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I’m that girl with the lipstick on youtube. Business inquiries- [email protected]

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23 hours ago

i love this boy so much! 💕 running around LA doing press for @escapethenight today! Have you started watching season 4 yet??? Tell me your favorite part in the comments!

2 weeks ago

this is the best photo i’ve ever taken of my son and that’s a fact.

3 weeks ago

Who’s coming to see me on tour? Tag a friend you want to see the show with! (It’s not listed in this video but I’ll be in Salt Lake City on 7/20! ) get tickets at

3 weeks ago

Eating ice cream for dinner cuz I’m an ADULT. #icecreamforadults #halotoppartner @halotopcreamery

3 weeks ago

couldn’t be more excited to make my broadway debut with this fool. make sure to get your tickets to see us in @waitressmusical from aug 20-sep 15! 🥧

4 weeks ago

so excited to announce that I will be playing the role of Roxanne in The Angry Birds 2 Movie! This was SO FUN to record! I’m honored to be part of such an incredible cast. Can’t wait for you all to see it on August 14! 🐤 @AngryBirdsMovie

4 weeks ago

I CANT BELIEVE IM DOING A BROADWAY SHOW WITH ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS!!!! watch the extremely extra video we shot to announce it! link in my bio! 🥧

4 weeks ago

you make my life so much better, little one. 💕

4 weeks ago

had a blast doing shows in Arizona this weekend! thanks to everyone who came and made me feel so loved! i’m still trying to figure out this whole touring working mom thing... it’s super stressful (and HOLY SMOKES I have a whole new respect and admiration for every single mother out there. you are all incredible! ) but im proud of myself for getting back on stage and doing what i love even though it scared me to death to tour with a baby. thanks for continuing to support me through this new chapter of life. i can’t wait to add more tour dates and show the world to my son. 💜💄👶🏼✈️🎤🎭🌵

last month

video update on Flynn up on my channel! link in my bio! 💕

last month

👏🏻I 👏🏻 AM 👏🏻 SO👏🏻 EXCITED👏🏻ABOUT👏🏻THIS👏🏻 @joeygraceffa @escapethenight

last month

IM GONNA BE ON BROADWAY!!! I couldn’t be more excited!!! Watch my new video to hear all the details. Link in my bio! @waitressmusical 🥧

last month

my special is streaming NOW on Netflix!!!! brb i’m throwing up from fear and excitement and nerves and all the things. GO WATCH AND SAY NICE THINGS BECAUSE MY EGO IS FRAGILE!!!! @netflixisajoke

last month

my netflix special is streaming NOW! YAY! making Kory read the most embarrassing page from my childhood prayer journal is one of my favorite moments. 🙏 what’s YOUR favorite part??? @netflixisajoke @netflix @korydesoto

last month

remember a million years ago when i was super pregnant and filmed a @netflix comedy special at the kennedy center? HERES THE TRAILER AND OMG ITS COMING OUT IN A FEW DAYS!!!!! 🤰🏻🎤💄

last month


last month

tomorrow is @itsjojosiwa ’s birthday epical magical funtastical sweet 16 birthday party special on Nickelodeon!!! Make sure to watch it at 8:30/7:30 central! 💜

May 2019

new video where i tried on all my pregnancy outfits! link in my bio! leave a comment and let me know ur favorite outfit in the video! 💜

May 2019

It’s my first Mother’s Day this year so I wanted to do something extra special for my mom thanks to the help of @googlepixel See how I surprise my mom by clicking the link in my bio! #pixel3a #SponsoredByGoogle

May 2019


May 2019

grandparents are the best 💜

May 2019

happy birthday @harveyguillen !!! everyone go wish him a happy birthday!!! 🎉

May 2019

today i turned my mother into jojo siwa. link to the video is in my bio. go check it out!

April 2019

so happy for my beautiful growing family! I’m so excited for Flynn to meet his new baby cousin this October! Subscribe to them to stay updated on the arrival of the new Ballinger baby! (Just search Ballinger Family on YouTube ) 💜

April 2019

I let @estocklin be in charge of filling the Easter eggs for our son’s first Easter. Next year I’m going to leave it to the Easter Bunny. Full video of our Easter on my vlog channel!! link in my bio. 💜

April 2019

my giant sweet baby. 🥰

April 2019

my lil’ egg. 🥚

April 2019

had a blast at @itsjojosiwa birthday party last night! So proud of this hard working, creative, intelligent, selfless, brave, wonderful girl. HAPPY SWEET 16 JOJO! (a month early haha ).

April 2019

baby’s first Target run! He barfed on me and then fell asleep. I think that means he liked it.

3 weeks ago

I don’t know why we felt like we needed a photo of all of us in leopard print jackets... but it happened and I’m not mad about it.

March 2019

i love this little muffin so much! 😍

March 2019

happiness. 🥰

March 2019

My daddy is as cool as froze toes. ❄️🦶🏻 (we miss u @estocklin ! come home! )

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