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Medical Student🏥 Future Surgeon

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October 2018

I want some wine, you and the consequences 🎼🍷

October 2018

I cherish every moment with you. Every day we see each other, every meal we share, every kiss, every second we have eye contact. I‘m grateful for it, I‘m feeling lucky for it, blessed that I have this. You. That I can call this my life. Because I know that one day it will be over, this life. And I know I won’t have to regret anything. I know that I will have gotten the most of you, of life. I know that I can tell the stories of my memories and that someone can laugh with me, because someone was there. You. And me. For as long as I am. we are.💍❤️

October 2018

Vulnerable, insecure, raw, honest, naked. You appreciate my naked soul just like my naked body, so much so that you want to make love to it. Explore every corner of it and make memories with every part of me. Make me yours. Take my vulnerability, my insecurities, take me raw and honest, make me naked, and make me yours 🕊.

April 2018

Glow of a greek god🍃👑

March 2018

If the whole world was watching, i’d still dance with you🌷

March 2018

Fancy kid💫

April 2018

So wake me up when it’s all over.. When i’m wiser and i’m older..

March 2018

I am your OG and i shall be respected as such😤

March 2018

You gotta come for everything they said you couldn't have🍃