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They got me...🤦🏿‍♂️

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April 2019

My man Chris Colglazier!!! 3rd vehicle purchase from me!!! I have to be doing something right, right?? A big CONGRATULATIONS goes to this guy on his new career!!! I hope it brings you happiness and millions! And once again THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!

March 2019

Good news spreads fast!!! Ms. Samantha Monnett thank you for the referral!! Introducing Ms. Nicole Phillips and Adam Samples! Thee most patient folks I've had all year! Lol And I appreciate them so much. I found the perfect vehicle to fit their perfect family. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!

March 2019

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Mrs. Samantha Monnett and Joe Monett!!! We looked at a decent amount of vehicles until the RIGHT ONE actually spoke to her!!! If you can't tell through her excitement.... she really LOVES her new ride! I think they like me too🤷🏿‍♂️ THANK YOU MONNETT FAMILY, FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!

March 2019

Her:"Boy! It's cold, I'm tired and ready to go to sleep!" Me: "I don't care I need that wonderful face on my social media!" And this is what I get....🤷🏿‍♂️ THANK YOU MRS LACHELLE KING, FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS.... AGAIN!! #2x

March 2019

You didn't hear anything is this video because this family is hearing impaired (deaf ). My daughter knows sign language but I do not. Regardless I found out a way to communicate and get the deal done. The gesture at the end of the video, for those who don't know, was her saying Thank you. But the THANK YOU goes to you. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!

March 2019

At my daughters dance competition and there is this Random kid walks up to me and says "want a picture with me?" Like he already knew he was 'THAT GUY' lol! #LJ he's definitely the man!

February 2019

GREAT GUY!!!! Mr. Adrian came in torn between our truck and another truck at some other dealership...🙄lol. But luckily he ran into the right guy! He brought in his beautiful wife(the real muscle ) and we came together for them to make a decision. To the Adrian family, THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!

February 2019

💎💎DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH💎💎 There are some that would like a nice first car. Or need a second vehicle for the home. Or maybe you just don't want to spend a lot of money and want something nice and reliable. FEAST YOUR EYES ONE THIS👁👁! 2006- 4x4 LAREDO JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE!!! Only $6k CLEAN. 🚿 I know I know.... you want it....🙄 Inbox for details.

February 2019

🚨🚨Don't wait until summer get here... get a head start!!!🚨🚨2017 HEMI Dodge Challenger This bad boy still got warranty left!!! I SEE IM JUST GOING TO HAVE TO OUT THE DEALS RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY!!!! 🏎💨 Inbox me for details

February 2019

🚨REFERRAL🚨The feeling you get when someone thought so much of your service, that they are willing to send family/friends to experience what they did is.... PHENOMENAL!!!(big word ) @brandywells -lett Introduced us to great family!!! Had it pretty much done before they got here! THANK YOU FOR LETTING US EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!! @angiebuis @lawerencedean @jenniferdean

December 2018

We practiced this for hours! Lol! Ms. @ashelykilmon has bought 3 or 4 cars from me, has treated me to lunch and has always been a great personality and loyal customer. So it was my pleasure to take care of her and awesome, yet quiet daughter lol! BEAUTIFUL PPL and they rock with me! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!

November 2018

I keep telling y'all!!! If you're not having fun enjoying what you do..... Let me just say you're missing out!! Ms. Anitra Robinson came in here bossing me around. I had to tell her "I been doing this for 5 1/2 years... I know how to do my job lol" GREAT LADY!!! Hard working mom, it was an absolute pleasure get this done! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!

October 2018

🏎💨💨💨 HELL CAT!!!! 2018

October 2018

Let me tell y'all something, this one right here.....😍😍😍😍. I seriously try to stay tough. I really do!!! But she breaks me down ppl!!!! I got a surprised photo shoot of my little one and this, my friends and family, is how you start off your week!!! She also told me to sell a BIG TRUCK!!! I told her I will! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

October 2018

Everybody always ask "Do you have any Jeeps!?" Take a look at this beauty! First come, first serve!

