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15 hours ago

The curvature of the devil's bridge is designed to be one half of a perfect circle, so that when the waters are still and the light is right, it creates the illusion of a complete stone circle. 🇩🇪 Who would you bring there to see the perfect circle? — 📍 #DiscoverGermany — 📸 Video taken by @bokehm0n

19 hours ago

The only missing element in this picture is you! Just imagine relaxing in your boat and seeing this amazing view that nature has to offer. 🇺🇸 Tag a friend who is a nature lover. — 📍 #DiscoverHawaii — 📸 Photo taken by @bejamin


Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is considered one of the most extreme and remarkable vistas in all of South America, if not Earth. 🇧🇴 At certain times of the year, nearby lakes overflow and a thin layer of water transforms the flats into a stunning reflection of the sky. Tag the friends that love sunsets! — 📍 #DiscoverBolivia — 📸 Video taken by @machifantastic


"Paradise found in the highlands. Big waterfalls and lagoon, what more can you ask for?" 🇮🇸 Tag someone who loves nature! — 📍 #DiscoverIceland — 📸 Caption & Photo by @arnarkristjans_photography

2 days ago

"Infinity pool in Bali 80m above the ocean😱. Could you imagine seeing waves crashing against the rocks 80m below your feet while you're swimming in this pool? It was definitely the craziest pool we've ever been in." 🇮🇩 — 📍 #DiscoverIndonesia — 📸 Caption and video by @mariefeandjakesnow

2 days ago

The fort is of great historic significance and the view leaves you speechless. There are four ways to reach Rajgad and two entry points. 🇮🇳 Try a friend who loves beautiful landscapes! — 📍 #DiscoverIndia — 📸 Photo by @swapneil_7

2 days ago

Idaho's scenery and landscapes attract thousands of visitors that come to explore all of Idaho’s natural beauty. It also happens to be home to the deepest gorge in the country and its highest waterfall; Shoshone Falls. 🇺🇸 Tag someone who is a traveller! — 📍 #DiscoverIdaho — 📸Photo by @braybraywoowoo ft. @carli_o

3 days ago

"During my trip in search for fireflies in Japan we've visited some other beautiful places at Kyushu island. Among one of them - Takachiho gorge! Locals take little boats and cruise just under the waterfall with steep basalt columns around. " 🇯🇵 Tag someone with whom you'd share this amazing view! — 📍 #DiscoverJapan — 📸 Caption and photo by @danielkordan

4 days ago

There's no better feeling than seeing the most amazing view with your bestfriend. 🇨🇭🐕 Lake Brienz is a lake just north of the Alps, in the canton of Berne in Switzerland. The culminating point of the lake's drainage basin is the Finsteraarhorn at 4,274 metres above sea level. Tag someone who loves nature and animals! — 📍 #DiscoverSwitzerland — 📸 Video by @rastawhiteshepherd

4 days ago

This place has something so inviting. May it be the black sand? Or the mountain view? Come here and find out by yourself! 🇮🇸 Lovingly nicknamed the “Batman Mountain” we can see why this mysterious mountain has been captivating visitors for years, but it is only recently receiving mainstream attention. Tag someone who'd love being here! — 📍 #DiscoverIceland — 📸Photo by @long explorer

4 days ago

“Can you feel the joy of this moment?! One of those nights that I’ll forever be grateful for!” 🇨🇦 For most visitors, this vividly colored lake is Yoho’s most unmissable sight. Ringed by forest and silhouetted by impressive mountains, including the iconic profile of Mt Burgess to the southeast, it’s a truly beautiful spot. Tag someone who is always calm and loves the nature! — 📍 #DiscoverCanada — 📸 Caption & photo by @wildbonde

5 days ago

Who would you want to experience this sunset with ? 🇺🇸 « Last night it started pelting rain and mid-sprint to the car I hesitated. “Stay!” I yelled to @kailocey “What?!” “STAY! Let’s dance!” So we did. And the sun blazed from behind the clouds and it was still raining but we forgot why we would ever run from this. » — 📍 #DiscoverHawaii — 📸 Caption & photo by @chelseakauai

5 days ago

Mount Fuji has been a sacred site for followers of the Shinto religion since the 7th century, with Shintoists considering the peak sacred to the goddess Sengen-Sama, and many shrines can be found at the base and ascent. It is one of Japan’s three holy mountains, along with Mount Tate and Mount Haku. 🇯🇵 — 📍 #DiscoverJapan — 📸Photo by @rkrkrk

5 days ago

Under the stars of Joshua Tree in California. 🇺🇸 Sweeping, grand in scale and populated by granite monoliths and voluptuous rock and boulder formations, the park offers wonder to eco-travelers, outdoor adventurists and naturalists. — 📍 #DiscoverCalifornia — 📸 Photo by @xkflyaway

6 days ago

Fireworks and other magic from the universe over Everest advanced basecamp at 20k feet (6k meters ). Would you climb Mount Everest?🇳🇵Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Reaching an elevation of 29,035 feet (8,850 metres ). — 📍 #DiscoverNepal — 📸 Video by @renan_ozturk

