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3 weeks ago

Y’all are great, big shinning stars...just like my hand is in this photo🌟

4 weeks ago

Took this on our first ever table read for episode one. I couldn’t even contain my excitement (as you can feel from the gigantic smile on my face lol ). Also I thought it was only due for you guys to have another Allison/Allison duo pic after being so graciously given @justinmin and @ethantk23 Ben/Ben duo pic. Also I look 4 in this 😂💖

last month

Did you know that 99% of maternal deaths take place in third world countries? Did you know approximately 2 million girls under the age of 15 are impregnated each year? Did you know that approximately 2.7 newborn children die each year? Do you know how you can contribute to changing this? Well I’ll tell, @plancanada is raising awareness through the hashtag #CHANGETHEBIRTHSTORY It’s a campaign that raises awareness for the many girls and woman who are denied their rightful access to reproductive health, maternal and infant health, gender equality and education within developing countries. Go to www.plancanada.com and sign your name to help change the birth story of every girl and woman who is stripped from living a healthy and educated life. Just by signing your name and endorsing the #CHANGETHEBIRTHSTORY campaign you are creating a difference for the better, and allowing girls all over the world to be the next leaders of our future❤️

last month

Blue. Not just a paint or crayon or marker colour. Blue. For the brave men and woman standing together and fighting in the Sudanese Revolution. On June 3rd Mohamed Mattar was shot and killed as he attempted to shield a couple of woman from the harm of the Rapid Support Forces. His life was taken when he demonstrated peaceful protesting outside the military headquarters in Kahartoum. He along with a mass of other revolutionists were gathered to protest for the armed forces to give over their power to a civilian administration, also known as a civilian government that enforces law and order other than military units. Blue was believed to be Mohamed’s favourite colour and so we post blue as a tribute to the selfless act that he committed. Not only that, but we post blue now to signify a symbol of standing with Sudan. To protest and fight for all the lost martyrs and their dreams for a better life in Sudan. I may live in Canada, but that doesn’t mean I cannot support and combat with this incredible movement. So, post blue, stand with Sudan, stand with the revolution, stand with humanity💙 #blueforsudan #sudan

last month

Happy pride my love bugs! This has easily become one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken. Now, I myself am not apart of the LGBTQ community, but only in the sense of my sexual orientation. To me, personally LGBTQ members live life with nothing but open hearts, an open mind and spirit. Being able to accept anyone and everyone for simply being themselves and dismissing all other things that don’t pertain to being a kind and generous individual. Being apart of the LGBTQ community means not only living with the sexual orientation you were always meant to have but it also means your love reaches beyond that of whatever sexual orientation someone goes by. I will be an avid ally to this community always and forever. LOVE IS LOVE. And you shall be entitled to having it in any form it comes in🌈❤️ #happypride

last month

hey if you didn’t hear it today, i love you. i hope you are having a wonderful day and i hope it only gets better. you are so very special and worthy. you can do all things no matter how hard the current is pushing against you and nothing is impossible my dear💕

last month

It’s crazy to think that in near future years, this planet I call my home, won’t be my home anymore. Instead it’ll be a lost junk yard within the vastness of space. It’ll be nothing but a collection of human destruction. It’s crazy to think we are still being fed these statements like “there is another planet out there for us”, “we have found potential life on ____”. It’s crazy to think our older generations are still believing this. But, we have to stop listening, we have to start changing. There is a reason why Earth was made to be our home, and there is a reason why no other planet was. I don’t want to drink cockroach milk, I don’t want to buy canned air. I don’t want to visit the beach and be told “no you can’t swim” because the waters are too poisoned to have fun. I don’t want to see our beautiful sea and land creatures grasping onto life because we are too selfish and entitled to understand our own self doings is what’s running our home right into extinction. This is it. To the people reading this now, this our battle to fight. We don’t have a lot of time to fix this hole, but IT IS possible to fix. So please use your voice and fight, protest, post anything and everything you can that goes against those who don’t believe in climate change. Show your facts and speak on behalf of the generations yet to come. This is our home, there should be no need to look further because we have one right here, and she needs our help❤️🌍🌳💚

