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#theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases 🌀 @misterngo , the editor-in-chief of @augustjournal , discovered this staircase during a visit to the Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon-Fourvière last August. The French modernist architect #BernardZehrfuss intentionally tucked the building away in a hillside to avoid creating a distraction from the Roman theater on the site. “The top-lit lighting pouring over the cast concrete spiral staircase makes for a very dramatic contrast,” @misterngo told us. “I feel the same awe that one senses entering the medieval cathedrals in the same area, although the architecture could not be more different.” On Sundays, we share your photos of spiral staircases. Because the world needs more of these. . . . #Lyon #spiralstaircase #staircasedesign #architectural #frenchdesign #frencharchitecture #lugdunum #museum #lookingup #stairsandsteps #modernism #architecturephotography

3 days ago

This staircase in the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art could have been a simple path from one place to another. But in collaboration with this work art — “Gravity,” by @studioolafureliasson — it became an experience. Eliason, who installed the piece when the museum opened, was inspired by outer space, said the @leeum_official curator June Young Kwak. His solar system connects the museum's lobby with MUSEUM 1, designed by @mariobottaarchitetti_official The Leeum has two other bulldogs: MUSEUM 2, designed by Jean Nouvel, and an education center, designed by Rem Koolhaas. While the museum was founded to showcase traditional art, it now includes contemporary art, as well, and aims to foster a dialogue between the two. As June put it, the #Leeum holds “a lot of national treasures.” 💛 #BehindTheDesign : Throughout June, we’re exploring design in #Seoul Watch our story to see more from the #Leeum 📸: @junmichaelpark #olafurelliasson #MarioBotta #samsung #여행스타그램 #여행 #한국여행 #리움 #🇰🇷 #remkoolhaas #architectural #stairsandsteps #yellowfeed #lightingdesign

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@leeum_official is comprised of 3 buildings designed by 3 renowned architects: #MarioBotta , #JeanNouvel and #RemKoolhaas That's part of what makes the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art so special: “It's really rare to see 3 big architects work together to build one museum,” said the curator June Young Kwak, who has been with the museum for 7 years. The buildings, she said, are both works of art themselves and spaces for artwork. MUSEUM 1, seen here, was designed by @mariobottaarchitetti_official “He used terra cotta tiles to realize the upside-down cone shape,” June said. “It looks like a fortress, and symbolizes our desire to conserve and protect traditional values.” MUSEUM 2, designed by Jean Nouvel, was built using blackened stainless steel — “quite a contrast to the typical, modern white cube,” June said. The Leeum, which opened in Seoul in 2004, showcases a range of traditional art and modern and contemporary art. Visitors can choose where to begin. “Some people start from the traditional work,” June said. “Then contemporary. It's up to each of the spectators.” #BehindTheDesign : Throughout June, we’re exploring design in #Seoul Watch our story to see more from the #Leeum 📸: @junmichaelpark #urbanlines #terracotta #리움 #여행 #한국여행 #여행스타그램 #🇰🇷 #서울 #contemporarydesign #architecture #architecturedesign #buildingstyles #facade

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Looking up at “Alchemy,” @choijeonghwa_official 's piece for the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul. The work “strikes a harmony with the architecture,” said June Young Kwak, a @leeum_official curator. “It’s well-matched.” The piece makes use of natural light to turn plastic and industrial materials into something more. In designing the #spiralstaircase that showcases this work of art, @mariobottaarchitetti_official was inspired by ceramics and porcelain design. The natural light that reaches from the rotunda down to the lobby represented a shift from the traditional idea of the museum — a white box without windows. And, June added, it's simply more welcoming. MUSEUM 1, as it’s known, is meant to resemble a fortress from the outside. It was built in 2004 to house the Leeum's permanent collection of traditional Korean art. More than 120 pieces of traditional art are displayed over 4 floors, and about 5 years ago, the museum added contemporary works to MUSEUM 1 to foster dialogue between the two. #BehindTheDesign : Throughout June, we’re exploring design in #Seoul 📸: @junmichaelpark #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases #leeum #samsung #여행 #여행스타그램 #한국여행 #🇰🇷 #lookingup #rotunda #architecture #architectural #architecturephotography

