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17 hours ago

Boxing Boys 2: Back In The Ring Grateful for endorphins


this effervescent soul attracted art, respect, poetry, kindness, community— what a gift to be brought together today in a deeply bittersweet celebration of a life we were so fortunate to intersect with ✨ His mom told me “He is our compass.” and it’s showing, as all directions have pointed to love and light and togetherness. We love you Cameron. Thank you for what you’ve given us, and continue to give us

6 days ago


2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

my mom got bracelets for me and my grandma 🌹

2 weeks ago

❤️🍜💚💙💜 Whenever I feel burnt out from work, I like to prepare a nice hot homemade meal (cup noodles ) and eat in the shade of the fiddle fig before even taking off my #pride shoes

4 weeks ago

That’s a wrap on @insatiable Szn 2 – serving you Inability To Pop Bottles, serving you Lightsaber Sounds, serving you a SloMo Victory Congrats and thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this one. If you watched through the first season, you know how good and special this show is. Season two doubles down. 👄🥂

5 weeks ago

I like that her lips are shaped like a heart, and that she has a glass of wine and I have a knife

5 weeks ago

homesicc/on the homestretch

last month

a nice video of me and your ex

last month

it’s 4:28am, still shooting our Friday work— final few days of Season 2. there’s levels to this madness @insatiable

last month

found dairy free cheese that melts like real cheese so now I’m back in the game and it’s over for you nerds

last month


last month


last month

we are not The Bachelorette, but we are a few ladies who sit around a fruit salad and discuss it on the podcast Will You Accept This Rose? by @ardenmyrin (Don’t Always Be Cam. For sure never be Cam )

last month


last month


last month

mondays am I right? don’t talk to me before I’ve had my #coffee gotta have my java #mondays #java

last month

love a purple hair job, esp for the rainforest. we tryna protect 30 species in 30 days 🦄🔮👩🏼‍🎤🌱 you literally just post a pic of you with purple hair — dye/chalk/filter/whatever — and tag @sambazon with #PurpleForThePlanet , and they’ll literally protect 5 acres of the rainforest for you (from now until Biodiversity Day (May 22 )! Do it bc you look cute and magical and the earth can stay that way too #SambazonPartner

last month


May 2019

home came to me from mexico for my birthday 💌

May 2019

Kimmy got a camera and I got a pizza

May 2019

happy birthday, sisterfriend, to a beautiful poet and an even prettier poem

May 2019

🧺🔪🥭🧸 he doesn’t like it when I eat foods straight from the knife but how else you gonna

May 2019

that evening, there was no rest in the restaurant

April 2019

let’s get these eggs

April 2019

all I ever wanted to do was act, learn and wear menswear. now I’m a grown-up and I get to do all three 🐭🎩

April 2019

forgot to sleep but remembered my headband

April 2019

🎒⚾️🧢 take me out to the baaaaallgame (Sarah did. @sarahcolonna1 FYC for #dopewomen2019 )

April 2019

when you see someone bravely weaponize playtime in their battle against grief and sorrow, you should ask that person how they’re doing, what they’re doing, and listen to everything they share with you. that’s a superpower, learned and hard-earned, contagious to the courageous, which means any of us can choose to play through our pain too. moments of sunshine get you through the darkest storms and I love my friend @ardenmyrin , who’s quite nice to seek sunbeams with or sit beside in the rain.

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