May 2019

Walking for “Relay for Life” today. Today I walked for those in courtries who are limited in their educational resources and for the people who suffer from prostate cancer. The money my incredible student peers at school and I raised, will be donated to both charities and will fight for two causes that are needed with much attention and awareness. Today I walked for the millions of children who don’t get to go to school either because they don’t have enough money to go or because their country doesn’t have enough money to build one. Today I also walked for every man who is affected by prostate cancer and for all the family members and friends who grieve through knowing someone who suffers from prostate cancer. I’m so honoured to have this opportunity to be apart of a wonderful community that comes to together to fight for those less fortunate. Well done everyone❤️ #Education4all #kickcancersbutt

May 2019

Comfiest PJ’s we ever fake owned😂☂️ #umbrellaacademy #netflix #gerardway #darkhorsecomics #setlife

April 2019

Nigel Shelby. A 15 year old boy bullied to suicide. This boy was taunted and tormented until he thought his last resort for a way out, was to end his life. It is 2019. From all the countries along the decades finally granting the LGBTQ community the rights to live freely and open, this now happens. When I think we’ve come a long way from a world of moving forward from discrimination and intolerance, Nigel’s sickening story makes me feel like we have taken 100 steps back. It is appalling that males, females, adults, CHILDREN are still being resisted against. All because of their sexual identifications. Regardless of what Nigel Shelby’s sexual orientation was, this boy will never grow up to work the job of his dreams or marry the person of dreams or have a family with the person of his dreams. Nigel I am so sorry. I am so sorry that you felt that your only way to feel at peace was to leave us. Members of the LGBTQ community I am so sorry that you, to this day, still live in fear because you don’t know what will happen if you finally decided to be who you really are. If you choose to be one of my supporters, just know that you will ALWAYS BE LOVED, ALWAYS BE SUPPORTED and ALWAYS PRAISED for everything that you are, not just by me but also by the rest of my beautiful supporters. My heart is with Nigel and his family. May this beautiful boy shine his pearly smile up above and be a symbol of how REAL BULLYING is. Fly high angel 💔 #stopcyberbullying #stopverbalbullying #stopphysicalbullying #stopbullying

April 2019

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with chocolates and laughter and that you were surrounded by all your loved ones. But, just a little reminder that not everyone around the world gets to celebrate Easter as fortunate as others so be extra grateful for the big feasts and sweets you get to enjoy today or along the weekend. I love you guys so much, HAPPY EASTER!🐣💛

April 2019

Doug Ford. The man who has already begun significant and greatly impactful fund cuts to the Ontario education system. Today I watched one of my most beloved teachers tell my class that 6 other teacher employees, working at MY school alone, have been surplussed. This means that they currently have no job for the next upcoming school year. With these 6 teachers gone that’s approximately 36 of my school courses completely gone or combined. I personally, attend a special school. An arts school. I have special schedules and courses that pertain to my arts major and talents that I am constantly working and perfecting myself on. By next school year, I could possibly have my special schedules ripped away from me and the rest of my peers. Leaving us no time or space to practice and grow in our arts areas. These cuts not only affect my schools special schedules but my school also does MULTIPLE school performances. Each art area in my school has its own special performance night. A night dedicated to students coming together and presenting their incredible talents. If Doug Ford continues with his cuts, we won’t have these performances anymore. Not at all. Which leaves only one question...”What’s the point of an arts school, if the art is destroyed?”. I’m scared for my province. I’m scared for my fellow Canadian student peers who are all going to greatly suffer from these funding cuts. All of this has happened just to MY school alone. You may think 6 teachers is a lot to get rid of, but at other schools as high as 10-15 teachers are being cut. We are losing courses that certain kids are depending on so that they can be qualified for their university courses and FUTURE CAREERS. DOUG FORD, is ruining, ripping and breaking my education system. And it’s breaking my heart. So I ask you, please my beautiful and incredibly amazing supporters. Help me fight, stand with me, even if you don’t live in Canada, and put your foot down. Sign the petition in my bio. Students deserve extra-curricular activities, students deserve in-class tutors, and our teachers deserve jobs. Teachers don’t just teach for a pay check, they teach out of love of giving kids vast knowledge & opportunities❤️

April 2019

So Life Is What You Make It. I Hope You Make A Movement. Hope Your Opportunity Survives The Opportunist. Hoping As You Walk Across The Sand You See My Shoe Print And You Follow, Til It Change Your Life, It’s All An Evolution. - Ermias “Nipsey Hussel” Asghedom #themarathoncontinues #flyhigh 💙🙏🏽

April 2019

Thanks for being the sickest sister in the world💛 #nationalsiblingday ( I don’t have the piercing anymore haha )

April 2019

Wait...what were we looking at ???😂

April 2019

We heard your requests and orders. Umbrella Academy season 2 is coming!!!