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In a way, furniture design found @saero__me While doing his mandatory military service in Korea, Saerom was chosen to be his base camp's handyman. Among his duties: constructing tables, bookshelves and cutting boards. When he completed his service, he decided to study furniture design. 🌈 Now, 10 years later, he has his own studio, where he constructs a translucent rainbow of furniture and installations in acrylic. “It was the material that best showed the colors I wanted to show: a sunset or a sunrise,” Saerom said. This palette is inspired by his childhood, part of which was spent in the Philippines, where he watched days begin and end at the beach. Now, he continues to find inspiration in nature. “Grass in the morning, with dew shining on it,” he volunteered. “The leaves changing colors throughout the seasons. The Han River. The rooftop of my studio.” And, of course, “The sky, when it’s changing.” #BehindTheDesign : Throughout June, we’re exploring design in #Seoul #saeroomyoon #제품디자인 #산업디자인 #디자인가구 #acrylicfurniture #sunset #sunrise #acrylicvase #furnituredesign #koreandesign #꽃 #꽃스타그램 #🇰🇷 #서울

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#Pride2019 “Imagine someone walks into a room with a bold-colored outfit. You can't help but to see them and want to know more.” 👀 That's how @carrasykes thinks of the #PrideStickers she designed for us. Carra designed two: this eye with a heart-shaped pupil, in the colors of the #transgenderflag , and a megaphone in the rainbow of the #prideflag 🏳️‍🌈 Her process begins with visual and historical research. She then writes down her ideas, starts sketching, and brings her designs to life on the computer. From there, she says, it's important to take a step back to make sure she's achieving the right visual impact. Carra wants the Transgender Eye to send a message to the trans community: "You are seen and you are loved." 💖 This #FromWhereWeDesign story is part of a series celebrating the artists who designed the #Pride stickers for us to champion the LGBTQ+movement and community. . . . #UntoldPride #pridemonth #lgbtq #lgbtqpride #designprocess #sketching #timelapse #🏳️‍🌈 #loveislove

1 weeks ago

#dogsofdesign 🐾 “We create beautiful homes in order to enjoy life and be happy,” said @teoyang , whose Seoul-based studio focuses on bringing Korean heritage and culture to a modern, international platform. “Dogs definitely add more joy.” 🐶 That's especially true of Pineapple, Teo's chow chow, who charms guests — and photographers — with her teddy bear looks. For Teo, dogs are a key part of a welcoming home. “Their happy vibes, lively energy and cute appearance become an element of a happy home that you cannot acquire with money.” 📸: @junmichaelpark On Sundays, we’re sharing your photos of dogs in beautiful spaces. Because the world needs more #dogsofinstagram #teoyang #dogsindecor #디자인 #dogsofinstagram #lifeofadog #somewhereiwouldliketolive #양태오 #강아지 #chowchow #chowchowlife #chowchowbear #홈스타그램 #집스타그램

2 weeks ago

For this week's #FollowFriday , we asked @themuseumofmodernart curator @julietkinchin and curatorial assistant @gardnerae to select pieces from their #ValueofGoodDesign exhibit. MoMA's Good Design exhibitions ask, “What is good design and how can it enhance everyday life?” The exhibition, which runs until June 15, invites visitors to draw their own conclusions. Here, @knollinc 's Womb Chair, designed in 1946 by Eero Saarinen. "The name of the chair expresses its purpose," @julietkinchin pointed out. "As Saarinen said, 'People have never really felt comfortable and secure since they left the womb.'" Watch our story to see 3 other pieces from MoMA's exhibit: a shallow salad bowl by @heathceramics a modern table lamp from @gubiofficial and a coat rack by @eamesoffice #museumofmodernart #eerosaarinen #moma #gooddesign #midcenturymodern #furnituredesign #curation #designexhibition #knoll #heathceramics #gubiofficial #eamesoffice #somewhereiwouldliketolive #wombchair

2 weeks ago

Welcome to Seoul! As we begin to explore design in South Korea's capital, we asked @yyykim to introduce us to a few spots that might attract design lovers. Among them: @queenmamamarket , a showcase for up-and-coming design. Opened in 2015, Queen Mama's offerings include a selection of design objects and art, a bookstore ( @parrk kr ) and a coffee shop ( @manufactcoffee , pictured here ). The building, by Cho Byoung-soo of BCHO Architects, is meant to feel both urban and green. 🌿☕🌱 Other spots on the list: @juun_j 's striking new flagship store; @sounds hannam, a multipurpose complex that includes a tea shop, a wine bar, a bookstore and more; @ynd239 20_cafe, a coffee shop designed to look like a black-and-white sketch; the @hyundaicard Music Library, which boasts a massive music collection and an underground performance space; and @hyundaicard 's Travel Library, a haven for those with #wanderlust #DesignSpaces : Throughout June, we’re exploring design in #Seoul Watch our story to see @yyykim 's tips for design lovers planning to visit Seoul. 📸: @junmichaelpark #DesignSpacesSeoul #queenmamamarket #manufactcoffee #서울 #한국 #🇰🇷 #디자인 #현대카드 #퀸마마마켓 #매뉴팩트커피 #juunj #사운즈한남 #카페 #theprettycities

