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January 2019

It’s the last day of another crazy big year filled with challenges and hardship, triumphs and adventures. I’m thankful to have spent it with all my friends and family here and around the world. This year was filled with more travel than ever before and tons of good eats. We survived another year. Happy end of 2018, and Cheers to more growth, happiness, and health to everyone in 2019! 🥳🎉😊🎆 #happynewyear

August 2018

From Milk 😋 Mango and Strawberry Snow Milk! Made with real fruit, organic milk, and topped with housemade gelato. The shaved milk ice is super soft and delicious. 👌🏼 Definitely want to go back and try everything else 🤤 #snowmilk

May 2018

Not your average cup of tea. ☕️ Teh Tarik is also known as “pulled tea.” Literally. The tea gets poured back and forth between two cups with a great distance. The greater the distance, the smoother and creamier the tea. I got this cup in China, but it is considered the national beverage of Malaysia. Tea dust (tea leaves broken into a powder ) is used to quickly brew in a cotton tea strainer, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk are added in this version (either of the thickened milks on display in front can be used ), before pulling for a nice froth. Definitely cool to watch for a fancier bubble tea experience. 😬 Check out the #tehtarik and #pulledtea tags to see more videos of the tea pulling!

February 2018

The wait was crazy but we made it! The Oregon road trip can happen later ‘cause we got @saltandstraw in town now! Grand Opening tomorrow in Ballard with tons of amazing flavors and another location coming to Capitol Hill soon 🙌🏼 it’s always time for ice cream 😘🍨 it won’t melt as fast when it’s cold out! Check out the Almond Gold Bar made with local @franschocolates 🍫 and the perfect salted caramel vanilla 👌🏼 We all scream for ice cream! #saltandstraw

January 2018

2017 - What a wonderful year filled with so many changes, challenges, and learning experiences. Here’s to 2018 being a year for new adventures, amazing food, and fun for all! 🎊🥂🎉☺️ #bye2017 #bestnine2017 #NYE #HappyNewYear !

April 2018

A special cake for a special person. We started out a call with her looking for a recipe for her favorite strawberry cake she’s talked of often. ‘It has to have strawberry purée in it, not just strawberries on it!’ So, we found one and both decided to make it. ☺️ A strawberry cake with real strawberry purée in the cake batter and frosting. Sweet and definitely strawberry, no artificial strawberry necessary. I changed the frosting to a French buttercream though, and it’s the best thing ever. Rich and creamy from the whipped egg yolks, almost cream cheese frosting like without any cream cheese, a bit of lemon, strawberry, and absolutely delicious. A stunner ✨🍓 #strawberrycake #sweetdreambakes

April 2018

This week of cold and rain calls for some warm tea. And tea in cake, and tea infused jelly. Did you know I like tea? Earl Grey tea financiers with Black Currant Breeze tea and Huckleberry tea infused jelly - all good on their own, but all better together. I love the sweet, elegant flavor melt that comes with taking a bite of cake and sipping tea. Absolutely amazing with the orange scented earl grey financier (in the cutest little button muffin shape that can be packaged for later! ) and the sweet summery tea. The huckleberry tea jelly was a score from the #NWTeaFestival earlier and a perfect compliment to both. Tea and cakes! I’d love to do a tea dessert pairing bar and throw tea parties all the time someday. Stay warm in the rain! ☕️🍰🍵 #tea #sweetdreambakes

April 2018

My last little bit of summer. Macaron tower! Lemon, coffee, strawberry, matcha, vanilla. Why make colors if not to stack them? (Jk ) however, do tell me: do you prefer pastel or bold macarons? I like all things pastel, but boldly colored macarons are bright and pop out more. How do you like your macs? #macarons #sweetdreambakes

April 2018

I think I make for a pretty cool older sister 😎 Happy 15th to my lil bro! Topped and stuffed with tons of Oreos and overflowing with chocolate 🍫 for cookies 'n cream lovers. Good stuff. #cookiesandcream #birthdaycake #sweetdreambakes

July 2017

I made a professional Instagram with short and sweet captions and less distraction. Please follow 😊 @bakes_by_cindyy I've been working for two weeks and it's been an amazing experience catering to clients' needs. I am finally one that can say "I love my job!" I'll be posting most of what I make there so check it out! I'll still keep posting my stuff from home on this account even though I'm mixing and baking at work every day.

