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4 hours ago

The facade cladding of Forfatterhuset Kindergarten mimes the historic surroundings of red brick buildings but instead of using traditional horizontal bricks, the facade consists of vertical brick lamellae continuing as a band from house to house, and surrounding the garden and playground. Photo: @kyrresu


Krøyers Plads is the first Nordic Eco-labelled apartment building in the world - 40 percent more energy efficient than legal requirements. Photo: @coast_studio

2 days ago

How to communicate architecture to make it comprehensible and relevant to everyone? Thanks for a great debate last Friday; Karsten Ifversen, Architecture editor at @politiken , @weisskristoffer , CEO at The Danish Architectural Press and Marc-Christoph Wagner, Editor at @louisianachannel , discussing architecture from inside and outside with COBE's founder @danstubbergaard in connection with COBE Sessions no. 3.

5 days ago

@holtermand has captured this amazing photo of @koegenordstation - greater Copenhagen’s new landmark for green mobility, and a public sustainable transportation gate.

6 days ago

The Ultra-Fast Charging Stations for electric vehicles are constructed in certified wood and surrounded by trees, grasses and shrubs with the aim of enhancing biodiversity around the station. All components of the construction can be broken down into usable and recyclable materials, while the choice of wood as a building material further emphasizes the building’s sustainable design. The green and sustainable alternative to the traditional gas stations Photo: @coast_studio

1 weeks ago

Israels Plads is designed as a folded open surface floating above ground, defining the public space. Photo: @coast_studio

2 weeks ago

The Ultra-Fast Charging Station not only minimizes the charging time for an electric vehicle, but also creates a meaningful break for the driver and passenger. Photo: @coast_studio

2 weeks ago

All apartments in @thesilocph have panoramic, floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies. The window frames are hidden on the outside of the existing concrete walls, offering expansive views of the city skyline and the Oresund coast. Photo: @coast_studio

2 weeks ago

@roskildefestivalhojskole is closely linked to the world-famous @roskildefestival , and aims to further the values of the festival through courses in music, media, leadership, politics, art, architecture, and design. The school therefore contains a variety of functions, such as workshops for the school’s artistic courses, stages, music studios, dance hall, classrooms, staff room and a lecture hall. Photo: @coast_studio

2 weeks ago

The void between new and old at Red Cross Volunteer House. Photo: @coast_studio

2 weeks ago

The Halftime Chair at our studio in Copenhagen's Nordhavn - designed in a collaboration between @haydesign and COBE.

3 weeks ago

As part of our ongoing collaboration on the Better Living project, @ikeatoday explores the rise of the urban living room in an interview with COBE's Founder @danstubbergaard ​. Open and designed for sharing, these are places where everyone is welcome – an inclusive response to the challenges of growing urbanisation. Read the interview through the link in our bio. Interested in delving into the concept, make sure to get a copy of our book, Our Urban Living Room, published by @arviniusorfeus ​. Photo: @coast_studio

3 weeks ago

How to create a better everyday life for people in growing urban communities? For the last year, COBE has developed solutions for future living, as part of the Better Living project, for @ikeatoday and @ikanobostad The project looks at how to make future living more inclusive, diverse, sustainable and affordable, exploring a whole neighborhood as a home, as well as prototypes of a new type of 1:1 apartment aimed to simplify sharing between families, compact living and furnishing solutions for shared living. Our collaboration continues with IKEA and Ikano Bostad, creating extraordinary everyday life. Photo: © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2019

3 weeks ago

All edges of Forfatterhuset Kindergarten are rounded off with a unifying band that creates internal flow and a friendly exterior. Photo: @coast_studio

3 weeks ago

Developed in collaboration with @banedanmark , @dissingweitling and @cowigroup , @koegenordstation is a landmark for green mobility in the capital region of Copenhagen, located in a unique junction where high-speed trains, local trains and freeways meet. Photo: @coast_studio

3 weeks ago

COBE's EV charging stations consist of a series of structural “trees”. They feature with canopies much like the crowns of trees that offers shade and protection while defining a green, calming atmosphere. A wild contrast to a traditional gas station where lines of vehicles and the smells of gas fumes and car exhaust are the norm. Photo: @coast_studio

3 weeks ago

In addition to the pedestrian bridge and train station, @koegenordstation generously consists of an associated park and ride facility. Photo: @coast_studio

4 weeks ago

Greater Copenhagen’s new landmark for green mobility, @koegenordstation , is open to the public: a 225 meters long pedestrian bridge and station running above highspeed train tracks and an eight-lane motorway. Photo: @coast_studio

4 weeks ago

Great Friday celebrating the inaguration of @koegenordstation with HRH The Crown Prince and @Banedanmark , and our collaborators @dissingweitling and @cowigroup Curious to know more, make sure to read @politiken 's review - link in our bio. Photo: @coast_studio

4 weeks ago

@koegenordstation is not only a sustainable traffic hub for the public transport of the entire Copenhagen region connecting high-speed trains, local trains and the Køge Bay Motorway, but also a distinctive landmark in the area and symbol of Køge and Denmark's strive towards a sustainable, green and CO2 neutral future. Photo: @coast_studio

4 weeks ago

Today, HRH The Crown Prince inaugurated Køge North Station. A 225 meter long pedestrian bridge and train station built above the busiest motorway and train tracks in Denmark, and a significant crossing for sustainable mobility. Photo: @coast_studio

4 weeks ago

@thesilocph among the wild nature of the undeveloped Nordhavn. In time, this left-over industrial area will become a neigbourhood defined by water and recreational landscapes, an infrastructure for bicycles and pedestrians, and cultural urban spaces and destinations. Photo: @coast_studio

4 weeks ago

Based on a sustainable rethink of the conventional gas station, the Ultra-Fast Charging Station for electric vehicles – inaugurated today in the Danish city of Fredericia – is designed to recharge the batteries of both the vehicles and drivers. The station is constructed in certified wood and surrounded by trees, grass and shrubs selected in corporation with the Danish Society of Nature Conservation ( @danmarksnatur ) with the aim of enhancing biodiversity around the station. All building components can be disassembled and reused. Photo: @coast_studio

last month

Karen Blixens Plads at @university_of_copenhagen is getting closer to completition day by day. Photo: @coast_studio

last month

@roskildefestivalhøjskole is housed in a former concrete factory, reusing the original structure’s columns and roof but replacing the walls and interior. Designed as a ‘box-in-a-box’, colorful modules now fill the building’s warehouse shell. Photo: @coast_studio

last month

@mr_babdellahn captured a beautiful photo of Israels Plads as a three-dimensional urban space.

last month

Vertical strips of brick baguettes wrap around the buildings and playgrounds that make up Forfatterhuset Kindergarten, matching the tones of the surrounding brick buildings. Photo: @adammork

last month

Red Cross Volunteer House serves as an extension of the red cross national hq in Copenhagen - designed as a celebration of the work and commitment of @rodekorsdk The building creates a new meeting place for the 34,000 red cross volunteers in Denmark, and further introduces a new public space on its roof top in celebration of the city of Copenhagen and its citizens. Photo: @coast_studio

last month

@tingbjerg bibliotek_kulturhus is an extension to the neighboring school, and has been conceived as a vehicle for social interaction, culture, and urban transformation — bringing the neighborhood’s diverse community together. Photo: @coast_studio

last month

Israels Plads is a vibrant and active urban space, where children from three neigbouring schools play during their school breaks. Photo: @pavelnasadil_sketchbook

last month

The Library, @biblioteketrentemestervej , in Copenhagen's north western area is a place that celebrates diversity - a space for studying, reading, playing and hanging out. Photo: @coast_studio

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