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5 days ago

I miss you terribly, Oma. I still unconsciously aware everytime the clock hit 9 PM. I can't sleep when I dim the light at night. The lighting reminds me hours before you left. I want to eat croissants with you still. I miss asking you "ga mau jalan? Siapa tau ketemu duda ganteng?". But I know you are not in pain now. So I stop wishing for you to come back. I love you enough to let go. Farewell, Oma. I will do my best in life so I will have the luck to meet you, a very good person, again in Heaven. With a lot of love, Jessica . . . 📷: @piokharisma

3 weeks ago

Benarkah Social Media bisa membuat kamu justru gagap bersosialisasi? Yuk simak sedikit penjelasan dan tipsnya di @sisternetid atau 😉

4 weeks ago

Kesehatan psikologis kamu sama pentingnya dengan kesehatan fisik kamu loh! Jadi, jangan cuma punya P3K buat fisik kamu. Kamu harus tau juga P3K untuk psikis kamu juga! ❤ Cek video ini. Kamu bisa cek video lengkapnya di website @sisternetid atau 😎

April 2019

Pemanasan dulu. Otot-otot komedinya masih kaku. Abis ini, latihan lagi dan lagi : ) BUT IT WAS A FUN NIGHT!! You should check out #comikamondaymarkette 😍 Senin depan di @comikaid Comika Monday Markette ada @borisbokir_ , @adrianoqalbi , Kang Didi, Kiky Saputri & Rio. Pesen tempat di ❤

April 2019

I remember I was in her house when she flew to Malaysia. I cried after saying good bye to her that day. I knew it was not going to be easy for her but she needed it. It was hard for her during the first year. I received whatsapp calls from her to relieve her stress, I spent 2 nights in hospital in Jakarta when she needed to take her medication, I told her to read or watch things so she could get bigger picture of her psychological well being. I am glad she did what she had to do to live well. I could not be more proud seeing her graduating! Live well Chiara! Some people are born to enjoy life, but some are born to have the chance to become stronger inside. And we are lucky to have the chance to grow stronger. Congratulations for another upgrade! Congratulations, Chiara Lionel Salim B. Comp Sci! ❤

February 2019

It's almost there. Sedikit dari kami untuk Indonesia. . . #editor #book #forIndonesia #berkarya

January 2019

The closest thing I've ever had to sisters ❤ . . 📷: @yongkisunarta ( @productionbycyan )

December 2018

🌿😍 . . 📷: @williamsbudiman

December 2018

I did not bought many things in Hong Kong. I bought experience. It made me happier. ❤🎆🎉 . . . 📷: @yongkisunarta

December 2018

Happy 20, dear sister! 😘 It's the new phase! Be thankful for your -teen ages. They made you ready for 20 : ) Always wishing you the best version of yourself. Keep on inspiring people by trying your best to achieve things in your life despite limited situations! Once again, Happy birthday @chichilionel ❤❤❤

December 2018

The 2 little girls that gave colors in my childhood are women now. Thank you for these 5 days 😍😘❤ . . 📷: @yongkisunarta

December 2018

Congratulations Mickey Jane Salim, BBA!!! 🎓🎆🎉 Welcome to the jungle, sista! I am glad I can be here to celebrate your big day! 💖

December 2018

Happiness level today: 💯😍 . . . 📷: @chichilionel

November 2018

Goodbye Stan Lee. Thank you for introducing Capt, Stark, Spidey, Dr Strange, etc. to the world. #RIPStanLee

October 2018

It's so nice to talk about Mental Health issues at #MHFest by @sehatmental id 💖 Thanks to Mba @jovita_ferliana for the great time on and off stage 😘

September 2018

Happy birthday @qm_financial ! Terus semangat dalam mencerdaskan Indonesia dalam hal finansial! 💖 . . With love, Jessica Farolan & keluarga besar @aethralearningcenter

September 2018

Sudah saatnya kita memiliki pengetahuan P3K untuk fisik DAN psikis. Yuk kita bahas bareng di Talkshow: Basic Psychological First Aid di #MHFest #TalkAboutIt @sehatmental id 😉💖

September 2018

Hosting for @ap2i__ "Temu Ilmiah Nasional: Positive Psychology in Dealing with Multigeneration" 💃 I had fun and I love the Keynote Speaker talks! So inspiring! 💖 . . . #MC #masterofceremony #positivepsychology #psikologipositif #asosiasipsikologipositifindonesia #ap2i

September 2018

My second family 💖 #victorandinewedding

August 2018

Cla·ra A·gus·ta : A very dependable, trustworthy, kindhearted, smart, witty, lovely, beautiful woman that has been my partner in trainings and daily life. Example: -I am lucky to meet Clara Agusta. /It means someone should be grateful to meet such an incredible woman/ -Clara Agusta is ready to make a change. /It means a very capable and kind woman will do something good in life/ Happiest birthday @claraagusta I laf yuuuu 💖💖💖💖💖