2 weeks ago

It was a small change, designed to have big impact: adding emojis to our comment composer. We'd noticed how often you were using emojis on Instagram, so we wanted to make it easier for you. 🌈❤️💃 We also wanted to help you find a way to express yourself when you can't find the words. As we were designing this new feature, we stayed true to one of our team's principles: Be intentional. We carefully consider decisions, and when we test, we test to learn. In this case, we tested many design variations for the new emoji composer, including an option with access to all of the emojis, and one with a few that you'd recently used. In the end, we learned that most people prefer the option of 8 recently-used emojis. This intentional approach to testing helped us to validate our hypothesis and make a quick change to the design — all to make it easier for you to support and celebrate the accounts you follow. 🌿😻💖 Watch our story to see the emojis 3 used by 3 designers we’ve worked with: @plantadb , @catlamora and the Head of Instagram, @mosseri #emoji #emojis #designprocess #ideation #productdesign #ui #uidesign #ux #uxdesign

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#theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases 🌀 “Searching and photographing spiral stairs is my passion, and maybe even a little obsession,” said the photographer @magdalena szurek, who took this photo in 2014. This staircase is situated in a 3-story tenement house in Warsaw. A staircase like this one, Magdalena told us, can create “unimaginable compositions” when captured in just the right way. On Sundays, we share your photos of spiral staircases. Because the world needs more of these. . . . #Warsaw #spiralstaircase #staircasedesign #architectural #archilovers #polishdesign #polandarchitecture #warsawarchitecture

3 weeks ago

For this week's #FollowFriday we asked @cinnober_bookshop , a specialty design bookstore in Copenhagen, who we should be following. One of their recommendations, @normarchitects , designed this cozy beachfront villa in collaboration with @aimarchitecture The villa, in Sri Lanka, was designed to blend in with its natural surroundings. Watch our story to see 5 more accounts #CinnoberBookshop recommends: @apetersen_collection , a Copenhagen exhibition space and furniture line; @karincarlander dk, who has been crafting hand-woven textiles for more than 4 decades; @chrisliljehal , who works with furniture and objects for everyday life; @rigetta_klint , a content creator who curates an array of beautiful design; and @janmachenhauer , a womenswear collection that boasts longevity. . . . #SriLanka #beachfrontvilla #danishdesign #danishfurniture #normarchitects #karincarlander #janmachenhauer #chrishalstrøm #apetersen #rigettaklint

3 weeks ago

"This apartment has been an experiment in trying to avoid standards," said @niels_stroyer_christophersen The founder and creative director of @framacph , a multidisciplinary design company, Niels lives in a work-in-progress apartment in Copenhagen's Østerbro neighborhood. The airy space serves as a place for experimentation and gathering. When Niels moved in, the former watchmaker's shop was "a carpenter's dream, but a normal person's nightmare.” Among his many inspirations for the evolving space: Donald Judd's house on Spring Street in Manhattan. Frama's Copenhagen Studio Store, located in an old pharmacy in #Nyboder , has a similar aesthetic: one of history, and simplicity. Frama was founded in 2011 with “a longing to create something that was really straightforward, simple, pure, easy to understand and long lasting.” Today, the team of a dozen collaborates regularly with designers and creators working in furniture, lighting, accessories, books, kitchens, skincare and perfume. The common thread: “natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency.” Here, the 9.5° Chair from the #Frama Permanent Collection, designed by @rasmusbfex #BehindTheDesign : Throughout May, we’ve been exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from the Frama Lab and Studio. 📸: @holtermand #danishfurniture #rasmusbfex #framacph #danishdesign #danishmodern #midcenturymodern #craftsmanship #interior #furnituredesign #møbler #interiør #framapermanentcollection #houzoslo

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For @jakob_lange of Bjarke Ingels Group, architecture means shaping the future of cities. “We’re designing buildings that have not yet been built or thought of being built,” he said. ⛷ Case in point: Copenhagen's power plant-ski slope, which @big_builds spent years designing. “Before you could ski on a power plant in Copenhagen, no one had imagined that you could do it,” Jakob said. “But now it’s here and it’s part of the Copenhagen identity.” @copenhilldk is the world's cleanest waste-to-energy power plant; as it burns household waste, it boils water and creates energy from the steam. “What comes out in the end is clean air,” Jakob said. But @copenhilldk is also, clearly, meant to be fun. Years ago, in a @guardian interview, #BjarkeIngels described the notion of “hedonistic sustainability,” or sustainability that improves quality of life. Copenhagen, he said, is known for sustainability; that doesn't mean it must be known for making sacrifices. Here, the facade of the building, which is wrapped with stacked aluminum bricks; the openings between the bricks let light inside. 📸: @rubenhughes This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from @big_builds #bigbuilds #bjarkeingelsgroup #architecture #skandinaviskdesign #nordicdesign #architektur #copenhagendesign #architectural #københavn #scandinaviandesign #bobedre #urbanlines #nordicliving #CopenHill #AktiveSammen #hedonisticsustainability #sustainabledesign

