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What Motivates You To Move? Fitness Enthusiast~Pro Fighter~ MMA COO @youngkingllc 👑Freelance Personal Trainer👑

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6 days ago

Happy Birthday to this stud! I wish you much love and success this year and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to call family! @glori_the_barber_ @wolfmode13 @rinconjiujitsu2019 @ar_nj_8521

2 weeks ago

Another King is Born 🙌🏽My nephew Henry Michael Demerest, born at 7:32pm 8/6/19. Is it too early to start him in grappling??

5 weeks ago

Im a Peacock Bro.. You Gotta Let Me Fly🦚

last month

Out of 7,000 Spartans from all over 💯💪🏼👑

last month

They said “The first four miles you will need your body, the last four miles you will need your mind.” The body is weak but the mind is more powerful than you think it is. Push yourself because I promise there will be pure ecstasy on the other side of your threshold for suffering. Special thanks to these fine gentlemen for entering me in this race. Thank you you @spartanrace for pushing me way past my comfort zone, and thank you to all my sponsors and friends @chillcryoredbank @acuitypro_cbd @cbd_formulations for the recovery solutions. Patiently waiting for the next fight to let my opponent feel the will power of a Spartan, the spirit of a Wolf and the mind of King. @thegarden Here We Come !!!💯💪🏼👑

June 2019

Grateful to have met this young man @joel_stinger aka The Swedish Prince. Always came to workout with a great attitude and was able to learn a lot in a short period of time doing 2 PTs a week. I’m going to miss you Brother. I wish you all the best back in Sweden and I hope you continue your growth as a Young King in everything you do👑 walk talk and never lose that contagious personality that makes people smile and laugh. One Love 💯💪🏼👑

June 2019

Hide your kids Hide your Wife.. well maybe just hide your wife 🤔. Shout out to @naphil_hd aka Tyrone. We just out here doing what we do best. If you know what I mean. #LDS #youngkings #mma #bjj #cffc #trynasaveyourlife

April 2019

UFC veteran and grappling hall of fame @kurtpellegrino will be teaching No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Steven Barnett, another decorated pro fighter. Class starts at 6:30pm here @zephyr performance_official don’t miss out and bring some friends. All are welcome and encouraged! Members are free and non members are 25$. Ask about our discounted Cryo Therapy sessions @chillcryoredbank for your post workout recovery. Hope to see you there 👑💪🏼

April 2019

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well this isn’t easy work but if it was then I wouldn’t get the satisfaction I love from it.Thank you for the continued support from my sponsors and teammates🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 @zephyr performance_official @chillcryoredbank @youngkingllc

March 2019

Here we go! May 4th I will be fighting in AC for the strap. I’ve worked way to hard to not get this title. I’ve had a tremendous amount of support from my teammates @zephyr performance_official and @infernotpc To come home without this belt is simply not an option. I plan on a tough fight, my opponent is also undefeated and trains out of a well respected gym. Anyone who has the balls to step into the cage has my respect but that’s where it ends. He stands between me and a goal I have sacrificed so much for. If he wants this as bad as I do it will be a war!

February 2019

Another solid day of training @zephyr performance_official with the Wolves of War from @infernotpc 🐺👑💯💪🏼

February 2019

Happy Birthday to my best friend, business partner and Brother @wolfmode13 Thank You for making life so much better! No matter what the circumstance is we always find joy in the little things and keep each other humble and grounded. The Sky is the Limit 🙌🏽👑🙌🏽

February 2019

Solid day of training with my students and teammates at Zephyr Performance Training center. Can’t wait to have you guys back As we continue to improve the headquarters! Oos @christopherazjj @msifontesoto @hebrew_hammermma @glori_the_barber_ @jordanpetruzziello @hasemann33 @youngkingllc

January 2019

Working through injury after injury but nonetheless getting better. What’s your excuse? How bad do you want it? #youngking #youngqueen #BJJ #MMA #muaythai

December 2018

Guys night out November 2018. #meandmypops

November 2018

Well we pulled it off! After struggling to get a few fishing trips together, and even a brew tour, we made it happen @stickscigarsnj I had a blast with the family and I’m sure they all did to. Can’t wait for round two! Love you guys @darius_makethatmillyy @aperez1122 @mrfulltymegrind and cat forget Uncle Ike, Mike, and you Dad!

November 2018

First time hitting pads since I shattered my thumb in August. Special thanks to @infernotpc @msifontesoto

September 2018

Real Love ❤️

September 2018

Im glad I don’t need them yet but I think I like the glasses look! What you think?

June 2018

When 2 Young Kings stare down ...yeah!!!

June 2018

❤️❤️❤️Coração ❤️❤️❤️. I don’t think she meant to say Gay Poop 💩 #youngqueen #shoulderrides #airplanerides #helicopterrides #coffeeneeded

June 2018

Time to get back at it! Still on island time 🌴 yet still a Wolf 🐺. Back on my no days off👑 #YoungKingLLC #WolfMode #BackfromDR

June 2018

No filter required when you have this adorable eye candy. #shecute #youngqueen

May 2018

Beach Bum Bootcamp coming soon!! #youngkingllc #fitness #boxing #saltlife

May 2018

Everybody wants to be a lion but ask yourself this, Have you ever seen a Wolf in the Circus? #WolvesofWar #WolfMode #youngkingllc

April 2018

Let me show you what the spirit of a Wolf looks like. May 5th, Cinco de Mayhem! Get your tickets. #AtlanticCity #Deadserious #MMA #cagefighting #wolvesofwar #wolfmode #youngkingllc

April 2018

2 more week! Hmu for tickets

April 2018

Stay Ready!

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