August 2018

Talking about "Investing in Human Relation". One of Social Intelligence chapter in Inspigo by me. 💖

July 2018

One of the unique place in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan: Rumah Jomblo (Single's House ) 😉 . 📷: @claraagusta #rumahjomblo #rumahjomblobanjarbaru #banjarmasin #kalimantanselatan #southkalimantan #kalimantan #indonesia #exploreindonesia

July 2018

After several years preparing, it finally came true. Aethra has a Holiday Program for teens!! These are our first batch alumni. We took this picture before starting the Museum Race (similar to Running Man missions ) 😉 It's been a great 7 days journey for me, them, and their parents. Thank you fellas! And see you (yes, you.. Teens who see this picture right now ) in December: Holiday Camp 2018!!! 💖

June 2018

#throwback Hosting a sweet 17 event. It was a fine night! 💖🎉

May 2018

I spent 6 years here. This all girl school took a big part in my life. I guess it is safe to say that I found the best & the worst part in me here. So it is always a pleasure to be back and do something good as a payback. . . #santaursula #smpsantaursula #leadership #serviam #alumnisantaursula #sanur #allgirlschool

April 2018

Only on @inspigo id 😉💖

April 2018

The sky was clear & it was a fine night! 🌠🌜 Happy Sweet 17 @audreyellee ! Enjoy your night! 💃 . . #MC #masterofceremony #sweet17 #sweetseventeen #birthdayparty #party #host

March 2018

It's been a loooong time since I meet her! 😜 Congratulations for the movie & good luck on this week show, Kak Mila! ❤❤❤ . . #PerempuanBerHak #GamilaArief #partikelirmovie #premiere

March 2018

Perubahan tempat dan waktu! Silakan cek detailnya di poster 😉 Acara ini cocok banget untuk kamu yang peduli tentang perempuan, kesetaraan gender, dan bagaimana wanita seharusnya memandang dirinya ❤ . . #DATANGBULAN CEWEQUAT IS BACK : Inspirasi Perempuan Muda Indonesia • Sabtu,7 April di One Bell Park, Fatmawati Jam : 15.00-17.30 • Sesi 1 : Yang Muda Yang Berkarya akan menampilkan @malikaaakbarr yang berusia 14 tahun dan byk memenangkan lomba skating dr nasional hingga internasional , juga ada @vibicover yang memiliki suara merdu dan menjadikan sosmed ajang unjuk potensinya. • Sesi 2 : Perempuan Punya Cerita bersama @eljez seorg psikologikal trainer yg dulu prnh depresi,benci thd diri sndr serta @windy_ariestanty yg akan berbagi manfaat menulis utk menyembuhkan luka batin. • Di acara ini juga akan ada make up demo dr oriflame & stand up comedy. GRATIS!!! Tempat terbatas,segera hubungi panitia utk mendaftar ya. See u! • • • #cewequat #event #datangbulan #april

March 2018

#throwback #PerempuanBerHak Now, this is me as a stand up comedian. This is only the set up, not the punchline 😜

March 2018

#throwback As a Social Intelligence enthusiast, this is my first talk. It was amazing! Find more about my writings about Social Intelligence at @kepribadianmudotcom 👫

March 2018

This is a picture of me doing a stand up comedy routine at #PerempuanBerHak in 2017. #PerempuanBerHak is an all female stand up comedy show, featuring a musical performance by a female singer. Originally, this show started to celebrate women. To speak up and fight for us, women. It started at 8 March 2014. I post this picture now because it is March already and to make sure women will not forget #InternationalWomensDay 👧👩👸

January 2018

When stand up comedy technique is used in a training. It is enough to make people inspired to do something. . . . #TrainingforTrainers #storyteller #storytelling #givingexamples #publicclass #aethralearningcenter #aethralearningcentre #aethralc #growinggreatinsideout

December 2017

We were at #SusahSinyalMovie premiere! 🎉💖 . . #susahsinyal #comedy #drama #movie #indonesianmovie

November 2017

It feels good to be around them. It always does. 💖 #PerempuanBerhak #NameForABand

October 2017

No filter needed to emphasize how beautiful this place is 💖

October 2017

It was a fine twilight 😍 . . . #singapore #marinabaysands #twilight #holiday

September 2017

My comedy skills are nowhere near famous Indonesian comics. So I am grateful that they trust me enough to be the judge of stand up comedy competition. 😊🙏 . . . #standupcomedy #standupcomedycompetition #kementeriankeuanganRI

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