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What comes to mind when you think of student housing? Probably not this. 🌊 The floating structure you see here, designed by #BjarkeIngelsGroup , creates 12 affordable student homes in Copenhagen's harbor. “The Urban Rigger is essentially 9 shipping containers arranged in a hexagon, which creates this protected courtyard so you can stay here on the water in any type of weather,” said @jakob_lange , an architect and partner at @big_builds The containers, which were reused, are powered by solar panels. A battery and tubes of water beneath the structure generate heat, Jakob said. The #UrbanRigger was built in Poland; 5 more will arrive in Copenhagen later this year. But as a renowned architecture firm with projects all over the world, BIG sees more opportunity here: “Any city with a need of more housing could order a few Urban Riggers and solve their challenges,” Jakob said. 📸: @rubenhughes This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from @big_builds #bigbuilds #architecture #architektur #skandinaviskdesign #nordicdesign #copenhagendesign #architectural #københavn #scandinaviandesign #bobedre #urbanlines #nordicliving #bjarkeingels #sustainability

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After 15 years running a popular restaurant and nightclub in Copenhagen, Eva Wandel, an architect, and Rikke Nogel, a designer, began to challenge themselves to weekend projects. “We just missed being creative,” Eva said. What resulted: an architectural collection of toys meant to bring beauty, sustainability and play together. Today Eva and Rikke work full-time on @storiesinstructures , a sustainability-minded architecture and design studio in Copenhagen. Befitting their philosophy — slow, meaningful design — all of their production is done in their studio. “We believe that good design should last for a lifetime,” Eva said. “How can you design something so that, over time, the value increases? That is really sustainability.” Behind each structure they create, as their name implies, there is a story. Their toy collection, @kolekto dk — Kolekto means “collect” in the global language Esperanto — is all about connection. Each structure represents a place, but all of them can be combined into a little global village. All of their products can be customized, the idea being that people are more inclined to keep, and cherish, personalized gifts. As Eva put it, “We're always trying to see how we can push sustainability further.” This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen #kolekto #handmade #designdetail #moderndesign #toydesign #skandinaviskdesign #nordicdesign #copenhagendesign #københavn #scandinaviandesign #bobedre #nordicliving #interiør #nordiskdesign #wooddesign #architectural

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#theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases 🌀 “I always loved geometric shapes,” said the photographer @peter rajkai. “In my childhood I drew a lot in the style of #VictorVasarely ” Peter, who lives in Hungary, discovered this staircase in a commercial building in Berlin during a walk there last June. His passion for photography brought him to the city, which he considers a “gold mine” of architecture. On Sundays, we share your photos of spiral staircases. Because the world needs more of these. . . . #Berlin #spiralstaircase #staircasedesign #lookingdown #stairsandsteps #lookingdown #architectural #archilovers #berlindesign #germandesign #germanarchitecture #berlinarchitecture

4 weeks ago

“There are as many shades of color as there are waves in the ocean,” said the #colordesigner @margretheodgaard “They are fluid, and fleeting in nature.” 🌈 These ineffable qualities make some people give up on color, or rely on numbers, trends and color indexes. But Margrethe’s work is about crafting unique colors that create atmosphere, nurture our senses, and stimulate us. “I can create a red that might look the same as the neighbor red,” she said. “But your body will sense it. You will feel the impact.” To pursue a career designing color, Margrethe spent a lot of time at what she calls the “Color Gym” — essentially a series of training exercises. She started keeping color diaries, painting colors she saw and describing them in great detail. “What do I see?” she would ask herself. “How does it move on the surface? Is there an overtone? Undertone? Is it a color that’s alive?” Now, whether it’s through one of her color workshops, her work designing custom textiles for @kvadrattextiles , or her work for her duo @includedmiddle , Margrethe is focused on inspiring others. “I want people to realize that they can also embrace color, and live with color — and through color.” 📸: @rubenhughes This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from #MargretheOdgaard #kvadrattextiles #colordesign #designdetail #skandinaviskdesign #nordicdesign #copenhagendesign #københavn #scandinaviandesign #nordicliving #popsicleindex