1 weeks ago

Sunrise with flowers, birds chirping and mountains. What more could you ask for? 🌺Sumberkima Village is a small settlement, located in west Buleleng Regency, in the north-west corner of Bali island. 🇮🇩 — 📍 #DiscoverBali — 📸 Photo by @mariefeandjakesnow

2 weeks ago

If this cabin in Norway isn't the perfect weekend getaway goal, we don't know what is ! 🇳🇴 Who would you want to spend some time there with ? Tag them ! — 📍 #DiscoverNorway — 📸 Photo by @hilvees

2 weeks ago

Sliding straight into the weekend ! The fun way to get down from Grindelwald to Schreckfeld with views overlooking Eiger and Wetterhorn in Switzerland. 🇨🇭 800m length, approx. 50 m high and up to 84 km speed 💨 — 📍 #DiscoverSwitzerland — 📸 Video by @swissmountainview

2 weeks ago

One of many natural hot springs in Bolivia. 🇧🇴 "Close to the border of Bolivia coming from San Pedro De Atacama, Chile: this is what we found on our first morning, 16,000 feet up. Cold, crisp air mixed with hot termal pool waters, pink flamingos feeding in multicolored lagunas, alpacas wandering as they please, and mountain views all around. Can’t ask for much better way to begin my trip in Bolivia" — 📍 #DiscoverBolivia — 📸 Caption & photo by @_romanmoran

2 weeks ago

Dreamy sunrise in the tropics. 🌴Who would you want to experience this with ? — 📍 #DiscoverEarth — 📸 Video by @ryanpernofski 🎼 Music by @alinabaraz - Fantasy

2 weeks ago

A new hidden spot from Iceland: The majestic Litlanesfoss surrounded by some of Iceland’s longest basalt columns. 🇮🇸 — 📍 #DiscoverIceland — 📸 Photo by @simona_br_photography

2 weeks ago

Cliff hanging walkways at Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China. 🇨🇳 — 📍 #DiscoverChina — 📸 Video by Unknown (DM us if you know the artist ) 🎼 Music by Guqin - Chinese Musical

2 weeks ago

"The treasury in Petra is mind blowing. You stand in front of a over 100 meter high rock cliff! At night the magic begins. Candles all over and mysterious Arabic sounds leads to an breathtaking atmosphere. And then above all the Milky Way!" 🇯🇴 — 📍 #DiscoverJordan — 📸 Photo by @stefanliebermannphoto

2 weeks ago

Baraccuda Lake on Coron Island, Philippines 🇵🇭 (save this post for later to reference ) - @tomsonsn ’s feedback: "An absolutely highlight in the Philippines and a dream spot for every freediver! Calm water combined with clear views and impressive rock formations is in my opinion a very good combination. The lake is incredibly deep and anyone who manages to dive to the ground will be rewarded with 41°C warm water 😁 I also recommend to go there by canoe/kayak, so you can take as much time as you want, because the tours are usually only a few minutes there. By noon, we were even completely alone on this lake - UNIQUE! ❤️" — 📍 #DiscoverPhilippines — 📸 Video by @tomsonsn

2 weeks ago

Weekends... Anyone in the same mood? 😂 — 📍 #DiscoverIceland — 📸 Photo by @kollayr

2 weeks ago

El Capitan surrounded by snowy trees. Yosemite National Park is best known for its waterfalls, but within its nearly 1,200 square miles, you can find deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, a vast wilderness area, and much more. — 📍 #DiscoverYosemite — 📸 Video by @ourwildestdaydream

2 weeks ago

Would you drive there? 🚙 Coastal drives in East Iceland are magical. The area is not as popular as the South coast so you might experience less traffic here. 🇮🇸 — 📍 #DiscoverIceland — 📸 Photos by @h0rdur

2 weeks ago

The sky corridor, located at Huangteng Gorge in Qingyuan, is Guangdong’s highest circular sky corridor and opened to the public last month. 🇨🇳 — 📍 #DiscoverChina — 📸 Video by @chinainsider

3 weeks ago

Imagine waking up in the tropics like this! 🌴"Bora Bora is for many reasons the most beautiful visually appealing place I’ve seen on Earth. There’s no where else in the world that has such a contrast of landscape and crystal colorful blue waters. 💦 The skies and clouds in French Polynesia were also among my favorite, I witnessed the most vibrant skies and unique cloud formations that I’ve seen in the tropics! Truly a bucket list paradise you must experience for yourself!" — 📍 #DiscoverFrenchPolynesia — 📸 Caption & video by @jeremyaustiin

3 weeks ago

Day or night? ☀️🌙 Singapore's new Jewel Changi Airport has the world's tallest indoor waterfall. 🇸🇬 — 📍 #DiscoverSingapore — 📸 Video by @ryanmamba

3 weeks ago

Would you do this? 🚲 You can’t always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes, you have to dare to do it because life is too short to wonder what. 🇮🇩 — 📍 #DiscoverIndonesia — 📸 Caption & photo by @kopi cat ft. @noelaurora

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