June 2017

Happy Summer! My favorite season, hands down. The late nights, sunny outdoor walks, beach days, s'mores, and fresh fruit 🍓. Raspberries, strawberries, and cherries 🍒 galore, nature's ruby gems, atop a lemon cream cake🍋. Simple and sweet with a refreshing zing, just like summer ☀️ #summer #lemoncake #freshberries

December 2018

What's life without some chocolate chip cookies?! Made with browned butter, hand chopped chocolate, and sprinkled with fleur de sel nonetheless. The cookie dough of this is so good. Oh, I want some more. Happy #nationalchocolatechipcookieday to this absolutely amazing, scrumptious, lovely cookie. Gotta have my CCC. #chocolatechipcookies #sweetdreambakes

May 2017

Currently in China! The weather is hot and humid with a touch of thunderstorms and flooding each day, but I'm still have a great time exploring and being with family. This restaurant had the best set up 😍 A tea set at every table and dim sum to order. I love concepts like this. Can't wait to find more hidden treasures in the next month. #china #travel #dimsum #tea

May 2017

A chirashi bowl to soothe the soul. Musashi's 😍 Their signature Chirashi bowl with generous cuts of sashimi laid over deliciously seasoned rice. The sashimi includes salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, and eel, but I replaced one of the tunas with more salmon. You can still see that sashimi gleam even in the night. Definitely recommended if you're out for some thick slabs of sashimi. 🍣 #Musashis #chirashi #sashimi #salmon

December 2018

The last of my Bocuse plates, a Creme Brulee as a dessert special. Creme brulee with caramel bubble sugar and whipped cream, date cake and date sauce, and palmier cookies. A classic and undeniably French. What a wonderful experience preparing and plating desserts as class work. Can't wait until I get to do this kind of work again! #cremebrulee #palmier #thebocuserestaurant #sweetdreambakes

December 2018

A little rum to put a spark in your day. The Baba au Rhum: a Baba cake soaked in rum and a special syrup sitting in sweet taro tapioca soup, served with a black sesame dumpling, white coffee ice cream, and a little bit of rum foam. It always gets me how beautiful and shiny that ice cream looks. #babaaurhum #thebocuserestaurant #sweetdreambakes

December 2018

Le Vacherin! Graduated but I still have some pictures from school to post! A grapefruit sorbet and buckwheat honey semifreddo sitting atop a crackling meringue filled with kumquat confit and hibiscus sauce, topped with sponge candy, kumquats, and micro celery. A crisp and sweet treat for the spring. #vacherin #thebocuserestaurant #grapefruit #sweetdreambakes

April 2017

Cheers to a wonderful last class and service of our associate's degree! Bocuse Pastry team ☺️ See you all at graduation tomorrow! 🍾🥂🎉 #thebocuserestaurant #pastry #lastclass #almostgraduated

April 2017

The newest dessert at the Bocuse restaurant made in time for Spring. The Charlotte Aux Poires. A goat cheese cake wrapped in Baumkuchen cake sitting atop a sable cookie base, topped with poached pears, pear sorbet, a dehydrated carrot stick, and carrot foam, with candied pecans, carrot halva, and maple pecan sauce. Half way through the block today with the most covers ever - 115. Wish me luck on plating desserts for everyone! #thebocuserestaurant @bocuserestaurant #newestdessert #springmenu #charlotteauxpoires #pearcharlotte

December 2018

Three Mondays left of my school life. The plated dessert my partner and I created for our last class, the Rose Lychee Pistachio Tart. Inspired by @pierrehermeofficial Isaphan macaron, we took the flavor components and put it on a plate! A pistachio tart filled with lychee curd, and rose white chocolate chantilly, accompanied by lychee Rosa Regale sorbet, fresh raspberries filled with jam, raspberry chocolate sauce, meringue sticks, and toasted pistachios. Sweet elegance for the spring. #pistachiotart #isaphan #roselychee #raspberry #sweetdreambakes

March 2017

Less than 3 weeks until graduation! Can't believe time has gone by so fast. Currently working at the school's French restaurant The Bocuse plating up desserts to order. These next 20 days are gonna be crazy. #cia #proud2bcia #almostgraduated #bakingandpastry

December 2018

Citrus, Olive Oil, Basil. Interesting sounding, but the flavors meld very well on a plate. Chef's special olive oil cake, phyllo triangles, Basil meringue, citrus coulis, fresh citrus segments, yogurt cremeux, almond streusel, and a citrus champagne sorbet. Basil meringue and olive oil cake taste a lot better than you'd think 👌🏼 Happy Spring! #sweetdreambakes