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In May, we're exploring the design scene in #Copenhagen For this week's #FollowFriday , we asked @chart_artfair — a nonprofit and contemporary art fair working to strengthen the Nordic voice in global art and design — who we should be following. Here, a lamp made from mushroom #mycelium by @jonasedvardstudio , who designs with raw and natural materials. 🍄 Watch our story to see 4 more accounts #chartartfair recommends: @spaconandx , a multidisciplinary design and architecture studio; @brandhoej , who creates both environmentally and aesthetically sustainable furniture; @danskmobelkunst , a gallery that specializes in rare Danish furniture; and @kasperfriiskjeldgaard , a furniture designer who works to broaden the definition of design. . . . #nordicdesign #danishdesign #copenhagendesign #nordiskdesign #jonasedvard #sustainabledesign #ecodesign #furnituredesign #lightingdesign #lamp

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"The important thing is what happens in the last part of the process. Everything might look boring before the fire. Then it becomes something colorful and magical."

4 weeks ago

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” That's one of the key ideas at SPACE10, IKEA's external innovation lab. @space10_journal , which has its headquarters in Copenhagen, is comprised primarily of people with backgrounds in technology, architecture and design. But they collaborate with specialists worldwide. “It makes us able to move a lot faster,” said Simon Casperson, one of 4 founders. Simon's own background is in documentary filmmaking. The shift felt natural, he said; in both cases, he's worked to address challenges and explore potential solutions. SPACE10's research is meant to democratize design. “We are not focusing on designing solutions for the richest 10%, but really seeing how we can radically improve the lives of many,” Simon said. Focus areas range from food — a cafe called Test Kitchen that serves experimental dishes, and a new cookbook, #FutureFoodToday — to solar energy. When we visited recently, the lab’s public gallery space featured a prototype called SolarVille, which explores democratizing access to clean energy using #blockchain technology. SPACE10 moved into a 3-story factory building in Copenhagen's Meatpacking district in 2015. Recently, they worked with @spaconandx to redesign their workspace, allowing for more flexibility. As Simon said, “SPACE10 is not built to last, but to evolve.” 📸: @holtermand This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from SPACE10. . . . #SPACE10 #testkitchen #IKEA #innovationlab #solarville #wooddesign #copenhagendesign #paradigmshift #designthinking #designinnovation #københavn #scandinaviandesign

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Julius Iverson, the founder and creative director of @tableau_cph , started working at his family’s wholesale floral shop when he was 12. “I’ve always worked with flowers,” he said. “It’s a natural thing.” Now, with Tableau, he’s created a contemporary floral design studio and a fresh way of presenting 💐. Some are arranged in custom vases, made from unexpected, industrial materials; others are shown alongside design objects arranged on unique furniture pieces that Julius calls tableaux. “Tableaux are small scenes, or universes,” he said. One such universe might include a foundation designed by the interior designer and architect @studiodavidthulstrup , a sculpture that’s part of a show by @studiokbb , and a colorful arrangement of blooms. “I want to put flowers into a more contemporary world,” Julius said. “Put them side-by-side with art and design.” Here, a collaboration with @ikonkbh 📸: @simonfoskjaer This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from the #TableauCPH #floraldesign #davidthulstrup #studiokbb #kathrinebarbrobendixen #contemporarydesign #danishdesign #danishmodern

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“This space really changes with nature,” said Frederikke Rahbek Juncker, a communications offer at the @louisianamuseum “It's often a very warm and welcoming feeling to be in here.” The Giacometti Gallery offers visitors a moment of peace; it's a place to stop and contemplate this Giacometti sculpture — “Walking Man,” 1960 — against a backdrop that evolves with the seasons. The Louisiana, a short train ride north of Copenhagen, opened in 1958. At first, it showcased mostly Danish art; then its founder, Knud W. Jensen, saw a German exhibition that included works by #Giacometti Jensen had dreamt of opening his own museum when found an old estate on the seaside in the 1950s. He worked with the architects Vilhelm Wohlert and Jørgen Bo to create an intimate gallery that paired an old villa with more modern architecture. “Some art historians originally criticized the space because they felt that the architecture took over,” Frederikke said of this room, one of the more classic spaces. But just over 60 years after it opened, the Louisiana is one of the most-visited museums in all of Scandinavia — and it's celebrated for the way in which its architecture is integrated into the landscape. 📸: @jeremyjachym This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from the #louisianamuseum #louisianamuseumofmodernart #AlbertoGiacommetti #danisharchitecture #danishdesign #danishmodern #midcenturymodern #contemporaryart #windows #windowview #sculpturepark #roomwithaview #skandinaviskehjem #landscapedesign

