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#BeautyMarks Album Out Now! Entertainer and Beauty Marks Entertainment CEO

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4 days ago

Goal!!! 🤟🏽🙌🏽⚽️ @SoundersFC #SoundersIsFamily

4 days ago

Baby Girl, You will be able to do anything you put your mind to if you simply believe! Never walk in a room thinking of what you can’t do because of your gender! If you think it, it’s possible. If you dream it, it’s possible. If you believe it, it’s possible. It’s that simple. There’s only a small handful of female owners of any Major League Sports team, and I’m proud to be one of them! You are next Baby Girl! I have no doubt that by the time you’re my age, there will be many more! Go Si Si mama! ...And to every girl in this world, you can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be! It truly possible if you believe. #WhyNotYou #GirlGang

6 days ago

I had such an incredible time with @AriannaHuff speaking to all the girls and women in the room about a lot of the things we experience! Never feel the need to fit in! Be uniquely you! Embrace who you are. Let’s continue to lift each other up! Love CC

6 days ago

High School Pic Vibes ☺️. Proud of New Mommy @Kehlani and @TheeStallion for all the amazingness they’re putting out in the universe! Go Girls #FunTimes ❤️

1 weeks ago

Half Time Special! It’s A Party 🔥 Let’s #Dance @Nickelodeon Thanks for having me!

2 weeks ago

Another 1 of life’s bucket list checked ✔️ I got slimed! Thanks @Nickelodeon ! Gotta get my boys back. They enjoyed that a little too much 🤣 #KidsChoiceSports

2 weeks ago

Hit dat pose baby boy 😎

2 weeks ago

Smile my little sunshine SiSi. 💕

2 weeks ago

Best Friends Forever ❤️

2 weeks ago

I am so proud to share that I am the Creative Director of the Nike and Jordan Kids fall apparel collections exclusively at @FinishLine @finishlinewomen ! Mommy’s and Daddy’s line up! Get your babies fresh! 💃🏽

2 weeks ago

Monday Vibes. Off to work in my @ThomBrowneny 💃🏽 #Monday

2 weeks ago

I’m Soooo Excited For THIS!! Yah! Can’t wait for you all to meet these 30 incredibly talented families! 🎤 ⭐️ @AmericasMostMusicalFamily ! coming soon to @Nickelodeon ! #AMMF #Family

3 weeks ago

Go Baby Go ✌🏽🏈 #GoHawks

3 weeks ago

@Oprah is a whole Summer Mood singing my song #ThinkinBoutYou on set. So good! @OprahMagazine #BeautyMarks

3 weeks ago

Glam Squad Lit! 🤣 Back at it 💃🏽 Simon Says. @TheeStallion

3 weeks ago

Woke up this morning with this foot in my face: ) My son sleeps like a wild child. Mamas do you feel me? 🤣 Happy #Sunday

4 weeks ago

Thanks for the best time @UniStudios ! You brought out the big kid in me 💃🏽 #UniversalStudiosHollywood

4 weeks ago

I am so excited and proud to be an Executive Producer and Judge on @Nickelodeon newest Music Family Competition show - America’s Most Musical Family! This show is the first of its kind! Only families compete! It’s incredible to see all families get on the stage and sing their hearts out! Can’t wait for you all to see it, coming this fall! #AMMF

4 weeks ago

On My Way To Set.. This Is My Mood 👌🏽 #Dance #Set

4 weeks ago

Sleek Zaddy 😍. #MCM

4 weeks ago

Ain’t letting no hair strand get in my way 🤣. #GoodVibes Only 💚

5 weeks ago

Girls ❤️. #GirlGang #Girls

last month

It’s truly an Honor to Host The Sports Humanitarian Awards! Airing tonight at 7pm EST on @ESPN ! Tune In! #Impact #JimmyV #WhyNotYou

last month

Baby 🦈🤣. #MommyShark #GoodTimes

last month

Wait for it 🤣❤️. Si Si Mama. #OurBabiesLoveToDance #BurberrySiSi #Dance

last month

It’s Monday!... and we lost our first tooth! Feeling real good 😌❤️💃🏽 #Monday #Dance P.s. He dressed himself too. It’s a vibe: ) ❤️

last month

Beaching It. 🏖 #Family #Sunday 📷 @pilangman

last month

Late Night Sessions With the Legend @warren_diane Working on something REALLY SPECIAL 💃🏽🎤 #Music #GoodTimes

last month

Booty Poppin Glam Sessions. How we always do 🤣 #Friday

last month

You betta sang boy! @Deandre408 #TheNextVocalGiant We are fired up you are with US!

last month

Meet Deandre! The World’s Next Vocal Giant. We are excited to announce we have officially signed this amazing star to our Management Company ( @West2EastEmpire ) & Record Label ( @BeautyMarksEntertainment ). Welcome to the family @Deandre408 🎤 💃🏽

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