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20 hours ago

This is my impression of those girls😂💁🏻‍♀️ (Tag 3 friends! ) #kwalitypodcast @kwalitypodcast

4 weeks ago

When you’re the only single person out of your friend group😒😂 (Tag 3 friends ) @amandacerny @johannesbartl @germangarmendia @lenaychantelle @kentanderson @samanthacerny @visitjamaica

last month

Soccer Moms💁🏻‍♀️⚽️ (Tag 3 friends! )

May 2019

When you fart yourself awake😂💨 (Tag 3 friends! )

May 2019

When an Instagram Model is wanted😳😂😍 (Tag 3 friends! )

April 2019

When your Mom makes you come all the way downstairs💁🏻‍♀️😂😭 (Tag 3 friends! )

April 2019

Me after one cup of coffee☕️😂 (Tag 3 friends! )

March 2019

STREAM MY NEW SINGLE LINK IN BIO🎵 ————————— This year I promised myself that I would have more substance in the things I create. Not create more just to create but have a real purpose and message behind what I create. Social media has become such a cesspool of people trying to create content for the popularity & money and have lost all connection between art and people. I want to help bring back the connection between art and people. I feel like it is very quickly being lost. Everything I create is about connection. I want people to be able to feel, see, and hear themselves in my creations, to where they can feel like they are their own creations. That’s what I miss about film and music. When I could genuinely feel what is being said or the story that is being told. Now so much of the content out there is about the disconnect. The content we listen to and see is bringing us further away from our truth. This year I’m setting standards. Not for the industry, not for social media, but for Artists. Thank you all for the unconditional Love and Support you’ve shown me❤️ I love each and every one of you & I can’t wait to show you more music!!! Thank you to the people that believed in my vision and helped in the making of this track!🙏🏻 We have such an amazing team and I can’t wait to spend more countless hours creating with you all! Love you guys❤️ @russellali12 @sanjoyd @itsrachelwest @julian_delgrosso8 @hollow @mckenna_jones1

February 2019

HOW?????😂😂 (tag 3 friends! ) w/ @amandacerny @johannesbartl @samanthacerny @julian_delgrosso8

December 2018

When she’s the man😂😭💪🏻 w/ @kristenmcgowan (tag 3 friends! )

November 2018

When your Ex is your Doctor😬😂 w/ @amandacerny (tag 3 friends! )

November 2018

That was awkward...😳😂 (tag 3 friends! ) w/ @amandacerny @kingbach @loulou_gonzalez @therobinb

October 2018

HOW????😂😂 (tag 3 friends! ) w/ @kristenmcgowan

October 2018

We just got a clap on and off light... It’s not going so well😒😂 (tag 3 friends! ) w/ @kristenmcgowan @taylorcutfilms 🎥: @davidsonn

October 2018

Girls on Halloween🎃🙋🏻‍♀️ (tag 3 friends! )

October 2018

Mood😂😭 (tag 3 friends! )

September 2018

I take my #FIFA19 wins seriously😂 (tag 3 friends ) #ChampionsRise #EAambassador @EASportsFIFA

September 2018

“IM HUNGRY” Guys VS Girls😂 (tag 3 friends )

September 2018

Mom Goals💁🏻‍♀️😂 (tag 3 friends! )

August 2018

my queen & my best friend

August 2018

WAXING MY LEGS WITH DUCT TAPE BECAUSE OF THE HATERS!😭 (tag 3 friends ) @kristenmcgowan @jadeegonzalezz @jailen_trust (full video link in bio )

August 2018

Every guy in a serious relationship😂😈 (tag 3 friends! ) #comedy

August 2018

We will go everywhere together❤️ @kristenmcgowan 📷: @calebnphillips

July 2018


July 2018

Every time this song comes on now smh😂😕 (tag 3 friends ) #kiki #drake #comeonkiki

July 2018

It is important in your life to find what environments you flourish in mentally. It’s different for everyone but for me these last few years it has been nature. All the answers to all the questions I’ve ever had reside here in nature and as an actor it is important to allow my mind to get to the places where I’m most connected. Any character you’ve ever seen me play has been a product of myself alone with my thoughts creating and understanding that reality. You’re going to see me dive into much deeper, dramatic roles in the very near future! God bless & hope you guys have an amazing day!

July 2018

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life☀️ @kristenmcgowan

July 2018

Greece you have a special place in my heart💙🇬🇷

June 2018

Cannonball??🤨😂 (tag 3 friends! ) w/ @amandacerny @johannesbartl @kristenmcgowan @divineproperty @arbillionaireconcierge

June 2018


June 2018

Loving Greece with you❤️ @kristenmcgowan

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