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Not every museum encourages visitors to go for a dip. But @louisianamuseum , a short train ride from Copenhagen, is a special place. “You can actually see all the way to Sweden from the Louisiana,” said Frederikke Rahbek Juncker, a communications officer there. “If it's hot, you can go for a swim here.” 🌊 This jetty, designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, was built in 2005, along with an exhibition called, “Jean Nouvel — Louisiana Manifesto.” The museum itself first opened in 1958. Founded by Knud W. Jensen and designed by the architects Vilhelm Wohlert and Jørgen Bo, the Louisiana is characterized by minimalist and classic Danish-modern style. The property was home to a villa built in the 1850s, but it was the wild landscape that helped determine the museum's design. Just as the architecture feels tailored to the landscape, and vice versa, many of the details inside the Louisiana were tailor-made. In honor of its 60th anniversary, @stellar_works recreated some of the original furniture designed by #Wohlert As for the name Louisiana? The original building was owned by a man who married three women named Louisa. “Jensen really had an eye for storytelling,” Frederikke said. 📸: @holtermand This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from the #louisianamuseum #louisianamuseumofmodernart #jeannouvel #danisharchitecture #jetty #dock #danishdesign #danishmodern #midcenturymodern #contemporaryart #modernartmuseum #denmark

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Art and architecture come together with nature at Denmark's @louisianamuseum 🌿 “It's a museum that is built in a very underplayed way, so the architecture is kind of nestled into the landscape,” said Frederikke Rahbek Juncker, a member of the Louisiana's communications team. This glass corridor, in the North Wing, is one of the museum’s original spaces. The Louisiana was opened in 1958 by Knud W. Jensen, whose father was a Danish cheese manufacturer. Jensen, an art aficionado, worked with the architects Vilhelm Wohlert and Jørgen Bo to build an intimate space that, at least at first, was supposed to feel an eccentric uncle’s countryside home. In its early years the Louisiana had several glass corridors and 3 pavilions connecting the property’s original villa — built in the 1850s — with a cafeteria overlooking the Øresund Strait. The architects were inspired by Bay Area architecture — #VilhelmWohlert studied at @ucberkeleyofficial — as well as Bauhaus and Japanese styles. “It's considered extremely Danish today,” Frederikke said, “but they were inspired by styles from other parts of the word.” 📸: @holtermand This month in #BehindTheDesign , we're exploring design in #Copenhagen Watch our story to see more from the #louisianamuseum #louisianamuseumofmodernart #jørgenbo #danisharchitecture #danishdesign #danishmodern #midcenturymodern #skandinaviskehjem #pavilion #landscapedesign #architecturaldetail #bauhaus

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#dogsofdesign 🐾 🐶 While putting the finishing touches on this contemporary home outside of Melbourne, Adam Kane of @adamkanearchitects wanted to include a dog in a photo. But Lenni, this 9-year-old golden retriever, was one step ahead of him. “Beloved pets are a big part of many of our client's lives,” Adam told us. “We believe that including them makes the image more relatable.” On Sundays, we’re sharing your photos of dogs in beautiful spaces. Because the world needs more #dogsofinstagram #architecture #interiordesign #moderninteriors #archilovers #melbournedesign #dogsindecor #goldenretriever #lifeofadog #somewhereiwouldliketolive #Melbourne #adamkanearchitects #melbourneinteriors

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You can tell 2 different stories about this @materdesign chair. The first: Each Ocean chair is made using 960 grams — just over 2 pounds — of recycled fish nets and plastic waste from the ocean. “Why not take a resource that has zero value and put it into production?” asked Henrik Marstrand, who founded Mater in 2006. “That is one of the key things that we do. The design is what lifts us up to something with value.” The second story is about that design: Although this chair made its formal debut this January, it was drawn in 1955 by the Danish designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel. Mater — or “Mother” in Latin — focuses on ethical production. Among the questions that go into their work: What legacy are we leaving behind? Of course, this type of work presents challenges: testing new materials for longevity, among other things, takes time. “You have to take risks sometimes,” Henrik said. “I would rather be on the forefront and make all sorts of mistakes than be number 10.” Among those to come: experiments with wood fiber waste, food waste and other types of ocean plastic waste. Henrik has stories to tell about each of these explorations. His goal: Make the sustainable design process easy to understand. “We find ourselves with the challenge of communicating who we are in a split second.” #BehindTheDesign : As we explore #Copenhagen , we're spending an entire week focused on Danish furniture. Watch our story to see more from #materdesign #sustainabledesign #sustainableliving #nannaditzel #jørgenditzel #recycledmaterials #danishfurniture #danishdesign #furnituredesign #danishmodern #midcenturymodern #materearthgallery #recycledfishnets #outdoorfurniture

