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i luv you all so so so so so so much🥺 youtube: cody orlove l go subscribe please❤️

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11 minutes ago

THIS WAS NOT OKAY😂 Click the LINK in my BIO to WATCH the VIDEO❤️

2 days ago


5 days ago

Which one is the lie? 😳😂 TAG 5 FRIENDS AND I MIGHT JUST DM YOU; )

2 weeks ago

you see your ex at a party, and all the old memories come back.. 💔

3 weeks ago

she shakin her ass 😳

4 weeks ago

cow tingz 🐮✨

4 weeks ago

here’s an update; 🐮🥴

5 weeks ago

my reality within 4 songs. look at my life in my eyes, and listen to these 4 songs. out now on apple music! will be out on spotify soon❤️

last month

this hurted.. 😭🎉

last month

Tour is officially over, and I wanted to especially say thank you to anyone who came out to the shows. I already miss everyone that I met. you guys really made my summer, and i can’t ever thank u enough❤️ - WINTER TOUR IS SOON. All my friends and I are doing are OWN TOUR, and it’s gonna be INSANE. WATCH OUT FOR THE ANNOUCEMENT!

last month


last month

August 17th. Here’s another Sneak Peak💔

last month

August 17th. “Thinking of you.” ❤️

last month

August 17th, Releasing an album. 50,000 COMMENTS AND ILL RELEASE A SNEAK PEAK🖤

July 2019

Which ZODY do you prefer? 😳❤️

July 2019

used to be fighting for your love.. now, we’re fighting over your hair 😂

June 2019


March 2019

the only girl I’ll ever love ❤️ @mamaorlove

March 2019

this is my best friend. my brother, the guy who’s always got my back. I don’t have a lot of friends. I have none where I live. but, a guy named Zephan that lives 8,168 miles from me is always by my side. I’m not popular, I only got a few friends, but that doesn’t mean anything. because, I got the best fucking guy right by my side❤️ - To the rest of my bros - Jesse, Oliver, Sebastian, Diego.. I didn’t forget about you either. Love you all so much. Thank you for being the best friends I could ever have.

February 2019

drippin 💧

February 2019

do you like our abs? 😂💪🏻

January 2019

someone beat me up.. (It’s just a joke, it’s made to look fake😂”

December 2018

netflix, and chill ? 😍😩

December 2018

When I was in high school, I got bullied so much. I got called names, got shoved, and some people even wanted to fight me, because I was “famous.” I never thought I was, and I never acted like I was, they just hated the fact that I had a following. - I made this post, because no one deserves to be called names, or even be bullied in general. I’m so sorry to anyone who has been or to anyone who is being bullied right now. Im always here for every1 of you, and I do try to answer so many of my DMs to try to help all of you through it. Just know if you are going through it, you will get through it just like I did, stay strong, and be positive. It’s super hard to be, because I sure wasn’t at all, but in the end it got to be okay. hopefully, the same will happen to all of you. - make sure you never call someone a name, or make fun of the way they are. everyone is unique, and beautiful in their own way. if you can’t see that in yourself, just know that I see it in you. I love all of you, and we are a family. I hope you guys never go through what I went through. the only reason I got through it was because of all of you. I couldn’t thank you guys enough. I love you all❤️ - REMEMBER, bullying is not okay, and it must stop. Let’s make a difference, and show action to any bully, or be there for anyone who is being bullied.

December 2018

did i even glow up? 😂❤️🙏🏻 5 years ago, and so much has changed.

November 2018

I’m a sucker 4 u 😘🍭

November 2018

text me ; )

October 2018

look me in the eyes, and tell me u love me<3

October 2018

it’s okay not to be okay.. - (this is just a statement. I want to let you know if you’re down, it’s okay to be upset. you’re all strong. I love every single one of you. we are a family. we all got eachother! )

September 2018

welcome to the family, his name is Zody❤️🐶

September 2018

fuck it up 🖕🏻🤤

August 2018

I know this is cheesy, but I love you😂🧀

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