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#GIVEAWAY TungLok Group has introduced healthier low-sugar mooncakes, that doesn’t compromise on taste. We have 3 “Autumn Blossoms” Egg Yolk White Lotus Mooncakes (worth $58+ each ) to give away. 2FB, 1IG Step 1: FOLLOW @tunglokgroup & @danielfooddiary Step 2: LIKE this post Step 3: COMMENT by tagging someone you will share the mooncakes with. Last day 25th Aug 2019. TungLok Group offers the only red and white lotus mooncakes in Singapore endorsed with a Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS ) by HPB, containing 25% less sugar than others. Find out more about their mooncake offerings here: bit.ly/tunglokmooncake #DFDSP


$3.57 for a $5.90 Liang Sandwich (35% OFF )! Famously endorsed by Mando-pop superstar Jay Chou, this is not your typical ‘sandwich’. Crispy and fluffy on the outside, packed with fillings on the inside. Other than popular favourites of Chicken Bolognese, Chicken Patty, and Honey Baked Ham and Cheese, new on the menu is the Peking Duck Sandwich. Get up to 50% OFF many ChopeDeals. Exclusive Discount for New Users: Enjoy an additional $5 OFF* with a minimum spend of $25 from 13 Aug to 31 Dec 2019. Simply key in the discount code , and $5 off will be deducted from the total amount. bit.ly/dfdchopedeals #DFDSP

2 days ago

One of the most luxurious Mooncakes this year is this Shangri-La’s Signature Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest from @shangrilasg What you get are tempting egg custard wrapped in golden pastry and baked. Quality bird’s nest is added within – also for beauty and health benefits. Also look out of the the Kaya Truffle Snowskin, and Yuzu Sake Truffle Snowskin. My vote will go to the Kaya with the local twist - which uses a special in-house recipe. bit.ly/shangrilamooncakes #DFDSP

4 days ago

ENG’s Char Siew Wantan Mee with Super Spicy Chilli Sauce. Here are 10 Crazy Dining Deals Under $15, Plus Additional $5 OFF. From Lobster Rolls, Dim Sum To Avo Toasts. bit.ly/dfdchopedeals Get a meal from $3.83 (yes! ) at Jay Chou endorsed Liang Sandwich Bar; 50% OFF Udon Kamon; or 25% OFF Tim Ho Wan. Key in the discount code , and $5 off will be deducted from the total amount. For 1st timers, and min spent $25. More here: cho.pe/DFDxChope #DFDSP

4 days ago

Mademoiselle PIGGY – Purple Sweet Potato & Chestnut Molten Lava In Flaky Teochew Pastry. Found at the Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festive Celebrations. From now to September 13, you won’t want to miss out on participating in Singapore’s biggest mooncake fair ever. This massive bazaar, along with live baking stations, is a must-attend event for every foodie and mooncake lover. Click PLAY for some of the unique mooncakes you can find there: bit.ly/takamooncakes #DFDSP

5 days ago

NEW on @koganeyamasg ’s menu are offerings of Hokkaido Miso Ramen and Japanese Garlic Fried Rice (Chahan ) – both at affordable pricing. The Japanese Fried Rice starts from $10.90. Chahan is typically served as a ‘side dish’ as part of an extensive menu at many Japanese restaurants here, so great to find this item taking centre stage. Kogane Yama’s Hokkaido-style ramen features springy noodles with fried cabbage in miso soup enriched with pork bones. Typically you would find loads of bean sprouts in Sapporo / Hokkaido ramens, but their take includes fried cabbage instead. The vegetables (and then broth ) fried under high heat, imparts that touch of smokiness, ’wok-hei’, and natural-sweetness. bit.ly/koganeyamanew #DFDSP

6 days ago

Mango Ube which is Philippine purple yam purée drizzled over Mango Softserve. And yes, those sweet cubed mangoes are specially imported from the Philippines. Need bit.ly/maximango #DFDSoftserve