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At @normanncph , the process of designing furniture and accessories begins with a feeling. “For us, it always starts with falling in love,” said Poul Madsen, a founder. “You have the same feeling in your gut, or heart, when you look at something and you can tell that it's something unique and that it fits.” After launching with a small collection of products and accessories in 1999, Normann Copenhagen added furniture — #DanishModern , all manufactured in Denmark — to its offerings a decade later. This year marks the company’s 20th anniversary. Simon Legald, Normann’s head designer, joined the team straight out of school in 2011, when #Normann decided to produce his thesis project, the Form Chair — a design that allows customers to choose from about 78,000 variations. For Simon, the thrill of being a designer is that you can constantly evolve. “You’re not fixed in a box,” he said. “There’s a lot of freedom.” As a company, Normann is always evolving, too. After all, as Poul said, “You can fall in love many times in your lifetime.” #BehindTheDesign : As we explore #Copenhagen , we're spending an entire week focused on Danish furniture. Here, Norman’s Pad lounge chair. Watch our story to see more from @normanncph #danishfurniture #danishdesign #interior #furnituredesign #danishmodern #møbler #mynordicroom #hygge

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This is the week of Danish furniture, so for #FollowFriday we turned to @pleasewaittobeseated , a young design company with a passion for chairs. Among their recommendations: @brdrkruger They worked with the local design firm @studiodavidthulstrup to create the ARV chair, pictured here, for @nomacph 's new location. 🛋️ Watch our story to see 3 more accounts #PleaseWaitToBeSeated recommends: @gubiofficial , which takes a global approach to postmodern furniture design; @klassikcopenhagen , a shop specializing in vintage Danish furniture; and @jonastrampedach , who created a line of stackable chairs for @haydesign and IKEA. . . . #brdrkruger #gubi #klassikcopenhagen #nomacph #thedanishchair #danishdesign #danishfurniture #danskdesign #nordicdesign #scandinaviandesign #nordiskehjem #interiør #nordiskdesign #møbeldesign #diningchair #minimaldesign #midcenturymodern

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When @mettehay and @rolfhay founded @haydesign in 2002, the design scene in Copenhagen was all about the classics. But the husband-and-wife team wanted to both celebrate the creativity of young designers and work in a more democratic context. “Scandinavian design was known for being for the few,” Rolf said. “We wanted to do something for the many.” They've since collaborated with designers worldwide to create functional and design-minded collections of furniture, housewares and accessories. Their starting point? Make things better. Their design is often driven by environmental considerations and new production methods. From there, they aim to produce products that have "a little something special about them," as Mette put it. "Something you don’t see at the first glimpse.” She finds inspiration in the fashion industry, the art world and flea markets, as well as Instagram; Rolf is inspired by architecture and production processes. Their dream dinner guests: “Ray and Charles Eames,” Mette said after some thought. “That's the answer,” Rolf agreed. “They were by far the greatest inspiration for me,” he went on. “He was so driven by taking advantages of the possibilities. And Ray has this amazing aesthetic.” Mette added: “It looked like they had fun, too.” #BehindTheDesign : As we explore #Copenhagen , we're spending an entire week focused on Danish furniture. Watch our story to see 5 Questions with Mette and Rolf Hay of #HayDesign Here, Hay's Silhouette Sofa and Slit Table. . . . #silhouettesofa #slittable #danishfurniture #danishdesign #interior #furnituredesign #danishmodern #møbler #mynordicroom #hygge #mettehay #rolfhay

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Finn Juhl is often credited with having introduced Danish design to America. But when he started out, his approach wasn't popular. In 1940, when journalists first saw this chair, they called it both a “punctured tennis ball” and a “tired walrus.” It later became known as the #PelicanChair , and today it's among the best-selling Finn Juhl pieces. “He was criticized for putting form over function, but he was misunderstood,” said Christian Poulsen, partner and export manager at @houseoffinnjuhl in Copenhagen. “In my opinion, he made the perfect compromise: he made something extremely elegant that was made according to the human body.” Finn Juhl was an architect with the mindset of a sculptor; he sought to make honest furniture that was visually light. “He made some drawings so extreme that they were not technically possible to produce at the time,” Christian explained. But things have changed. Since 2000, Onecollection — which owns @houseoffinnjuhl — has had the rights to manufacture Finn Juhl's designs. A few times a year, they visit his archive at @designmuseumdanmark to begin work on their next pieces, many of which were not produced in their designer's lifetime. #BehindTheDesign : As we explore #Copenhagen , we’re spending an entire week focused on Danish furniture. Watch our story to see more from #houseoffinnjuhl #danishfurniture #danishdesign #danishmodern #craftsmanship #interior #midcentury #midcenturymodern #danishmodern #furnituredesign #onecollection #møbler

