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3 hours ago



Hey guys, new single BLESSED available for pre-order now! Get it and listen to the preview, let me know what you think! Link in bio. #blessed

3 days ago

Season 2, Day 1.

5 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this beautiful light of a human being. Alex, I love you, thank you for becoming my best friend. Thank you for inspiring me daily. Thank you for making me desire to be the best version of myself. To this year and many many more, happy birthday hot stuff 😍🎉🥳

1 weeks ago

when you’re alone and gotta do both parts lol 😂 link in my bio to jam out with me

2 weeks ago

season 2 fitting 🎉 we back 😎

2 weeks ago

ALMOST is live and streaming everywhere!! Me and @mickey salma killed this one and it’s actually one of my favorite tracks! 🔥 Enjoy guys!! LINK IN BIO

2 weeks ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my actual brotha at this point. Blessed to have met you, blessed to call you a friend, blessed to be in Paris with you. Love you buddy, HAPPY 21st!! 🎉🎉

2 weeks ago

Reminiscing from the convention. Isssa vibe

3 weeks ago

NEW SINGLE “ALMOST” featuring my talented friend @mickey salma Dropping July 7th 🙌🤘

3 weeks ago

Tried to post this yesterday but my Instagram wasn’t working 🤷‍♂️ last workout before Paris. Also, posting something special today or tomorrow, so be on the lookout. Feel like recently I’m missing so much of what my friends post, make sure you turn on post notifications so you can stay in the loop. See you soon Paris ✌️

3 weeks ago

On the move getting things done before Paris this week. Just wanted to stop in and say hi 👋

4 weeks ago

@cwallamerican SEASON TWO COMING. Met with our amazing executive producer NK today on the lot. We got an amazing season coming your way guys. OCTOBER 7th 🙌🙌🙌

4 weeks ago

made a pretty special song the other night. very proud. changing the order of my drops to get it to you soon 🤘

5 weeks ago

Nothing but smiles over here

last month

music video for Hills dropping tomorrow 👀

last month

behind the scenes for Hills music video with my boys @seanreillyla and @andrewzalez

last month

Grateful for this journey. I would do it all again if I ever lost it all. but till then.. throwback to simpler times. Hope you’re well Theo. #teenwolf

last month

‪Thought I was dreaming... Guess I’m not. #CloudStrife #FinalFantasyVIIRemake

last month

‪Honored and humbled to be able to announce my participation in the @finalfantasy VII remake as the voice of Cloud Strife. I vow to give nothing shy of 100% and my absolute best to ensure this iconic character’s depth and complexity resonates. Thank you all for the support. ❤️‬

last month

DRIPPIN DROPPED. Link in bio and swipe up in the highlight bubble. Love you guys, appreciate you all. ❤️

last month

Asher getting some reps in with coach @frampcamp Getting @cwallamerican season 2 ready.

last month

I made Alex take this picture of me so I could say these lil cold eyepatch thingys are lit 🕺that is all. Have a great day everyone ✌️

last month

This buzz cut is cool.. but I miss my hair 🙃 grow little follicles, grow

last month

It’s all good ✌️

May 2019

Finally had enough of the beard. Had to shave. Back to the baby face 👶🏼

May 2019

Ready to get back to work. Who’s ready for season 2?!

May 2019

From the hills to the ocean. 🙌Yesterday humbled me so much. Releasing my first song (of many I hope ) was such a leap of faith. So many times I almost bailed on the whole thing. So many times I convinced myself I wouldn’t be good enough or that people would perceive me as foolish for doing something THEY think I shouldn’t be doing. But I love music. I love rap. And that’s honestly when I learned such a valuable lesson.. it never matters what THEY think. Your life is your life. And your entitled to do the things that bring you joy and fulfillment. So many people let complete strangers and this irrational fear of acceptance / failure hold them back in pursuing something they love. If you’re feeling doubtful or apprehensive, fight back. Fight for your passions. Fight for what you love, it’s worth it. Love you guys, words can’t thank you enough ❤️🤘

May 2019

Can’t believe we’re actually here. Thank you to everyone supporting me along the way. First single “Hills” available now. LINK IN BIO.

May 2019

calm before the storm

May 2019

squinty and scruffy

May 2019

Offseason training. Really putting in the work. I want to raise the bar and make a statement. I threw up last night in the gym.. And @mrbanks told me to finish the workout we started. No catch up, no excuses, we’ll be ready for season 2 ✌️

April 2019

THANK YOU. I’m so grateful for this opportunity. ALL AMERICAN RENEWED FOR SEASON 2!!

April 2019

new hair, who dis?

April 2019

Moments before my first buzz cut! I’ve always wanted to try this look and finally have the time to let it grow back before filming! (fingers crossed for Season 2 of “ALL AMERICAN” 🤞 ) Plus, ima keep it real with you guys. I was having issues with my scalp and needed time to let it breathe / heal. Pics and a video of the cut coming soon!

April 2019

HEY. happy Easter guys ✌️🐰

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