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Looking back at photos from last month and thinking damn I already wanna be back in Greece again #Mykonos 🇬🇷

5 weeks ago

Just a man and a cat tryna enjoy a rooftop tea break but these birds keep on ruining it 👀 🦅

last month

Stopped by our favourite rug shop in Turkey! 🇹🇷 #doyoutravelpresets #cappadocia

last month

I love cruising around this island on a bike and taking random dirt roads that lead to cliff edges like this one 💦 Milos is such a unique place and even better because there are countless spots like this that aren’t crowded or known to most tourists. In a world full of online content it’s nice that there’s still places that exist that you can stumble upon with no expectations. @douchebags #DBtravel

last month

Moonwalking on Milos 🌚 This island has always been one of my favourites ever since I first went 4 years ago! Made up of white rocks that remind me of the moon, and surrounded by crazy blue water 🤤 #doyoutravelpresets

last month

Back in one of my favourite countries for a week! 🇬🇷 I’m a little behind on content but I spent my first few nights here on Mykonos kicking back at @cavotagoomykonos After a crazy week in Italy it was the perfect spot to relax for a few days. I’ve been wanting to stay at this hotel for years and it exceeded my expectations! Loads more photos coming soon! 🙏🏼

last month

How cool are these natural hot springs, it still blows my mind that things like this exist! We drove 2 hours to get here for sunrise before the crowds arrive. After spending some time bathing here our skin felt so soft! Imagine living near this, I’d probably make this my morning routine! 👌🏼

last month

Rolling to the beach in the vintage Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e⛱ To everyone asking how to rent these bad boys - you can now get them from @Hertz in various parts of Italy! 🇮🇹 #SpiagginaOntheRoad #Hertz #HertzSelezioneItalia

last month

After a long day of travel which included missing our train stop and getting into Florence much later than expected we decided to have our own mini spa evening in the hotel room - using our favourite skin massager and cleanser, the LUNA mini 2 from @foreo #travelwithFOREO 🛁

last month

Not a bad place for a road trip! #AmalfiCoast 🇮🇹

last month

Mio Amore 🇮🇹 #doyoutravelpresets

June 2019

My ride or die 🖤 Shot by the homie @josiahwg

June 2019

Took the bikes out this weekend to a quieter less touristy part of Bali with a few of my mates. It’s crazy how many new places you can come across when you get out and explore, this is one of the many reasons I love this island. #DBtravel

May 2019

I always love coming home to Bali in-between travel but have a few exciting trips lined up. With my #AmexPlatinum Card, I get 5X points on flights booked directly with airlines which makes all the travel that much better. Guess where I’m off to next? #AmexAmbassador #AmexLife Terms Apply. #Ad

May 2019

Watch until the end 😂 - Last month in Abu Dhabi we took cars out with some locals for a bit of dune bashing and sand boarding! I’ve never had so much fun in the desert! @VisitAbuDhabi #InAbuDhabi

May 2019

It’s been nice having a little detox from instagram but I’m excited to be getting back out on some new adventures real soon! I’ll be exploring some new parts of Indonesia over the next few weeks before heading back out to Europe for the summer! Italy and Greece are on the cards.. where else shall I go?!

May 2019

Throw back to being on the edge of Bangkok cause tomorrow I’m heading back to Thailand! 👅🤘🏼Don’t try this at home (or in Bangkok ) haha. #Thailand

May 2019

After basing here in Bali for almost 3 years you’d think I would’ve hit all the spots by now - you’d be wrong! There’s so many hidden gems on this island! A couple of days ago we decided get up early to drive out and explore somewhere new, we ended up at this peaceful jungle oasis #dbtravel 🍃💦

April 2019

Abu Dhabi feeling like a movie set - This was shot at the Qasar Al Sarab hotel, situated in the middle of the worlds largest sand desert! @VisitAbuDhabi #InAbuDhabi