October 2018

Here's another one that said "ROME! I'm going to come holla at you when I'm ready!" So for Ms. @uniquely_janale (everybody's #VU crush😁 ) you know I had to make it happen!!! Hard worker and one of the coolest you could ever get around. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!

October 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the one and only Farley @thereal2pounds Pounds!! He has been telling me for awhile that when he was ready, I'm going to be his first stop. I said "when your ready I'm going to take care of you!" We both kept our words. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!! #Vincennes #yeabuddy #grimmylikehotsauce #VU0203

September 2018

It's that time of year!!!! Classic 2018!!!✊🏿

August 2018

JUGGERNAUTS! We spend a lot of time at the job site. It could drive you crazy if you don't have strong folks around you. Ay ummmmm.... do y'all see Drake's album cover in the back ground?😂😂😂

August 2018

And it starts...💪🏿

August 2018

🙌🏿🤴🏿🕺🏿💃🏽🚨CUSTOMER APPRECIATION🚨 THIS WED (08/15/18 ) @6:00pm!!!! Bring your family!!!! Food will be catered!!!! PRIZES!💥 GAS CARDS⛽️💥 and last but not least, get a chance to drive A BRAND NEW CAMARO for the weekend!!!! EVERYBODY leaves with something! PS: I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO SEE EVERYONE!!!

August 2018

Great feeling when ppl appreciate you work. That's one lucky young lady to have a father surprise her with such a gift. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!

August 2018

🔥🔥🔥20% off SPARKS, IMPALAS, SONIC!!!! That means if anybody, I MEAN ANYBODY, is looking for a vehicle. Do yourself a favor and call me! If you have negative equity, let's get you out that money pit!! SEE YOU SOON!🚨🚨🚨🚨

July 2018

You might have seen this family before. This is there💥💥💥💥💥💥 7TH VEHICLE 🚗🚙🚗🚙🚗🚙🚗 from me!!!! You would think they know the drill with post sale video...smh lol! MR. And MRS. Wright, THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

July 2018

My guy was to excited to ride out in his new Camaro! "Andy Mohr Ford Chevy...." LOL! @dollar_bill_317 was patient and loyal to the core! We go back, definitely had to care if my guy!! Dino THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!! PS. I work at Andy Mohr CHEVY!!!! Lol

July 2018

My pretty girl😍 Since she was a little girl her dream was to dance at Alvin Ailey in New York. She is doing something I never did, and that's focus on her dream. Her efforts inspire me. She is God sent. And I am so grateful! Her little sister has a great role model in front of her! #shesplaintingherseeds #inmyfeelings

November 2017

Thanksgiving FEAST!!!

November 2017

Scared for that punching bag....💪🏿

November 2017

#kingsmengiveaway GO TO FACEBOOK!!! KINGSMEN AUTO SOLUTIONS!! Go now!!

September 2017

Mr. @anthonylockett is all hustle, all hard work. But what do you expect from an Entrepreneur! Him and he wife made it easy for Sam W. and I to do business with them. 2015 Escalade ESV...💪🏿 my man knows what he wanted and how to get it. THANK YOU MR. LOCKETT AND LOCKETT FAMILY, FOR LETTING US EARN YOUR BUSINESS! Ps. THANKS FOR THE REFERRAL DARNELL STEWART!!!!

July 2017

🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 I just love great ppl!!! If anyone deals with ppl on a daily, then you know what I mean lol. Ms. Lisa Adcox you were a breath of fresh air!!!! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!

July 2017

New 2018 Traverse!!!! 😳

July 2017

Have to start this week with a GREAT VIBE!!! And who better than Mr. Darnell Stewart (Stuart Little ) and the Stewart family!! One of the best men I've ever meet in my life. He told me a long time ago that if he was going to be buy a new car, he wasn't buying from anyone else but me. Not only did he come buy one but he brought his beautiful wife along and she bought one also! FB... this is one my best guys AND I THANK YOU STEWART FAMILY FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

June 2017

What y'all know about them @VincennesUniversity days??? Brandon Pounds, came through and trusted me to find him the right truck and the right deal!!! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME EARN YOUR BUSINESS!! Big shout out to 2pounds (Farley ) for the referral!!

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