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thank god for another blessesd day 🤲🏾 🇷🇼🇧🇪📍 #longlivenipseyhussle👑🙏🏾💙 🕊🕊 #themarathoncontinues🏁

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3 weeks ago

I saw this artwork of NIP on ig and I had to come and see for my self. thank you to whoever made this art piece of the great @nipseyhussle 💙🙏🏾 #30for30 #BillionairRudeboy #BRB #themarathoncontinues 🏁

3 weeks ago

#30fro30 #BillionaireRubeboy #BRB

July 2019

Caption this” 😉🤞🏾

June 2019

Don’t need no middle men to talk to my ni$$as my ni$$a🤞🏾

April 2019

🕊🕊🕊 Rest Well Yung King 👑Ermias Asghedom @nipseyhussle 💙💙💙🤞🏾 #longlivenipsey #themarathoncontinues

April 2019

Carry your own weight we all men🤞🏾🎯 #longlivenipsey 🕊🕊 #themarathoncontinues 🏁

April 2019

Love you Cuh On60 forever @nipseyhussle your legacy will forever live on♿️🔵 rest well cuz you flying On Aaliyah wings to heaven 🕊🕊😢🏁

February 2019

You want to hate me then hate me What can I do? I flow for the streets Hate my dress code But i keep gettin money.!! we left the hood But can't get it out of us My bad,🤷🏾‍♂️ should I step out my shoes 👟 Give 'em to you? 🤔

October 2018

“Man in the Mirror” if i take a loss is a lesson, If i get a Win is a blessing🖐🏾🤲🏾

October 2018

But she stood up, like what up! Its a cold world zip the coat put the hood up That's some sick sh*t that's a ill b #%ch When you dead broke she make you feel rich 🤔

August 2018

In love with this lil prinses Aaliyah 😍😘 #lilBabyblackQueen

May 2017

EL Familia What more can a brother ask for💯❤️

May 2017

Mom You are all what a son can wish for, You've always steered us on the right path Being A single woman with 4 wild boys You gave us the necessary love and also the necessary discipline, Education and self-esteem.You a Beautiful ,wonderful smart strong woman, a best friend and a great mom. love you Momma You're the greatest #happy #mothersday ✨💜🙏🏾

April 2017

Stay Humble for your loved ones✨🙏🏾