2 weeks ago

Craving for some Dim Sum? This Crispy Tiger Prawn Fritters Wrapped in Red Glutinous Rice Cheong Fun is from the revamped Crystal Jade Palace @crystaljadesg at Takashimaya. A unique dish that combines the crispy and the sticky. It takes a juicy Tiger prawn and mixes it with salted egg yolk, then made into a deep-fried fritter. This elaborate red-tinged prawn is then wrapped in a red glutinous rice cheong or thin rice noodle roll skin. The beauty is really in its centre, where the grainy salted egg yolk adds that element of surprise. bit.ly/crystaljadepalace

2 weeks ago

What’s your favourite dish to get from a hotel buffet? For me, it’s usually the Laksa, but I won’t mind some Hokkien Mee with wok-hei too. This is from Beach Road Kitchen at @jwmarriottsg There are sections just for the hawker favourites, where you can eat your heart out over Chilli Crab, Rojak, Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice. Of course, dessert is a must. Their Dessert Showcase will feature live stations including freshly made Ice Kachang, Kueh Dadar and Apom Balik which will seal the deal for a truly satisfying National Day celebration. HSBC Credit Cards Promotion: 54% off Second Diner bit.ly/nationaldaysg #DFDSP #HSBCDining

2 weeks ago

Popular Japanese softserve shop Emma has opened its 2nd SG outlet at 100AM, next to Menya Kokoro. Check out the series of Soft Serve Floats exclusive to the 100AM outlet, which includes Sunny Soft Float ($6.50 ), Virgin Mojito Soft Float ($6.50 ), Pink Lady Soft Float ($6.50 ), Green Tapioca Soft Float ($6.30 ), and Black Tapioca Soft Float ($6.30 ). . . The Black Tapioca Soft Float ($6.30 ) literally combines the trending bubble tea with soft serve, which includes Okinawa brown sugar pearls at the bottom, black tea, and Japanese soft serve to sweeten things up. bit.ly/menyakokoro100am #DFDSoftserve

2 weeks ago

Since Singapore’s National Day is coming, have some cravings for local food... Bak Kut Teh from @songfabkt The broth is concocted with a blend of garlic and Sarawak peppers which is roasted in-house. One braised dish to complement your chosen pork rib soup is the Braised Large Intestine. These pig intestines are cleaned carefully and cooked for hours until they hit the melt-in-your-mouth level of tenderness. Tip: dunk your youtiao (dough fritters ) in the sauce. bit.ly/songfasg #DFDSP #DFDMichelin

2 weeks ago

#GIVEAWAY Check out the “Loco Local” Buffet, where you can enjoy your fav local food buffet with gastronomic upgrade. We have 2 x “Loco Local” Buffet Dinner for two to giveaway. (1 FB, 1 IG ) . Step 1: LIKE this post Step 2: FOLLOW @parkroyalpickering and @danielfooddiary Step 3: COMMENT by tagging someone you will bring to the buffet, and name your favourite dish from “Loco Local” Last day 12th August 2019 . From Unlimited Lobster Roti Jala, Alaskan King Crab Char Kway Teow, Baby Lobster Hokkien Noodles, and Singapore Chilli Crabs, check out the amazing spread here: bit.ly/locolocalsg #DFDSP

2 weeks ago

Chilli Crab Soft-Shell Crab Tendon from @koganeyamasg The Singapore National Day special of tempura soft-shell crab and assorted vegetables with homemade chilli crab sauce on rice. The batter comprises of Japanese tempura flour and fish seasoning, then deep-fried in soybean and sesame oil. I noted that the batter was crisper and lighter than before, and learnt that the recipe has been further fine-tuned recently. The eggy chilli crab sauce is then poured over for a luscious finish. As a little suggestion, I thought that a spicier tentsuyu sauce would have made this more shiok. bit.ly/koganeyamanew #DFDSP

