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2 days ago

Grandalas birds 😍 Lachen, North Sikkim, India. Follow @auroraborealisobservatory for more! Photo by @aviantrails

4 days ago

Can you roll your tongue? 👅 #earthpics by Debbie Beals ( @stampdelights )

6 days ago

How incredible is Glass Beach? 🤯 Zoom in to see more details of the glass pebbles 👀 Tag someone you’d take here! Photo by @neohumanity ⠀ Follow 👉 @earthpics for more!

6 days ago

1-year-old pet alpaca who’s made himself right at home in Adelaide, Australia. 🦙🏡 “Alfie is very curious and always wants to see what we are doing,” says his human Jeff. “He will come inside to watch TV with us.” | Video by @alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide

1 weeks ago

Meet the ROYAL FLYCATCHER! 🐦 Royal Flycatcher Facts: Sadly, these beautiful and majestic birds are classified as ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List. The male is recognizable through its red crest (Shown in this video ), while the female dons a yellow crest. Truly beautiful birds! | Video by @stefanoianirophotography Follow @earthpics for more! Tag someone that should see this!

2 weeks ago

Adrenalin UP 🎢 TAG someone you’d do this with 🛤 😍? 🇨🇭 Video by @sennarelax

2 weeks ago

The most dangerous hike in the world 😱 Would you dare walk on it? Mountain Huashan Plank Trail, Shaanxi, China ⛰ Tag someone who should try! Video by @deanie_babies

2 weeks ago

Mongooses and snakes are each other's deadliest opponents😱🐍 When they face off, the outcome is utterly unpredictable. Video by © Smithsonian Channel ( @smithsonian_channel )

2 weeks ago

Be kind. Even for the small Creatures on this Planet! 😁🙌🏾❤️ Video via @estherveganlin #earthpics

2 weeks ago

A dikdik male with a nose shaped like a heart. The muzzle of this tiny antelope is a sophisticated air conditioner that keeps the brain cool while the body temperature may rise to 43 degrees Celsius during the heat of the day. Samburu National Reserve, Kenya. | Photo by ( @mogenstrolle ) #earthpics

2 weeks ago

Have you ever seen a more magical sunset before? 🌅⁣ Sunset magic captured by @dannmace at Camps Bay Beach, CapeTown

2 weeks ago

Library in China 🇨🇳 Wow! Tag someone that would visit this! by @harimaolee

3 weeks ago

Australian Sea Lions😍 Photo by © ( @everchanginghorizon )

3 weeks ago

Tianmen Mountain, China 🇨🇳 Who would you walk here with? Follow 👉 @earthpics for more! Please DM for credit.

3 weeks ago

How incredible is this wall of clouds passing through the small city of Anna in Illinois, USA ? 💨🇺🇸 Tag someone who should see this incredible video ! Video by @maranda benefield

3 weeks ago

Beautiful views in Switzerland 🚂 Video by @kardinalmelon

3 weeks ago

The purring of a Cheetah is beautiful!🐆 Turn up the sound🔊 - READ MORE: ⠀ This is my magical girl Velvet, and she isn’t a pet. She’s a rescue - she was found with ticks, fleas and a broken tail inside a bathroom as a cub. She has been put into a rehabilitation process previously but her crooked tail and dependence on people kept her from becoming a fully wild girl.  But she is happy. She is beautiful. She can hunt. She is living her best life💋 Also I have worked with animals for 10 years therefore I can have this privilege to be so close to them! ❌ Respect all animals and do what’s best for them ✨ I want people to fall in love with cheetahs as much as I have. Video&Caption by © @lisatorajaqueline

3 weeks ago

Pasture paradise 🐑 #earthpics by @kyrenian

3 weeks ago

Amazing viewpoint in @Norge 😍🇳🇴 Follow @Norge for more!🙏🏻 Video by @michelphotography_ch

3 weeks ago

The mysterious caracal 🐱 Photo by @uli_wildlife

3 weeks ago

Raw Run || 70 mph (112 kmph ) in Switzerland 🇨🇭 Video by @josh_neuman1

4 weeks ago

Wait for it... incoming! 🐋 Whale watchers in the splash zone 💦 Video by © ( @glacierbayalaska ) Follow 👉 @earthpics for more!

4 weeks ago

American Bison charging through Yellowstone! They can weigh in excess of 2,000lbs🤯 Video by @richardpetersphoto

4 weeks ago

Best selfie 😄🐵 Photo by @whiby_40

4 weeks ago

Memories that will last a lifetime🐋 Video by @nootka_wilderness_lodge

4 weeks ago

This cat in #Japan is so cute, the moments they capture of him are so funny😂 Photo by @berner2222

last month

Heddal Stave Church in @Norge 👌🏻 It is the largest and one of the most beautiful of Norway's 28 remaining stave churches😍 As always, it's constructed around Norwegian pine support pillars, 12 large ones and six smaller ones, all topped by fearsome visages – and has four carved entrance portals. Of special interest are the lovely 1668 'rose' paintings on the walls, a runic inscription in the outer passageway and the 'Bishop's chair', which was made of an old pillar in the 17th century. Do you like the architecture of this church? #Earthpics photo by @thomaswaerness

last month

Would you? Tag a friend that wouldn’t ride this with you.😃 Video by @raphaelsandoz

last month

Nights at @auroraborealisobservatory ! 😍 If you love the Northern Lights and want to see them, then this is the place to be! Tag someone you would be here with!Maybe you get lucky!😉 (Link in bio for more info about our resort ) Photo by @nightlightsfilms

last month

Caption this Photo Follow @earthpics for more! Tag someone that should see this! Photo by © @yan_hidayat_567

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