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15 hours ago

Who else stays up wayyyy past their normal bedtime in the summer? 😳☝️

2 days ago

With Mr. Boxford & Uncle @cdj_nyc in Fiji!! Ella still has twinkles in her eyes when she talks about her time there and everyone she became so close with! 🌴🏝🏖

3 days ago

Throwback to @voguekorea B cut 📸 Photographer: Jawook Park Fashion Editor: Minjin Kim Stylist: Geeeun Hair: Jisun Han Makeup: Jihyun Kim

4 days ago

Hi everyone! We really appreciate all the love and support you all give Ella! ❤️ She’s still very young so please understand that there’s no direct contact you all can have with her, but she can answer some of your questions tonight, so feel free to ask ❤️

4 days ago

I mean Ella’s not competitive at all 🤷🏻‍♀️ #victorydance

2 weeks ago

🤗 Mommy’s baby always 😍 Love you always my sweet angel 😇

2 weeks ago

The most beautiful flowers I’ve ever received! 😍 personally picked and arranged by Ella and Roman. 🤗

2 weeks ago

Too early for a back to school campaign? @oldnavy

3 weeks ago

I wanted to take a moment to address the reaction that Ella received to a recent project that she worked on with Baskin Robbins Korea. I’m saddened to see how certain segments of the Korean public reacted to this commercial. What was honestly meant to be a fun commercial for a new ice cream flavor is being perceived by them as something disgusting and horrific. As most women, I have many roles in my life. However, I am first and foremost a mother, a title in which I take great pride and value above anything else. Ella is my daughter who I would gladly give my life for. It pains me that people have lashed out in such a careless and combative way. Ella continues to grow up with strong faith in God and I pray she will be a role model for other girls. What matters most is how you are on the inside. Ella is a beautiful soul because she truly does not have any bad intentions. She is one of the most hard working, strongest, sweetest, down to earth girls you will ever meet. She is intelligent, she is humble, and she really is a great girl. To those that are rallying against the Baskin Robbins commercial, stop saying that you are doing this “for Ella.” She is surrounded and loved by many strong and powerful women who wholeheartedly have her best interests at heart and who are confused and angered by your hurtful and negative reactions to a beautiful child. To Ella’s fans, her friends and family that pour love onto our sweet girl, I truly want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I have realized how a few words of kindness really mean more than a thousand words of hate. I am so thankful for you all! ~Ella’s Mom

3 weeks ago

Check out Ella’s interview with @wkorea ❤️ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eRsU5UrG8sE Repost from @wkorea using @RepostRegramApp - #W후아유 – 엘라 그로스 SNS에서 310만 명 이상의 팔로워를 거느린 키즈모델 엘라 그로스. 요즘 고민이 있냐고 물었더니 “전혀요. 저 이제 겨우 10살이에요. 무슨 고민이 있겠어요.” 라며 맑고 깊은 눈을 반짝였습니다. 그녀가 짧게 머문 한국은 어떤 느낌일까요? 더블유가 묻고 엘라 그로스가 답했습니다. 더 많은 이야기는 더블유 유튜브에서 풀 영상으로 확인하세요! @wkorea #editor_dh - W Korea asked ELLA GROSS some question, if you want to know full video, check out W Korea youtube channel. - 컨트리뷰팅 에디터 : 박한빛누리

3 weeks ago

One more throwback to Fiji 💙 playing the guitar 🎸 @kokomoislandfiji while we hung out with the beautiful LaMer team 💙 missing this beautiful place and everyone! #lamerdonation #lamerblueheart

3 weeks ago

Beauty 💙 #throwbackthursday to Fiji @lamer #lamerblueheart #lamerdonation 💙

last month

Awww! I didn’t even ask her to say that lol!! ❤️ @hollywire

last month

A whole new world with @lamer 💙 Let’s protect the oceans together!! Repost from @wkorea using @RepostRegramApp - 바다의 생명력이 피부의 기적으로. 라 메르는 2019년 세계 해양의 날(World Ocean’s Day )을 기념하여 6월 한 달 동안, #LaMerBlueHeart , #LaMerDonation 해시태그를 붙인 전체 포스팅을 하면 25달러씩 최대 65만 달러까지 해양 서식지 보호를 위해 기부한다고 하네요. 특별히, 올해는 ‘엘라 그로스( @EllaGross )’와 함께 깨끗한 바다를 위한 캠페인을 함께 진행하고 있다고 하니, 직접 참여해보는 건 어떨까요. - #라메르 #WOD캠페인 #LaMerBlueHeart #LaMerDonation

