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"Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior

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14 hours ago

The #DiorSummer20 men's collection by @MrKimJones features a gradient #DiorSaddle that mirrors the scenography by artist @DanielArsham The iconic accessory is shown here accompanied by a spin on the iconic toile de Jouy print hand painted by kimono craftsmen in Kyoto, Japan. © @Jackie_Nickerson 

2 days ago

For the just unveiled #DiorSummer20 men's collection, the Creative Director of Dior men's collections, @MrKimJones , collaborated for the first time with the luxury luggage brand @Rimowa to present a unique capsule collection including a backpack featuring the German brand's iconic aluminum grooves mixed with the #DiorOblique signature. Stay tuned to discover some close-ups of other products! #DiorxRIMOWA  © @Jackie_Nickerson 


Check out the key looks from the #DiorSummer20 men's collection by @KimJones in collaboration with the artist @DanielArsham In this line the shapes are supple, fluid, gently structured and featherweight, but combined with working methodologies and characteristics that evoke sculptural origins.

3 days ago

An event like the unveiling of the men's #DiorSummer20 collection by @MrKimJones calls for a star-studded guest list! Seated in the front row, actor @TheRealNickRobinson wore a custom-made blue wool double-breasted suit from the collection now being unveiled!  #StarsinDior 

3 days ago

Actress Christina Ricci graced the photocall at the #DiorSummer20 men's show by @MrKimJones in a custom-made blue silk shirt and high-waisted wide navy trousers from the just unveiled collection — and it matches her @Rimowa case, from #DiorxRIMOWA , perfectly! #StarsinDior

3 days ago

Actress and singer @KellyOsbourne took in the #DiorSummer20 men's show by @MrKimJones in a #DiorWinter19 black technical trench and a multicolored mesh shirt by the Creative Director of men's collections inspired by the work of artist Raymond Pettibon. See her look here! #StarsinDior

3 days ago

Friend of the House @KateMossAgency and her daughter, @LilaMoss , looked stunning arriving at the #DiorSummer20 show by the Creative Director of men's collections @MrKimJones in their custom-made creations from the freshly unveiled collection! #StarsinDior 

3 days ago

Artist @DanielArsham — who collaborated on the set of the #DiorSummer20 show — debuted an off-white newspaper-print lapel coat and short-sleeved silk shirt from the just-presented collection by @MrKimJones He was accompanied by musician @JBalvin who also donned an all-white custom-made look from the line. Follow our Instagram Stories to hear his feedback on the show. #StarsinDior 

3 days ago

The #DiorSummer20 men's show by @MrKimJones -presenting a set designed by artist @DanielArsham , whose work examines the archeology of the present - has been unveiled! How do you like it? © @AdrienDirand 

3 days ago

Catch a first glimpse of the soon-to-be-unveiled #DiorSummer20 men's show set by @MrKimJones in collaboration with the artist @DanielArsham  © @AdrienDirand 

3 days ago

The notion of the relic, the idea of constant evolution, investigation and creation of history, sits behind every fashion House. Get a taster of the #DiorSummer20 show by @MrKimJones , Creative Director of Dior men's collections, before it hits the runway!

4 days ago

Embodying an interplay between the past, present and future, the #DiorSummer20 men's show designed by @MrKimJones is set to be unveiled on Friday in Paris! Stay tuned and get ready to be amazed by the power of the new collection!

5 days ago

With just two days to go before the show, any guesses which artist has collaborated on the #DiorSummer20 collection by @MrKimJones ?