March 2019

Fun fact: this necklace was magnetic at the back so it would just stick together when I put it on☺️. Also comment down below where you’re from, I want to know where my beautiful little angels exist! 👀❤️ #umbrellaacademy #netflix #darkhorsecomics #tentscene Edit from: @loofeya thank you so much🥰

March 2019

Thank you for joining my live today. I’m so glad I got to talk about something very important to me. I love y’all♥️! #selfconfidence #youareloved #selflove

March 2019

You are enough, you are more than enough❤️

March 2019

Mi Familia 🦋 (Thank you to everyone who joined the live, we love you guys beyond compare )

March 2019

Did you know that every year nearly 12-15 million girls are married before the age of 18? That’s 28 girls every minute, 1 per 2 seconds. It’s understandable how early marriages can lead to early pregnancies, right? Well, what if I told you that complications due to childbirth is the number one leading cause of death for girls, globally, raging from 15-19 years of age. Marrying before the age of 18 can also increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections and HIV infections. India has the highest rate of underage marriages in the world, holding the top spot with 47%. The following countries include: Niger, Central African Republic, Chad, Mali and Bangladesh. Within these countries about 50% of girls are married before the age of 18. This is a global issue that does not have boundaries, yes underage marriage is more than probably happening in your country as well. Girls who are thrown into marriage at a young age have 6X less of a chance in getting an education and graduating into the work force. Girls EVERYWHERE deserve to grow up STRONG, and have the RIGHT and CHOICE in WHO they please to marry and have children with, they should have the RIGHT to CHOOSE WHEN they want to have children. I’m only one person, but I believe I can do many things, and this is something I want to change and help bring a stop to❤️. A summary of these statistics can be found on the “Girls not Brides” website and UNICEF. #girlsnotbrides

March 2019

Not all of my favourite people made it into this photo, but they made it into my ❤️ (TJ where’d you go😰? )

February 2019

This turned out semi pretty good. Considering I couldn’t tell if I was actually taking it...or if the camera was even on. #umbrellaacademy #allisonhargreeves #netflix #gerardway #gabrielba #fábiomoon #dysfunctionalfamily #icoudntsee

February 2019

Everyone, welcome to my bathroom... Just wanted to say thank you again so much for all the love and support on Umbrella Academy and I’m so so glad you guys are liking it🥰❤️(no I’m not naked this was the night of the Toronto UA premiere ) #umbrellaacademy #netflix #allisonhargreeves #iheardarumor #dysfunctionalfamily #bestnetflixfanbase #boomerang

February 2019

I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Umbrella Academy is now streaming on Netflix! GO WATCH❤️☂️ (I play young Allison #3 ) #umbrellaacademy #allisonhargreeves #iheardarumor #gettyimages #family #dysfunctionalfamily #Netflix #gerardway #gabrielbá #fábiomoon

November 2018

@yvngboi_jae Rule #1: Never leave your girl around another light skin ☝🏽

October 2018

August 2018

You are light, you are love, you are everything you want yourself to be🔅 (ft. Syd’s impeccable photography )

March 2018

STEPHON CLARK. A son. A husband. A father. Stephon Clark, a 22 year old man who was shot down dead 20 TIMES in his back for standing in his OWN backyard, in his OWN home, with his OWN 2 children BOTH under the ages of 5 years old in Sacramento, California on March 18, 2018. Reasoning: Policemen thought he was holding a gun Reality: It was his cellphone. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? WHY IS POLICE BRUTALITY SWEPT UNDER THE RUG EVERY TIME? Not anymore...... #justiceforstephonclark #sayhisname ✊🏽

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