last month

Leaving a little something special at @baskinrobbinsbrown @baskinrobbinskorea 🍨🥄💞💞 @theblacklabel_official

last month

💞💞💞 @somsomi0309 @theblacklabel_official

last month


last month

어디까지가니? 😂🚲

last month

@jennierubyjane 언니랑 sorta~

last month

In Fiji by @dehingg #lamerdonation #lamerblueheart

last month

@pcousteau This message is very inspirational! Thank you for taking Ella on this amazing journey. You can tell a child many times how important something is, but to be able to show them and for their beautiful minds to learn something first hand, by seeing other adults’ passion and their actions, is something truly special. Repost from @lamer using @RepostRegramApp - FIJI We strive to ensure a future with flourishing seas for generations to come. That's why, through awareness-raising initiatives like this dive and charitable donations by the #LaMerBlueHeart Oceans Fund, we are committed to helping protect these precious marine habitats. #Lamerdonation

last month

Hey guys! Please help Ella spread awareness about the importance of protecting our ocean with @lamer 🌊🌎💙 For every public post using #lamerblueheart and #lamerdonation together in June, La Mer will donate $25, up to $650,000, to the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund to support ocean conservation projects around the world. They are really doing an amazing thing! You can help by reposting!! Love you all!! 💙💙💙

last month


last month

Traveling with her means she will embarrass you with her leopard pajamas during the flight. Note to Mommy: check her pj selection before we leave the house. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

last month

New book for the ✈️ ride

last month

Came to do something super fun! @timotheedoubleyou 😃

last month

❤️ Repost from @anthonypham using @RepostRegramApp - My first mag cover for @yohoboy with @ellagross ! S/o to everyone involved. Producer : @lilwild_lisha Lighting assist: @tim_toda Film loader: @lizziesteimer

last month

She loves herself a good workout!🥋

last month

Season 1 of Malibu Rescue is out on Netflix now!! Ella is in Episode 104 ❣️❣️ @scottthomascaresaboutyou @instajedstagram #maliburescue #netflix #netflixfamily

last month

It’s never too late to learn something new. As much as a dare devil Ella is, she was so scared to learn to ride a bike. She finally did it though and she is a happy girl! 🚲 yay for conquering new things!! What are you guys most afraid to try?

last month

This has been a special week for Ella! She got her yellow belt in Mixed Martial Arts 🥋 and she moved up to guitar book 2 🎸!!! She really tries her best at everything she does. I’m so proud of her!

last month

Oh, no biggie, just racing! 🤣🏎🏎 #34 Ella is enjoying her time with friends she’s grown up with since kindergarten! What a great way to spend a Friday evening. ❤️❤️ 📸 @tanyaa_tkm

last month

6:30am visa picture Brutal awakening 😂

last month

One more 😊 @yoholittlecn Photographer @anthonypham Fashion Director @cforcheng ella Stylist: Choi Min Hye Make Up: Lee Myungsun @maeng666 Hair: Park Semi @ssem0919

last month

❤️ @yoholittlecn Photographer @anthonypham Fashion Director @cforcheng ella Stylist: Choi Min Hye Make Up: Lee Myungsun @maeng666 Hair: Park Semi @ssem0919

last month

Black dress 🖤 @yoholittlecn Photographer @anthonypham Fashion Director @cforcheng ella Stylist: Choi Min Hye Make Up: Lee Myungsun @maeng666 Hair: Park Semi @ssem0919 THEBLACKLABEL

last month

Ella 🖤 @yoholittlecn Photographer @anthonypham Fashion Director @cforcheng ella Stylist: Choi Min Hye Make Up: Lee Myungsun @maeng666 Hair: Park Semi @ssem0919 THEBLACKLABEL 🖤

last month

샤워하고 이쁜 우리 베이비 👶🏻 Glistening around her eyes bc she used Mommy’s eye cream 🤨😳

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