Carly Timms @ctimms49

New Zealand, whanau me te whakaarahia Tekau ma waru Whakaute tetahi ki tetahi

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5 days ago

Bored out of my mind😑 Waiting of the boyfriend to get out of hospital😚

last month

That moment when u see something from a ex and u still can't get them off of your mind and not even talking to a old crush works🙁🙁 And u still like them

last month

I'm a mickey mouse And yes I'm wearing shorts u just can't see them

last month

Driving home with dad going 110mph and can't see the road at all

May 2019

Happy mother's day to all the mother's out, I hope u all are having a great day off and if u are somewhere that is not New Zealand there I hope u had a great mother's day

April 2019

Cooking dinner for the family☺☺