6 days ago

There is so much to see if you open your eyes with @diorskincare ! Reinforce your skincare regimen using the Capture Youth Eye Care. • #diorskincare #diorforyouth #captureyouth @caradelevingne

6 days ago

The Advanced @diorskincare Eye Treatment diffuses in its fresh gel-cream texture a smoothing and illuminating power of natural origin for a refreshed look, now for longer. • #diorskincare #captureyouth #diorforyouth

6 days ago

Together with @diorskincare , instantly open up your eyes thanks to the new triple action anti-fatigue eye care by #CaptureYouth that fades away signs of aging and fatigue. • #diorskincare #diorforyouth @caradelevingne

1 weeks ago

See pieces from the #DiorPreFall 2019 collection by Creative Director of Dior men's collections @MrKimJones — including the revisited iconic #DiorSaddle — by clicking on the link in our bio! © @Steven_Meisel_Photography ⁣

2 weeks ago

Choose the pioneer spirit of Dior with Fahrenheit. • #diorparfums #diorfahrenheit #fathersday @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

This Father’s day, exude French elegance with Eau Sauvage. • #diorparfums #eausauvage #fathersday @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

Watch your Father illuminates the city lights with Dior Homme Sport. • #diorparfums #diorhomme #fathersday @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

Get ready for a fiery Father’s day this year. • #diorparfums #fathersday @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

Dior wishes all fathers a Happy Father’s Day. • #diorparfums #diorsauvage #fathersday @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

“This perfume is above all a scent that will stay with you. A sensual memory, a lingering emotion… A caress of iris combines with a hint Jasmine to express an exciting amorous passion” #francoisdemachy Dior’s Perfumer-Creator. • #diorparfums #maisonchristiandior @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

@isaaccarew chef, model and our fragrance lover, shares his passion for perfume. He played the game by opening up his kitchen to us in a video in which he shares his personal relationship with cooking and his father’s scent. • #diorparfums #maisonchristiandior @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

“This composition is as soft as a precious cashmere sweater. Thé Cachemire is as radiant as white flowers and as softly comforting as its cocooning musk notes.” #françoisdemachy Dior perfumer creator. • #diorparfums #maisonchristiandior @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

Yusuke Iseya is Thé Cachemire. And you, which one is yours? • #diorparfums #maisonchristiandior @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

Yusuke Iseya, actor and our fragrance lover, shares his passion for perfume. He played the game by opening up his home to us in a video in which he shares his personal relationship with his childhood and adrenaline. • #diorparfums #maisonchristiandior @diorparfums

2 weeks ago

In this video, follow the big unveiling in Venice of #DiorHauteJoaillerie 's newest 'Gem Dior' collection by @VictoiredeCastellane , presented alongside exclusive #DiorCouture creations by #MariaGraziaChiuri during a dinner at the Palazzo Labia. Get a taste of the event and find out more about the collection via the link in our bio.

2 weeks ago

Much like the custom shoes created for @ChiaraFerragni 's wedding, the #JAdior shoes from the #DiorFall19 collection by #MariaGraziaChiuri require over nine hours of work from Dior's expert craftsmen! Visit our Dior boutique worldwide or the Dior website to get your hands on what is sure to be your new favorite pair of shoes #DiorSavoirFaire © @PolBaril

2 weeks ago

How many stitches does it take to create the perfect shoe? In this case its 230,000! Designed by #MariaGraziaChiuri and brought to life in the Dior ateliers, the new fully-embroidered #JAdior shoes are the perfect example of the unparalleled couture #DiorSavoirFaire ! ⠀ © @PolBaril

2 weeks ago

The #JAdior shoes are an instant classic, so it makes perfect sense that #MariaGraziaChiuri chose to reimagine them for the #DiorFall19 collection. With the combination of elegant black and white and the emblematic embroidered 'J'Adior' ribbon, this brand new version of the 'J'Adior' shoe was made to make a to make a statement!⠀ #DiorSavoirFaire ⠀ © @PolBaril

2 weeks ago

The #DiorFall19 collection features pieces meticulously designed and curated by Creative Director #MariaGraziaChiuri They may be small, but these 'Clair D Lune' earrings in pearl resin and white crystal on gold-finish metal pack a punch! ⠀ Courtesy of Sheila Hicks and Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York.⠀ © Bibi Borthwick

2 weeks ago

MISS DIOR – LOVE N’ROSES EXHIBITION: Another look at the LOVE N’ROSES exhibition through the eyes of Dior Men’s Jewelry Director @yoon_ambush #missdiorexhibition #diorparfums @diorparfums

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