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Actor. Ranch Dressing Connoisseur. Pokémon go master. Kansas native. Obsessed with clouds.

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3 days ago

Excited to be in Portland with my twin @hollandroden for @rosecitycc ! Hope to see y’all there 😘😘😘

1 weeks ago

Sees a chiropractor once lol. I literally feel like a new person & im smiling harder than I’ve ever smiled, loving harder than I’ve ever loved, & basically feel like I’m going to save the world all because my back doesn’t hurt anymore 😂

last month

😆 Free Fallin 😆 #5

last month

Another epic loss against my friend Rivs. Brett Haber from the tennis channel once said “Colton is like a nice house...with no furniture.” & that is still to this day the funniest thing anyone’s ever said about me 😂 Been playin a lot lately & so happy with my improvement : )

last month

#tbt Senior photos 🦆👄🦆

July 2019

Thought I’d check back in with y’all & say hello 👋😜 I’ve been in a constant state of jet lag & have been traveling so much recently. Feeling super happy/healthy despite this moody jet lag pout. The past few months mostly staying away from social media have been so rewarding. I’ll pop back in to check on y’all again soon 😜✌🏼 Ich liebe dich ❤️

March 2019

Sad to hear the news that #Arrow will be ending after Season 8. What an incredible ride this has been. Thank you to all the fans out there who supported us along the way. ❤️❤️❤️

March 2019

I’m just gonna leave this here so I can remember the best day of my life @prideofgypsies

February 2019

Thank you @vanityfair @lorealusa for a fun night out! Stayed up past my 8pm bedtime haha! Outfit: @julienmacdonald styled by my beauty @soniayoungstyle

February 2019

Pokémon community day starts in less than an hour & I’m the happiest person in the entire world. Happy Saturday!!!

February 2019

I’m sorry I had to bail on ur Super Bowl party @tylerhoechlin but I had to play @pokemongoapp

January 2019

Whistler wknd with my sister Willow for her bday!!! 🤗🤗🤗

January 2019

My friend found one of my polaroids in the @vogue office & sent it to me! Flashing back to all the memories that were made when I was a teen running around the city & I will never forget how excited I used to get every time I got to go into that office. 11 yrs & many lbs later I’m still so happy I get to do what I love ❤️ #fbf

January 2019

Gonna miss spending time with this beauty @hollandroden but I gotta get back to work! Seeya soon Paris! #Pmfw

January 2019

Why do ppl always seat us away from ppl haha. We don’t bite that hard 😈

January 2019

Finally addicted to training again thx to these badasses @nycvitulli & @peterleethomas

January 2019

Turns out Red Bull tastes better coming up than it does going down! @peterleethomas kicked my ass today & im so happy about it. Working out has always been a mental struggle for me but I’m not letting that get in my way this yr...hell no! Imagining the bag is 2018 always helps! What a dumpster fire yr that was...cheers to those of you who are striving to make 2019 the best yr yet!👏🏼

December 2018

📸 x @tonyduranph x 📸

December 2018

Grey’s have more fun 😏 What are yalls predictions for this season??? #Arrow

December 2018

When fandoms collide. Monday with the #Arrow @cw_arrow fam! Can’t wait for y’all to see what’s to come 🤗 @kat mcnamara @benlewishere @dresixtos @julianaharkavy

December 2018

Does this makeup make us look old lol? Old man Roy with his new #Arrow fam 🤗 @benlewishere @dresixtos @julianaharkavy

December 2018

Gotta catch em all

December 2018

How u doin ladies

November 2018


October 2018

#arrowseason7 episode 2 is on Tonight! Thoughts on old Roy??? #Arrow

October 2018

I’ve been sick for about 2 wks now & discovered this book. I’m in tears. Every man should read this or hear it. It will help your life in so many ways. Thk you @lewishowes for being a beacon of light ❤️

October 2018

So proud of my friend @andygrammer for bringing this to light 👏🏼

September 2018

Me every single day lol 😂

September 2018

My stunning mom turning the parking lot into a catwalk lol. Even though she’s no longer with us physically she’s still in every thing I see. Especially birds lol. She wakes me up every morning, follows me around all day, & still makes me feel her love & that makes me smile every single day. Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing my mom knew she was the most incredible women on earth. She was an absolute star & I’m thankful I can look up and see her in the sky every single day 😇⭐️😇

September 2018

I can’t believe I’m on the cover of @popstarmagazine September Issue 😺 I used to buy this every single wk! Childhood dreams come true haha! Next stop...Vogue

September 2018

Thk u again @ysl for dressing me in this insanely expensive outfit & @soniayoungstyle for making it happen! ❤️❤️❤️

August 2018

#tbt My shirt says "Snorkeling is Sexy" & I think it's from my @abercrombie days. It's the funniest shirt I've ever seen so can someone pls find this for me??? 😂 Also this hair...what the hell 😂

August 2018

Im not gonna say if this is real or fake 😎😇😎

August 2018

Omg I didn't even know I was photobombing my friends @shawnmendes & @guskenworthy 's photo. Lol (yes I did ) Tan mom for the win! 😂 #ColtonTanMom

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