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2 days ago

This is my back yard and I couldn’t be happier 🧚🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

6 days ago

Running away from my problems 💚

3 weeks ago

Giant litter box 🐈

last month

Wow who would have thought my first promo would be a cat lady box 🤷‍♀️ (we all did ) @catladybox sent me this adorable package filled with things for the kitty, as well as things for me! But as it turns out, all the things for me turned into things for him 🙄 This specific box comes with exclusive themed monthly items that you can’t buy anywhere else, so if your cat is a queen or king (they are ), get them something for them to enjoy though their 9 lives. And there’s more... this box donates a portion of profits to a different cat rescue every month. 😻 And I also have the hookup so you can get 10% off. Just use the link in my bio and use the code 10PURRFECT at checkout 🧡 #catladybox #catladyamb #ambcollab

last month

Suns out, buns out (hair buns and regular buns )

last month

When you find the shorts that speak to your soul (or lack thereof ) 🖤🔥 (Those are seashells in my hair )

last month

I hear Tennessee has some cool waterfalls 🧡

last month

If your hair isn’t longer than your dress, do you really have long hair?

March 2019

I almost forgot what the sun looked like 🐬🌞

March 2019

Not being able to fit your hair in the frame is a problem I’m ok with having 👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰 @philanadoeshair @purenashville keeps my locks looking fresh!!

February 2019

Valentine’s Day, 5-9pm come to the Westin and dress to impress. The decor and bars are perfect for a fancy date and yours truly will be singing up a storm in the lobby ❤️ I’ll be accepting roses, and $20s Found this gem of a dress at my @buffaloexchange ❤️🌹❤️🌹

January 2019

Pretending it’s tank top weather 🌞❄️

December 2018

Hair ✔️ sparkles ✔️ existential dread ✔️

December 2018


December 2018

Today @nashvilledarling did the THING 🔥🍒 @nashvillepony curled the beast in under an hour and a half 😍😍😍edit: for those asking, I’ve been using @matrix super sleek shampoo and conditioner for years. It’s my fav. And when I moved to Nashville I got super dry and their Biolage Scalpsync shampoo saved me 🥶 #matrix

November 2018

If you need me I’ll be here skipping thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas ❤️💚🌲

October 2018

Season of the witch 🖤🦇

September 2018

My good friends mother makes these beautiful bustiers, hand sewn velvet and lace trim, pearls, crystals, ribbons you name it. They. Are. Stunning. This lovely piece is for sale so if you’re interested, get in contact with me!

September 2018

Puns so good I’m dead 🦇🖤🔮⚱️

July 2018

Soul singer, soul stealer 🖤🎤☠️ Glorious photo by @kimnneumann

July 2018

Put me in a movie 🥀

July 2018

Getting ready for your funeral like 🖤🔪🎀 Accidental @anastasiabeverlyhills ad: Busted out that Modern Renaissance Palette, Starlight highlighter and Pure Hollywood liquid lip to lighten that pink 💞 @norvina

June 2018

@philanadoeshair — my “mane” bitch 😘😂 If you’re in Nashville and in need of the real deal, run don’t walk 💞 @purenashville

May 2018

Owned this 50s beauty for a full 3 hours before shipping it off to @daintyrascalvintage 💞 I can’t wait to see her dance in it! 😍

May 2018

Someone come feed me cherries 🍒

May 2018

I put coffee on my finger 🌻🦋🐝

May 2018

Just a little black raincloud 🎶

April 2018

The @buffaloexchange Earth Day 1 dollar sale did not disappoint. 🌳🍃🌿🌎🌍🌏

April 2018

As you can tell by the planters, Nashville spring is in full force 🙄

April 2018

Please stick around until May ❤️💔🐈

April 2018

Honestly if I was this trendy in my middle school years I woulda made that private school uniform work 👗 Vintage dress found in @foundandformedshop while visiting Iowa! Thanks for giving me something to do while waiting on my man to get off work!!

April 2018

Finally back in my bed 🙏🏻 today’s sights were lovely to the Floridian eye, but where’s spring??

March 2018

I read that within the next few years we will have electric VW busses and I’m here for it

March 2018

No animals were harmed in the making of this photo 🦓🐆🐅🧡 I’m selling this lovely modern day Cruella coat on poshmark so if you want it, my poshmark name is the same as Instagram!

March 2018

Got that southern hospitality last night 🤠🎤 Sang an original for the first time in a long time at writers night at the @bluebirdcafetn and it was magical 🧡 Head over to @mollyholtonmusic for some footage!!

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