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#theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases 🌀 @balintalovits , a London-based visual artist, created a series of photographs of spiral staircases in residential buildings around #Budapest “The inspiration came from my addiction to architecture and abstract forms,” Balint told us. The series, which he calls “Time Machine,” is meant to play with the idea of infinity in enclosed spaces. On Sundays, we share your photos of spiral staircases. Because the world needs more of these. #spiralstaircase #staircasedesign #modernarchitecture #spiral #architectural #stairwalkers #stairsandsteps #bauhausdesign #bauhaus100 #lookingdown

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#dogsofdesign 🐾 🐶 “Dogs bring soul to photos of rooms that may be beautiful, but feel empty,” said the interior designers Kim Kopp and Callie Strain of @kandccurated Kim and Callie, who are based in Atlanta, were revamping this master bedroom when their client's curious pup, Cinnamon, insisted on being part of the action. “Interior design is an art, but it is also about real people and their lives,” the designers told us. “Dogs remind us that actual families live in these spaces. They bring a levity and joy to sophisticated rooms.” On Sundays, we’re sharing your photos of dogs in beautiful spaces. Because the world needs more #dogsofinstagram #interiordesigner #atlantadesign #dogsindecor #lifeofadog #somewhereiwouldliketolive #designprojects #masterbedroom

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In May, we're exploring the design scene in #Copenhagen For this week's #FollowFriday , we asked the local design gallery @etageprojects who we should be following. Here: @bruundesign , a furniture and interior studio creating bold, minimal pieces. Watch our story to see 3 more accounts @etageprojects recommends: @carlemiljacobsen , who works with found materials to create colorful sculptural pieces; @bahrainidanish , which draws inspiration from cultural encounters between Denmark and Bahrain; and @stinemikkelsen a material researcher with a background in textile design. . . . #copenhagendesign #nordicdesign #skandinaviskdesign #danishdesign #nordiskehjem #interiør #nordiskdesign #finahem #bobedre #danmark #etageprojects #bruundesign #wooddesign

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When redesigning this old house in Portland, Oregon, @beebeskidmore 's priority was light. “It was, 'Can we make this house really bright and light even though we're in the Northwest climate?'” said the architect Heidi Beebe. 2 key features in their design did just that: a wall of glass that faces west, toward downtown Portland, and a skylight that brings light all the way from the top floor down to the kitchen. This guest bedroom, on the top floor of the house, is fairly original, aside from the skylights — and that's part of @beebeskidmore 's philosophy. “We're not trying to rewrite the style, but we are trying to put something in that enhances and brings it forward to our day of time,” said Heidi's partner, Doug Skidmore. The two are known for their work on adaptive reuse projects, though they also do hospitality spaces, office spaces and more. “People come to you with a problem and that becomes the spark that makes each project interesting,” Doug said. 📸: @neekmason This month in #BehindTheDesign , we’re in #PortlandOregon Watch our story to see what makes this house unique. . . . #adaptivereuse #portlanddesign #architecture #remodel #homedesign #moderncraftsman #portlandoregon #windows #westcoasthomes

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What's unusual about this bathtub? “Having a tub be surrounded by glass in the middle of a neighborhood,” said Doug Skidmore. “I think it messes with you on the subconscious level,” Heidi Beebe added. “'Am I inside, or am I outside?'” 🛁 Together, Doug and Heidi form @beebeskidmore , an architecture firm in Portland, Oregon. They brought this #bathtub to life on the second floor of a 1907 Craftsman home. In the original plan, this was a porch off the master bedroom. “We added the glass and cleaned it up and now it's really a passage to get to the bathroom,” Heidi said. #BeebeSkidmore is known for adaptive reuse projects. They were inspired by the fact that this house was originally a bit over-the-top. “This was kind of the big kooky house on the corner,” Doug said. Maintaining much of its original character was key to their design. “'What's the smallest thing we can change that will have the biggest impact?'” Heidi recalled asking. “You didn't want to wreck the whole house. There was a lot already here.” (The bathtub, however, is new. ) 📸: @neekmason This month in #BehindTheDesign , we’re in #PortlandOregon Watch our story to see more. . . . #bathtubgoals #adaptivereuse #portlanddesign #architecture #remodel #homedesign #moderncraftsman #portlandoregon #windows #westcoasthomes

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