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5 days ago

Opened up my email and guess who started screaming? Meeeee! I'm overjoyed and honored to have been selected for this anthology. Got out of my comfort zone with writing and submitted some poetry. Thank you @bxwriters for giving my work a home! . . . #BrooklynGirl #Published #Anthology #Poetry #Blessed #ChicanaWriter

last month

I wear my culture on my skin 🇲🇽❤ . . Huge fan of Jimmy Santiago Baca and his work!

3 weeks ago

We danced the night away! #ChloeTurns2 💃 . . . #framily #bphcrew #sillyfaces #latepost

February 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court was my absolute favorite place to be in. Pero a second favorite was The Capitol's Rotunda! I was mesmerized by all the details.

February 2019

@malymexicantreasures has unique and original pieces straight from Mexico♥️ If you're looking for gifts for a loved one or yourself, I definitely recommend checking out my wonderful friend's collection. From embroidered jackets and bags to jewelry! She's currently at @artistsandfleas SoHo! (These are only a FEW pieces. I fell IN LOVE with the embroidered jacket )

October 2017

Live performance from @horsethiefokc was awesomeee, got to meet them as well!! #latergram

June 2017

@abtofficial : Le Corsaire, beautiful performance!! @__jessi24 @loveisasickness

February 2019

Met two amazing authors today! They went all out on giving advice to writers. Viet Thanh Nguyen author of The Sympathizer and The Refugees, and Jessica Hagedorn author of Dogeaters. Also got my book signed!

November 2017

Shadowed an attorney today. Feels pretty cool seeing my paperwork in court😀 #SpringBreak

February 2017

Late nights👽

last month

#thefutureisfemale ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 - - - 📷: @emmyfrolics

December 2016

I'm that person that loves to walk around, even if it feels below zero❄❄❄

November 2016

So in LOVE with @thepaperkites ❤ Their music is amazing, one my favorite bands! #RevelatorEyes #TwelveFour

October 2016

Beautiful day for a walk!

October 2016

Had a weekend filled with inspirational people! Loved hearing Peggy speak❤

September 2016

Relaxing and feeling the wind in my hair was wonderful. It's one of my favorite things to do! Ahhh... . #nyc #batteryplace #sailing #relaxing #beautifulday #latergram

September 2016

Calm and peaceful place🌊

August 2016

Faith in people and yourself! Legally Blonde is one of my favorite movies!

August 2016

Loooove the view😍

July 2016

Loved spending time with these wonderful ladies💕 Oh yeah, we also had a mini photo shoot lol #framily

September 2016

Repost from @mindingherbusiness : I love this. Great reminder. I also feel that more than anything, a child does not give up because it sees that walking around is possible because it has seen others do it. Don't try to talk yourself out of reaching for success when you already know that there are others out there living the life similar to what you want. If it worked for them, it can work it for you too. You just have to keep at it until your legs get a little stronger and you've gotten your balance. Some may arrive faster or slower than others, but the amount of times you've fallen down does not determine your potential to get up and stay up - you determine that. Don't take your downfalls as a sign of weakness. We all go through moments of adversity, most are just better at hiding their falls than others. - Quote via @thinkgrowprosper

December 2018

Thank you @mattsteffanina @danaalexa_ for the opportunity to dance and learn your amazing hip-hop choreography at DanceCon NYC! If you looooove to dance go check out his awesome choreography on YouTube! #dancecon #nyc #choreographer #nicestpersonever #lovetodance #mattsteffanina #youtuber

March 2016

Such a great book! Definitely a must read. #compoundeffect #latenight #bookclub

May 2016

Friday night, Go Knicks! @nabilah_ahmed @_ohsarai #KnicksFan #goknicks #barclaycenter #fridaynight #knicksvsnets

March 2016

"If you keep your goals and dreams in front of you, your success in achieving them increases significantly." #dreambig #goals #dreamboard #focused #creativity #collage #magazines #thursdaynight

March 2015

Today (and every day ) we celebrate and bring acknowledgment to those strong, intelligent, beautiful and courageous women we are so blessed to have in our lives. Here's to all women! Love one another, support one another, and continue to strive👑 #internationalwomensday

August 2016

Such a peaceful and beautiful place to think about how wonderful life is!😌

December 2018

Girls just wanna have fun👸💄 #makeupartists #Metamorphosis #Beautyfun #tonightsevent