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That Youtuber who loves Jesus. Living for God, not for man. I’m in love with my sexy wife and 2 beautiful daughters. ✉️: [email protected]

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3 days ago

I get to coach Everleighs soccer team again this year and it’s probably my favorite thing I get to do with Ev. We won our game today and Ev even scored a goal! Proud dad⚽️❤️

2 weeks ago

days like today are rough. Baby wakes up with a 104 fever. She was throwing up so many times this morning she barely had time to breathe. After spending all day at the ER, praying too many prayers, and a dozen tests on Posie later, we get the good news we were hoping for that it’s just a bad virus. Sav and I are used to sick babies + kids, but this morning really rocked us. God is always in control, and in times like these when I’m so helpless, it reminds me just how much in control He is. Everleigh and I left the hospital while Posie was getting all her scans and ultra sounds because today was Everleighs first soccer game. I coach her team and really didn’t wanna miss. We showed up to her game minutes before it started with throw up all over us, I’m just sad we didn’t get a picture lol. We’ll get one at next weeks game. The baby is currently sleeping on me while Savannah is showering all the throw up off her to take Ev and some friends to a kidz bop concert. Savannah is a super hero and stronger than I could ever hope to be. I have no idea how she does all she does. I’m just really thankful for my little family and for a God who I can trust in good times and bad. He loves my kids and family more than I ever could, and that blows my mind.. you’re a good God.

3 weeks ago

She is fearfully and wonderfully made - (Psalm 139:14 ) You grow more beautiful each and every day Posie Rayne. You’re going to be a world changer.❤️

4 weeks ago

Savannah threw me an 80’s themed birthday party last night. We came ready🕺🏼💃🏼

4 weeks ago

Today’s my birthday. I turned 23 & am so incredibly blessed with the best friends and family a boy could ask for. Here’s 23 things I learned this year. 1. never drink strawberry nesquik before a workout. 2. Parenting can be really difficult. 3. Sushi actually tastes good 4. creating a tiny baby human is awesome 5. community is necessary 6. country music isn’t so bad after all 7. Some people are just really mean 8. My wife is even more incredible than I thought 9. I want to make another tiny baby human with the lady mentioned in # 8 10. Jesus fixes absolutely everything 11. Coffee still makes me poop 12. my kids make me a better human 13. I need to be more giving and selfless 14. I really love smelling candles 15. God is bigger than I thought He was 16. I’m still more ticklish than any grown man should be 17. My wife got even hotter somehow 18. The older I get the harder life gets 19. I don’t have it all together & that’s ok 20. Because God does & I trust that 21. I enjoy the Bachelor way too much 22. Quality time with your kids is found in quantity time spent with them 23. I need to be the hands and feet of Jesus better.

last month

This is what I get to wake up to every morning. how could I not be the happiest guy on the planet☀️

last month

just a normal sunday morning before church w/ @everleighrose

last month

my wife is a real life disney princess and I’m obsessed with her😍

last month

7 days old and 7 months old. I’ll keep this tradition going where I awkwardly hold her at 7 and 17 and 27 like this😋❤️ 📷: @pattyothonphotography

last month

Look at this face. I get to kiss that face 100 times a day. Living my best life🧡

July 2019

Everleigh is so beautiful it terrifies me for her to be a teenager.. every boy will have to pass through me😤💪🏼

July 2019


July 2019

So we’re in Vegas for Everleighs National Dance Competition. Savannah usually takes Ev to get ready for all the dance stuff, which leaves me and baby with lots of downtime. And while there’s lots of fun stuff to do in Vegas, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than this💯

June 2019

the LaBrant family goes to a wedding💍

June 2019

when they say you can bring a plus one to the pool party😅

June 2019

She will always be my little girl. Most of the time nowadays I entirely forget that Everleigh isn’t my biological kid. It’s just become so normal and feels like I have 2 daughters. Which I do. Family doesn’t need blood, it just needs love and consistency. Coming into Everleighs life years back wasn’t always easy, and after having a new baby of our own has brought new challenges. Everleigh has grown and matured so much this past year it’s crazy. But it’s all part of life and God’s greater plan. This girl has made me a better man. I needed her so much more than she ever needed me. She’s going to be a world changer and I’m so honored her mom chose me to help lead and love her every day.

May 2019

We’ve been in our new house for about 2 weeks now and absolutely loving it! Gonna be so fun swimming in our pool all summer with my girls☀️💛

May 2019

My wife is the most amazing mom on the planet. I’m so in awe of how selfless, patient, supportive, and loving she is every single day. I look up to her so much and only hope I can be half as amazing a dad as she is a mom. Our kids will never know how blessed they are to have you. I’m the luckiest man on earth. I love you more every single day, happy Mother’s Day, @sav labrant

April 2019

I married way outta my league and I’m not even mad about it

April 2019

Easter 2019 with the cutest bunnies around. Thank you Jesus for your life, death, and resurrection today!

April 2019

Starting off our Saturday right @everleighrose

April 2019

This is better than Coachella

April 2019

I’m a lucky man❤️

April 2019

When you and your daughter are gettin ready to hit the club😎

April 2019

Spring Break 2019 is gonna be LIT this year!!!🔥🤘🏼😩

March 2019

There’s absolutely nothing I love more than being a dad.. I take that back, being a husband is pretty great too🙌🏼

March 2019

Snuggles before bedtime will always be my favorite

March 2019

It’s my best friends birthday! We had Everleigh take this picture of us before going out last night because it’s tough to get pics of just us now. Savannah is truly one in a million. I thought I was the luckiest man on earth when I married her, I honestly am only beginning to grasp how lucky I actually am. She is the absolute best wife and mom, and is content with being just that. She is so low maintenance it’s sometimes concerning. She expects absolutely nothing and is so grateful for the smallest things. She asked for and wanted nothing for her birthday... I got her a couple pairs of tennis shoes and she was the happiest. All in all I’m just bragging on my wife finding skills. I love you more every day. You make me a better person. You deserve the world❤️

February 2019

When you have kids it can be easy to put all your attention on to them. Savannah and I have been through so much the past few years it all feels like a dream. I honestly believe the reason most marriages either aren’t what they should be or don’t work out at all is because the spouses put all their attention into the kids and not each other. I believe you should date TO marry but also don’t forget to date your spouse WHEN married. You’ll always be my girlfriend, Savannah❤️

January 2019

2 years ago today I somehow got the most beautiful girl in the world to say yes to marrying me. Best thing I ever did.

January 2019


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