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@nick_russelll in one of the many Sierra gems. @patagonia_snow #rangeoflight #sierra_hallway

2 weeks ago

The ice from the Greenland Ice Cap pre dates the Romans, maybe it was these icebergs that inspired Roman architecture. These icebergs certainly inspired @realwillgadd and myself as this arch beautiful framed Will as he climbed this giant beauty last summer on Disko Bay. @redbulladventure @redbullillume #rbi19submission

2 weeks ago

The granite barrels have been all time this year in the Sierra, @nick_russelll enjoying several thousand feet of tube riding! #sierra_hallway @patagonia_snow @redbullillume #rbi19submission

2 weeks ago

Greenland, icebergs, @realwillgadd amazing times! @redbullillume #rbi19submission

4 weeks ago

@realwillgadd disco dancing on Disko Bay! @redbulladventure @redbullillume #rbi19submission

4 weeks ago

Happy Earth Day!

5 weeks ago

So saddened about the news this week. The mountain community lost some truly amazing people! My heart goes out to their families and loved ones. I was fortunate to spend some time with @davidlama_official this winter, so incredibly humble and genuine! It’s not his ninja, mountain goat skills that resonate with me, it was his kind heart that impacted me the most.

last month

Incredible honored to see this image of @lonniekkauk on the cover of @climbingmagazine taken in Yosemite Valley. I have had a subscription to Climbing Magazine since the early 90’s, it’s incredibly humbling to see your photo showcased like this amongst all the amazing images and photographers that have been such an inspiration to my climbing and photography!

last month

#beneaththeice @realwillgadd descends into the Greenland Ice Sheet as he and @jason_gulley_science explore the inner depths of Greenland’s glacier researching glacial run off and its effects to rising sea levels and global warming. @redbulladventure @redbullillume #rbi19submission

last month

It’s not ever day you get to work with one of the greatest skiers ever, thanks @mikaelashiffrin for being so wonderful to work with! @oakleyskiing @steptstudios

last month

Icebergs and ice climbing, when the beauty of sport and Mother Nature converge with @realwillgadd @redbulladventure @redbullillume #rbi19submission

last month

The daily commute ascending from the inner depths of a moulin on the Greenland Ice Sheet. A look down the shaft shows @realwillgadd @jason_gulley_science and @scott simper getting ready to escape the hole soon after. @redbulladventure @redbullcanada @redbullillume #rbi19submission

last month

Greenland was a wild adventure with @realwillgadd and one of the most beautiful and stunning landscapes I have ever witnessed. Seeing the glaciers meet the ocean as the icebergs drift away then camping on the ice cap and descending into the glacier. This image of Will climbing out from the depths of a moulin was a highlight and cumulation of the entire adventure. We had climbed on icebergs, froze our asses off in sub-zero temps, navigated safely inside a volatile glacier and now ice climbing in one of the wildest places on the planet. @redbulladventure @redbullillume #rbi19submission

March 2019

@realwillgadd emerging from the inner depths of the Greenland Ice Cap. Please check out the link in my profile to see more details about this amazing project. @redbull @redbulladventure @redbullillume #rbi19submission

March 2019

@realwillgadd descending into the deep blue! Excited to share this Greenland project with Will Gadd and @jason_gulley_science as we spent time on the Greenland Ice Cap exploring a moulin which is a deep ice cavity in the glacier. Please click on the link in my profile for a behind the scenes video, story and more photos from this amazing trip! @redbull @redbulladventure @redbullillume #rbi19submission

March 2019

@mammothmountain has received so much snow this year the mountain has transformed into one big surf sliding wave and the sets were definitely double over head for @bernierosow today! @blackcrows_skis

March 2019

One of my most memorable photos! @jimwmorrison @steepskiing @myshellparker @redbullillume #rbi19submission

February 2019

@natgeo just hit a 100 million followers! To celebrate they are having a photo contest with your most Nat Geo inspired image, this photo of @realwillgadd ice climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro is my @natgeo inspired pic. The surrealness of ice climbing on sand and on top of Africa has always been so intriguing to me. #natgeo100contest

February 2019

@davidlama_official taking in the view from his back yard in the Tirolean Alps, high above the beautiful town of Innsbruck. @thenorthface

February 2019

Good old airtime! @bernierosow @blackcrows_skis

January 2019

Chasing rays... @bernierosow @blackcrows_skis

January 2019

@realwillgadd navigating through a sea of icicles. @blackdiamond

January 2019

One that got away... found this photo in the archives shot a few years ago, never color corrected it or sent it to anyone. Here it is now for the first time to have eyes on this image besides my own. A moment in time captured, forgotten about, and now relived again. @bernierosow skiing a @mammothmountain classic!

January 2019

Winter is back and so is pow skiing! ⛷ @bernierosow @mammothmountain @blackcrows_skis

December 2018

Greetings from the North Pole.

December 2018

Has anybody seen Woolly skiing @mammothmountain ? I was lucky enough to shred a few laps with him the other day, be careful not to follow too close to him, Woolly rips!

December 2018

Some work commutes are better than others. #canada #helmckenfalls

December 2018

Not all window seats are the same... #christianpondella

December 2018

@chrisbenchetler flying the friendly skies. @atomicski #christianpondella #bentchetler #powder

December 2018

Winter is here and last nights Night of Lights @mammothmountain was amazing. Such a fun evening and kind of our official start to the ski season and holiday season here in Mammoth.

December 2018

It was a fun week @mammothmountain skiing in the clouds, above the clouds and shooting pics of Powder Dan Molnar as he takes a ski break from @firstchairfoods Mammoth only grab and go food truck parked at @footloosesports parking lot, grab a breakfast burrito on your way to the hill or a yummy sandwich when you finish skiing!

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