2 weeks ago

So will you spend $20.80 on bread? These are the two main breads to look out for at @wupaochunsg , the award-winning Red Wine Longan and Lychee Rose Royale ($20.80 each ), handcrafted in small batches, available only at specific timings. The Red Wine Longan comes with fresh longan smoked over 6 days using a recipe accentuated with red wine, wheat sprouts and walnuts. This is the limited-edition Red Wine Longan bread, featuring the iconic Merlion symbol to celebrate Singapore’s 54th birthday. bit.ly/wupaochun #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

Unlimited Lobster Roti Jala, Alaskan King Crab Char Kway Teow, Baby Lobster Hokkien Noodles, and Singapore Chilli Crabs. Wah. Ever thought of having all your favourite local dishes with a gastronomic UPGRADE all in one place, at one price. From 5 August to 1 September 2019, PARKROYAL on Pickering’s @parkroyalpickering signature open-kitchen buffet restaurant Lime will feature “Loco Local”, an exciting hawker-themed buffet extravaganza. This 4-hour all-you-can-eat feast will parade your local culinary favourites, all decked in luxurious flair. Enjoy 15% savings on the buffet bill with four or more paying adults. bit.ly/locolocalsg #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

Kkanpunggi is a Korean dish invented by Chinese immigrants in Korea. In Chinese, it literally means kkan (dry ), pung (stir-fry ), and gi (chicken ). Chunks of boneless chicken are seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, then mixed with some starch to make it crunchy once fried - one of my favourite NEW dishes introduced by @yooganesg Yoogane has a NEW menu, expect a whole bunch of Korean dishes; smaller plates dishes for sharing; all at more affordable pricing. Check out the Cheese Chicken Bulgogi, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Honey Butter Chicken Wings, and Kimchi & Cheese Egg Roll. Get 30% OFF regular priced ala carte food items when you quote “HandsomeChef” upon ordering. Available at Bugis Junction, NEX and Westgate. Till 6 August 2019. bit.ly/yooganesg #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

54% OFF 2nd diner at Beach Road Kitchen @jwmarriottsg with #HSBCdining Take time to bask in the sight and smell of each live station, including dedicated areas for Fresh Seafood and Grilled-to-order Meats. Then, explore the entire buffet spread which highlights the best of local cuisine with Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes on offer. There are even sections just for the hawker favourites, where you can eat your heart out over Chilli Crab, Rojak, Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice. Of course, dessert is a must. Their Dessert Showcase will feature live stations including freshly made Ice Kachang, Kueh Dadar and Apom Balik which will seal the deal for a truly satisfying National Day celebration. Check out other National Day dining deals here: bit.ly/nationaldaysg #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

Get 30% OFF at Yoogane Singapore which has introduced a NEW Menu. Expect Cheese Chicken Bulgogi, Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, Honey Butter Chicken Wings, and Kimchi & Cheese Egg Roll. The Dak Bulgogi chicken is marinated with a sweet-peppery bulgogi seasoning. Order the cheese version, and the chunks of chicken meat will stir-fried tableside by your server, with enoki mushroom, bell peppers, leeks and carrots. Cheese fans will enjoy dak-dipping and pulling cheese strings as this dish comes with cheese on the rim of the iron grill pan. Quote “HandsomeChef” upon ordering to enjoy the promo. Valid till 6 August 2019 bit.ly/yooganesg #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

The weather is getting hotter all around, and another trending soft serve shop has arrived in Singapore. This time it is Maxi Mango, the hottest mango serve brand from the Philippines, with over 40 outlets set up within a year. It was so ‘pops’ that Filipinos were queuing up for up to 4 hours just to get their hands on the mango soft serve. Masarap! In Singapore, the brand will launch five signature Maxi Mango soft serves: Mango Graham, Mango Keso, Mango Ube, Mango Coconut and the Signature Maxi Mango. One of the soft serve dessert’s winning formula is the use of fresh mangoes shipped directly from the Philippines weekly. Location at Capitol Singapore (Capitol Piazza ). Opening day TOMORROW! . bit.ly/maximango #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