December 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day. 🍀 A little green to celebrate with the Pistachio Brulee Tart as a plated dessert. A sweet dough crust filled with a pistachio creme that is brulee'd to order, fresh pistachio paste, and topped with white chocolate chantilly, pistachio dragees, roasted pineapple, aerated lemon curd, and lemon chips. Got any green on you? 💚 #stpattysday #green #pistachio #sweetdreambakes

December 2018

Plating in progress! My first time doing plated desserts and it's so much fun to see so many components come together beautifully on a plate. This is a Citrus Baklava plated dessert with pistachio microcake, vanilla frozen yogurt, supremed oranges, blood orange confit sauce, yogurt cremeux, tangerine gelee and drageed pistachios. Plate up! #citrusbaklava #plateddessert #timelapse #plating #sweetdreambakes

March 2017

One of my favorite places I've visited so far. This may or may not have been the main reason we went to NYC. A wonderful Japanese style patisserie that serves plated desserts you can watch come together right in front of you. I got a Mont Blanc plate off the dessert course prix-fixe menu along with cute little petit fours. The yuzu sorbet with matcha meringue and chestnut cream was phenomenal. Japanese is definitely my favorite style of desserts, simple traditional beauty with the flare of French pastry mixed in. The shop itself is beautiful inside and out, a fabulous place to go for your dessert fix with a cup of tea or some wine. Definitely an inspiration for my shop one day. #patisserietomoko #dessertcourse #petitfours #montblanc #brooklyn

March 2017

Don't have a dessert from myself this week after service class, but I'll have plenty to share throughout the next few weeks! A throwback to one of my City adventures. Cha Cha Matcha. Heard the name, had to go. Cute little pink shop that makes matcha like others make coffee 🍵 Coconut matcha latte 👌🏼 this was from a while ago and I have more. Should I do another NYC food adventure posting spree? 🤔 We'll see. #matcha #pink #chachamatcha #nyc #nycfoodadventure

December 2018

Last week of putting together this display and opening up shop at the @applepiebakery 🍎 The viennoiserie side of the cafe - croissants, Danishes, cookies, donuts and more! #bakerycafe #viennoiserie #opening #FOH #sweetdreambakes

December 2018

A closer look at the rose since the other picture didn't do it justice. Made under the guidance of Betty Van Norstrand. Definitely the biggest and best gumpaste rose I've ever made. The only thing I'd do differently is add a little luster ✨sparkly flowers are pretty ☺ Spring is fast approaching on the east coast and I can't wait for the sunny days! Check out my Facebook for more detailed and close up pictures of my other flowers too. #sugarart #gumpasterose #rose #sweetdreambakes

December 2018

For two days, I had the honor of learning from Betty Van Norstrand, master sugar artist. She is one of the sweetest and most intelligent people I have ever met. She knows gumpaste, other sugar mediums, and flowers like the back of her hand with multiple gold medals from the Culinary Olympics under her belt. I learned a lot about different gumpaste flowers working with her. She said we were her best class in a long time and loved the flowers we made. In this are a rose, two different orchids, a poppy flower, pansy, carnation, and fuschia. I also have a peony that isn't in the picture. It's such an honor and I'm so happy to have worked with her. #gumpaste #sugarflowers #sweetdreambakes

February 2017

Happy Birthday best friend!! You're the big 2-1! Another one year minus 15 days until we're the same age again. Thanks for sticking with me through school and life. Almost 400 day streak on snap 😘 I don't know what I'd do without you. Have a happy birthday, I'll bother you lots when I get home💕 love you! 🎉🎂🥂🍣👯 #hbd #bestie

December 2018

After 3 weeks working BOH at the @applepiebakery I am now in the front of house in the cafe. I finally get to serve guests and see what goes on between people visiting the bakery. These are Hummingbird Tarts I helped make, an innovation based on the hummingbird cake, created and deco'd by the wonderful Sous chef Elise, and I finally get to see them finished and go out to the guests. #hummingbird #foh #service #sweetdreambakes

February 2017

Just finished what has been my favorite class at the CIA. I'm going to miss production with the Pastry team back of house at the @applepiebakery 😔 These last three weeks have been lots of hard work, long hours, moving fast, frustration, but also fun and will always be a great memory for me. Thank you all for such a great time! 9 weeks til graduation! 😊 #applepiebakerycafe #pastry #BOH #apbc #bakery #cheflife #pastrychef #proud2bcia

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