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4 days ago

What are you wading for? Grab some #ColumbiaPFG and get to the water. 📸: @ramy__tounsi

6 days ago

“GO THE DISTANCE! Couples who travel together stay together! Enjoying this sunny morning with a delicious cup of green tea at the Cliff Lodge Seat.” - @whatadventures Get ready for your next adventure in #TestedTough gear.

2 weeks ago

"WOULD YOU CLIMB THIS? We had to get it right this time! This was the second time we climbed this temple and luckily managed to find some sunshine amongst the misty clouds. Our first time was the previous morning which resulted in a complete disaster because by the time we reached the top, all the clouds decided to come in on us and we couldn’t see a thing! Plus it was super scary considering the gap between the walls just kept getting narrower as we climbed higher.” - Be inspired by @whatadventures and plan your next expedition by Columbia.

2 weeks ago

“ON TOP OF THE WORLD! ⛰ This rock is not like any rock, it’s more like an energetic ground. As scary as this may look, it’s feels so serene sitting here - observing the beautiful nature whilst sinking into the clouds. If you’re looking for some down time away from the busy life, this place is for you. There’s no phone signal which means no distractions! It was a great getaway for us and we are so happy we got to explore this cool hidden gem.” - @whatadventures Get adventure-ready in #TestedTough gear from your nearest store.

2 weeks ago

The Train to Ella - "We have been thinking about hopping on to the Ella train for a while and now that we managed to experience this journey, we feel it’s definitely worth it. The scenic beauty is just majestic and the trains work their way up into the mountains which is surreal! Plus, the trains are quite clean and comfortable and Ella is such a charming city, probably one of our top favorites in Sri Lanka!” . Be inspired by @whatadventures and plan your next expedition by Columbia.

2 weeks ago

Karl and Sasha from @whatadventures show us around the gorgeous tree house they stayed at while exploring Sri Lanka in #TestedTough gear - “We woke up in a tree house! It’s a remote location surrounded by nature, you have your own privacy enjoying a beautiful view.” 🌴

2 weeks ago

“No matter how long or short our day is going to be, we make it a point to have breakfast even if we are extremely busy adventuring. Did you know that having breakfast first thing in the morning decreases hunger and cravings throughout the day? Traveling a lot makes us hungry and having a good breakfast is very important to keep energy levels high.” - @whatadventures Get ready for your next adventure in #TestedTough gear.

3 weeks ago

“DO WHAT YOU LOVE! 📸 Exactly a year ago, we decided that we wanted to travel the world and do what we love and exactly six months ago, we made a plan together and wrote down what we wanted to achieve in 2019 and made sure to make it possible no matter what came our way. We believe that writing down your short term and long term goals definitely help shape the reality you want to build for yourself. If you’re someone that does this, let us know what goals you’ve achieved so far this year.” - @whatadventures Get adventure-ready in #TestedTough gear from your nearest store.

3 weeks ago

“Have you ever lived in a tree?🌲 ⠀⠀ Our first time in a tree house and we LOVED IT! Every morning we woke up in a tree feeling the clouds around us, sipping on our morning tea, facing a view of the majestic mighty mountains. Plus, on some days, it even rained and made the atmosphere even more magical!“ . Be inspired by @whatadventures and plan your next expedition by Columbia.

3 weeks ago

“Tag someone you would stay here with! We had such an awesome experience staying in this tree house. Every morning we woke up in a tree and had one of the most magical views of the mountains touching the clouds and the fresh breeze from all the nature that was around us. We also found out that this tree house was standing strong on the bark on a very old jackfruit tree of which we were cooked a very delicious dish of Jackfruit curry for lunch!” - @whatadventures Get ready for your next adventure in #TestedTough gear.

3 weeks ago

Experience waterproof, seam-sealed construction and perfect traction for every trail with the The Newton Ridge™ Plus II. . 📍: Jebel Al Shams | 📷: @khansohaib

3 weeks ago

Quoting @khansohaib in his #TestedTough gear: “A hidden cave I found on my way to the W6 trail at Jebel Shams, the highest mountain in Oman. It was not an easy climb, but it was so worth the experience.”

3 weeks ago

When lightweight Tech-Lite™ cushioning meets Omni-Grip™ outsoles. Get the Newton Ridge™ Plus II from your nearest store. 📍: Jebel Al Shams | 📷: @khansohaib

4 weeks ago

Keeping you company even when the going gets tough. #TestedTough 📍: Jebel Al Shams | 📷: @khansohaib

4 weeks ago

Mid-week travel adventures with @khansohaib What’s on your adventure wishlist? 📍: Jebel Shams, Oman

4 weeks ago

“I came, I saw, I captured.” @khansohaib in his element in #TestedTough gear with Omni-Shade™ technologies. 📍: Jebel Shams, Oman

4 weeks ago

Get outside and blaze your own trail, our gear can handle it. Shop the Titanium range in-stores now. #TestedTough

last month

It's time to gear up for a summer of epic adventures with our advanced gear for maximum protection against the summer sun. Shop the Titanium range in-stores now. #TestedTough

last month

Make a connection with the outdoors. Commit to the best gear for the trail. Shop the Titanium range in-stores now. #TestedTough

last month

Mustafa’s Adventures: Extra daylight means nothing can stop you from getting to the top of the mountain in #TestedTough gear. 📷: @mustafa_sheikh

last month

Sohaib’s Adventures: With sun-defying, heat-deflecting, sweat-activated super cooling technology, we've created the ultimate outdoor shirts for summer, meet Solar Ice™. 📷: @khansohaib | 📍: Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi

last month

Dreaming of summer adventures. ☀️ 📷: @mustafa_sheikh

last month

Sohaib’s Adventures: Tread grip on every terrain with Omni-Grip™. Shop the Drainmaker™ 3D at your nearest store. 📷: @khansohaib | 📍: Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi

last month

Sohaib’s Adventures: What does your #TestedTough gear look like? @khansohaib preps for his ideal kayaking day out in the Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi.

last month

Sohaib’s Adventures: “After a few hours of exploring the mangroves, I was ready to head back. I took a moment to beach my kayak on this small island that was crawling with these tiny crabs. My Columbia Drainmaker™ 3D was great at keeping the water out during rowing and perfect to protect on land as well.” - @khansohaib on #TestedTough gear.

last month

Mustafa’s Adventures: Drippy weather can’t sully your adventures in this water-resistant Falmouth™ Insulated Jacket. #TestedTough 📷: @mustafa_sheikh

last month

What does your perfect summer day look like? For @khansohaib , it’s exploring the Eastern Mangroves in Abu Dhabi in #TestedTough gear.

last month

Mustafa’s Adventures: @mustafa_sheikh ’s choice of #TestedTough gear is the water-resistant Falmouth™ Insulated Jacket. Grab yours now from your nearest store.

last month

Mustafa’s Adventures: No excuses for not getting outside. @mustafa_sheikh embracing the outdoors in #TestedTough gear.

last month

@mustafa_sheikh preps for his summer adventures to Cape Town in #TestedTough gear. Where are you traveling to this summer?

last month

Tag someone you would want to get lost with. #adventures 📷: @mustafa_sheikh

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