Looks like the MALA fever in Singapore is not stopping yet, with Menya Kokoro the introduction of Singapore’s 1st Mala Mazesoba and Ramen. In Singapore, the clamour for Mazesoba is so strong, that a second Menya Kokoro outlet has also opened at 100AM, Tanjong Pagar. The Furious Mala Mazesoba has three levels of spiciness to give justice to its name. Get a special spicy Ultimate Furious Mala Mazesoba FREE – this is even spicier than all the 3 levels of Mala Mazesoba available and is not even found in the menu. This bowl will come FREE with purchase of any 3 mains, from the selection of Mazesoba, Ramen or Maze Don. bit.ly/menyakokoro100am #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

Craving for some MALA Butter Hotpot? Famous Da Long Yi Hotpot restaurant from Chengdu has arrived in Singapore at @orchardcentral , and it opens till 6AM! Other Orchard Central restaurants to check out include: - Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant with over 200 buffet items - Nantsuttei Japanese Ramen for rich and creamy tonkotsu soup - Hokkaido Marche gathering many well-loved eateries from Hokkaido Also find out more about the #LetsFeastTogether contest here to win attractive prizes: bit.ly/orchardcentralsg #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

Looking for a dining place with your family and friends at downtown Orchard? #letsfeasttogether Here are 9 restaurants in Singapore that you will only be able to find in Orchard Central @orchardcentral , many of them are inexpensive and great for sharing. . . These include - Korean BBQ restaurant K.Cook which just introduced a ‘pocha’ concept - modern vegetable cuisine restaurant Joie by Dozo - Korean brunch café Walking on Sunshine - Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant which houses 6 Japanese dining concepts in one place - Modern Thai restaurant Som Tam Find out more here: bit.ly/orchardcentralsg #DFDSP

3 weeks ago

What happens when Singapore’s most popular Japanese Tendon and Unagi shops meet? Check Out Tendon Kohaku X Man Man Unagi Concept at Clarke Quay Central basement. The signature is the Kaisen Tendon. Those who enjoy the best of both worlds – crispy fried tempura and chewy fresh sashimi in a single bowl will certainly crave for this combination. FREE Tendon or Hitsumabushi: First 50 diners on its opening date of 31st July and 1st August 2019 (50 bowls each day ) are able to redeem a Kaisen X Hitsumabushi OR Kaisen X Tendon. T&C applies. Check out Tendon Kohaku’s FB page for details. . bit.ly/kohakumanman 📷: @stormscape #DFDSP

4 weeks ago

“Chong Qing” Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli 重庆辣子鸡 from @sichuandouhua_sg This is where you can experience more than 100 different authentic Sichuan dishes, in an all-you-can-eat à la carte buffet, all in one seating. 102 to be exact. The renowned Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at PARKROYAL on Beach Road is bringing back its annual special “100 Sichuan Delights, 1 Gastronomic Feast” (一菜一格,百菜百味 ), and it is returning bigger and better. With a minimum of four adults to dine, the buffet is priced at $60++ per adult and $30++ per child (aged from six to twelve ), available daily for both lunch and dinner. UOB Cardmembers enjoy one dines free with three paying adults on the à la carte buffet. Quote [DFD] and bring back a bottle of Chef Zeng Feng’s Homemade Chilli Oil upon dining. bit.ly/100sichuan #DFDSP

4 weeks ago

The All-Star Ninja from @kinkibar at Fullerton precinct, a curated set of Kinki’s best flavours. You’ll get sashimi (Kinmedai, chu toro, hotate, ikura, ama ebi ), sushi (chu toro, foie gras & scallop, buta, salmon veggie, tai truffle konbu ), hot appetisers (foie gras Chawanmushi, miso soup ), cold appetisers (ocean salad, snow crab & century egg tofu ), and dessert (yuzu or peach sorbet ). This is quite a value-for-money lunch set for the freshness of the sashimi slices and mouth-watering presentation. Check out what else the Fullerton Precinct has to offer bit.ly/fullertonsg #DFDSP

