈 there are 150 bonus entries to enjoy using the promo code BREAKER you could still be in with a chance to join me on the red carpet for the LAST GAME OF THRONES PREMIERE EVER. Ever. 😳 So that’s... B (for best believe that after party will be LIT 🔥 ) R (really gonna make your friends jelly ) E (especially the ones who only watch telly ) A (almost as exciting as that delightful takeaway deli ) K (kicking down your social media door with the might of a 100 stone welly ) E (even if you’d rather be looking up if that’s actually a rash right there on your belly ) R (relentless in my determination to make this post rhyme, we may even eat vermicelli ) 🍝 #happyscrolling #seeyouonthelitafredcarpetpeople #yesirhymeanditfeelsfine @omazeworld @hbo @gameofthrones #🔥 #🙏🏻 #❤️ #🙌

February 2019

Dear scrollers... I’ve got a very important proposition for you: Wanna get the spoilers before anyone else? Want to feel like a khalessi/khal for the night? Fancy bending the knee to me? Feel like being my Hand of the Queen? No battles for the Iron Throne (that would just be messy... ) just us very civilised together at the final Game of Thrones season premiere! (I promise but can’t guarantee I won’t ask you to hold my clutch/dragons heart ) It’s all to support a wonderful cause—enter for your chance to win through my bio link or at omaze.com/emilia 🔥👸🏼🐉 @omazeworld #onlyatomaze #motherofdragonsfriendofomaze #awinnerhasnonameYET #getredcarpetready #iwontgetyoutoeatahorsesheart #butimaygiveyoumybag @gameofthrones @hbo

February 2019

Guess whose back..... back again. (Well almost ) @helenstills you got that magic 📸 on 🔥❤️😍 @gameofthrones you ready people?! @hbo #motherofimissthathairalready #season8 #gameofthrones #DADADAAHHHHHHHH #theend

January 2019

Knocking back a martini on the martini shot. Now that’s what I call a @paulfeig movie. 🤵🏼 (And a momentary brexit distraction ) @lastchristmasthemovie you’ve shaken and stirred my heart to bursting. #😊 #🎉 #whistlewhileyouworkbaby #🙌

January 2019

Just for the halibut. Im resolving to try to laugh more in 2019 than 2018. Join me if you feel like it. #❤️ #🔥 #youareyourownbestbetbaby

December 2018

Oh 2018 you went by in a flash and a blur. Dearest Instaworld I truly hope your 2019 is full of contentment, laughter and recycling. #happynewyearhappynewplanet #❤️ #ohhello2019 #instantlyregrettedtakingoffmybootsandgivingmyfeetpneumonia 📸 @charliemcdowell (well he is a director after all )

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