April 2019

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi. It’s my third time visiting this beautiful place and it still amazes me just as much as the first time 🤯 It’s pretty obvious why it’s one of the most visited places in the UAE - If you want to walk around the mosque before the crowds it’s best to arrive at 8 45am (doors open at 9am ) so you can be the first in! The first time I arrived at 10am and it was real busy so we went back a few days later just as it opened to get this shot 👌🏼 @VisitAbuDhabi #InAbuDhabi

April 2019

Stoked to be back here in the Middle East - This time spending a week here in Abu Dhabi with @VisitAbuDhabi to explore this crazy city and surrounding areas. This morning I woke up surrounded by the dunes of the Liwa desert, it was just a few minutes walk to this spot from my room! #InAbuDhabi 🇦🇪

April 2019

Morning dips at a palace in Udaipur 💦

April 2019

First person to comment how many birds are in this photo wins 🦅👀 Still going through all my India archives - I have so much more content to share from this trip! 🇮🇳 This was from my last morning in Jaipur at the @jaimahalpalace | @tajhotels | #Jaipur #TajHotels

April 2019

Taking some time to chill at the #AmexPlatinum House before heading to the festival! With plenty of snacks, drinks and even massages by #EQXBodyLab , its the perfect spot to start the day! #AmexAmbassador #AmexLife

April 2019

Waking up in this brand new Moroccan oasis @lepetityasmine - tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech it’s the perfect place to stay for a few nights when you’re in the city! ❩

April 2019

Back in Morocco! 🇲🇦 Exploring old Marrakech on the hunt for local interiors for my new house! Jeans and sweater from @PAIGE #LIVEINIT 👌🏼

April 2019

Moments before I crashed my drone at the Taj Mahal 😩 check out my full vlog on YT from my India trip including how I crashed my drone here haha #incredibleindia 🇮🇳

March 2019

Just a couple of homies cruisin’ through the Ganges in #Varanasi Sorry my first India vlog isn’t quite ready today, it’ll be ready tomorrow for sure - can’t wait to share! 🇮🇳

March 2019

It’s crazy what you can find by the side of the road when walking around Jaipur - Exploring this beautiful monument just before sunset with my new go-to camera bag from @douchebags Who wants to know what my camera set up is these days? I’m thinking of doing a video showing all my gear / how I pack my camera bag before a trip! 🇮🇳 #DBtravel

March 2019

Good morning from our Udaipur Oasis - This is where I’ve been staying for the last leg of my India trip. A palace turned into hotel in the middle of a lake. The perfect spot to end an action packed trip with a bit of down time 👌🏼 @tajlakepalace | @tajhotels #Udaipur #India

March 2019

A few moments from Holi Festival deep in the crowds of Vrindavan (the birth place of Holi ) It was so much fun being able to be a part of India’s craziest festival of the year, this is just a quick glimpse of the trip and I’ll be posting some vlog style videos from India real soon so stay tuned! 🙏🏼🇮🇳 Shot and experienced this with 2 legends @jacob @danielsjensen

March 2019

These Indians don’t mess around when it comes to detail 🦚🇮🇳

March 2019

Happy Holi from Jaipur! 🎨 🇮🇳 After spending 3 days of crazy Holi celebrations in Vrindavan it was nice to have a chill one here in Jaipur. We spent the morning up on the Amer Fort for sunrise and a few of the locals (you can see them in the background ) were lighting up these colourful smoke sticks to celebrate. They were kind enough to let us have some to light off too! 👌🏼

March 2019

Dosa for breakfast at the palace👌🏼🤤 Legit an actual palace turned into hotel at the @rambaghpalace ! My travels have become a bit more luxurious since arriving in Jaipur (mainly cause my princess @gypsea_lust has arrived haha ) Stoked to be doing my last week in India with my favourite person : ) we have 2 more days in Jaipur before finishing up in Udaipur! ❩ @tajhotels

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