4 weeks ago

Limited Bubur Cha Cha, Mango Sago Coconut, And Pulut Hitam Breads from @wupaochunsg Created for the National Day celebrations, Mr Wu Pao Chun himself was inspired by the local desserts he tried during his stay in Singapore. Instead of the usual suspects, he decided to create chilled dessert buns called “Bunssert” based on the local dessert of Bubur Cha Cha. The result is a soft bun filled with sweet potatoes and taro cubes, with creamy chilled coconut custard bun. Surprisingly delicious and smooth, and not too sweet as well. Get all 3 Bunsserts at a promotional price of $7, till 11 Aug. bit.ly/wupaochun #DFDSP

4 weeks ago

If there is one thing you must get from the Sentosa GrillFest, it’s this Lobster Hokkien Mee, complete with chunky lobster, saucy noodles and wok hei. Of course not forgetting other food such as Charcoal Grilled Durian, Bamboo Nasi Lemak Ayam, Impossible Burger, Wagyu Truffle Don, Blue Bubble Tea, Green Curry Burger and more. Dates: 19 – 21, 26 – 28 July; 2 – 4, 9 – 12 August 2019 (Fri – Sun & PH ) Time: 4pm – 11pm Venue: Siloso Beach bit.ly/grillfest19 #DFDSP

4 weeks ago

If you want to savour the authentic and sublime flavours of MAI’s signature dashi, get the Shabu-Shabu set. The sets are accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables as well as two house dips – dashi ponzu and sesame – for those who like their meats full-flavoured. The A4 Wagyu is a very good quality meat that has a beautiful fat marbling and melt-in-your-mouth tender texture. Remember to quote “DFD” to enjoy a FREE DESSERT for every set lunch purchased. bit.ly/marusaya #DFDSP

4 weeks ago

The Pelican Lobster Burger included with chunks of fresh lobster, bacon, cheese, and Old Bay-seasoned fries. Among the mains at Pelican, the Snapper Pie deserves your attention. Baked to golden brown, this classic pie has a buttery and flaky puff pastry crust. If you are looking for the best place for waterfront dining with the view, The Fullerton Heritage is where you can find some of Singapore’s top restaurants. Check out where else to dine at The Fullerton Heritage here: bit.ly/fullertonsg #DFDSP

5 weeks ago

Craving for this Platter of Grilled Sausages and Meatloaf from Frieda Restaurant @frieda restaurant The sharing platters for 2 and 4 are recommended. A serving includes 4 types of sausages that are grilled to smoky goodness, including a smoked beef sausage. The moderately spicy Nuremberg sausage, one of Germany’s most significant contribution to European cuisine, is also part of the selection. If you love cheese, you will enjoy the savoury but mild taste of Emmental in the cheese sausage. Check out what other German food you can find there: bit.ly/freidarestaurant #DFDSP

5 weeks ago

1KM of F&B Delights with 27 Stalls at Sentosa GrillFest 2019. If you haven’t been to Sentosa GrillFest before, this is Singapore’s only food street by the beach, that stretches 1km for you to eat and dine by Siloso Beach. Expect Charcoal Grilled Durian, Lobster Hokkien Mee (this is yums ), Impossible Burger, Wagyu Truffle Don and More. Dates: 19 – 21, 26 – 28 July; 2 – 4, 9 – 12 August 2019 (Fri – Sun & PH ) Time: 4pm – 11pm Venue: Siloso Beach bit.ly/grillfest19 #DFDSP

5 weeks ago

This is a Sunday brunch with a difference – no conventional buffet lines, pick-and-choose what you enjoy. Here’s how it works at Racines: Diners can mix and match from various food and beverage packages, with greater flexibility in pricing while reducing food wastage. The Racines’ Lifestyle Brunch begins with a core buffet selection with the Salad & Dessert Ateliers. Whet your appetites with a selection of up to 15 varieties of French cheeses alongside an assortment of homemade viennoiseries. Exclusive HSBC Credit Cards Promotion: 1-for-1 on Lifestyle Brunch, Valid only for base adult brunch package at $68++ bit.ly/hotelbrunch . #HSBCDining #DFDSP

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