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2 hours ago

Peace, love and domes in Uruguay with @vallededomos ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #superadobeuruguay #superadobe

3 days ago

This Friday dome home is everything. When can we move in @indigenousregeneration ? #domehome #superadobe

4 days ago

"Love, the life-giving garden of this world." Rumi #rumi #watervault #calearth #calearthinstitute

5 days ago

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, CalEarth was invited on a research trip to design a temporary housing alternative for those who lost their homes. After speaking with many families, we designed “Haiti One.” This structure includes a 10-foot main dome with 3 small apses, one for a sleeping nook, one for a cooking surface, and one for storage. It also includes a rocket stove, a recycled door made from pallets, and small window openings using PVC pipes. Two separate groups returned to Haiti and built multiple domes. Please donate to help us reach our goal of funding ICC testing and permitting so more people can build sustainable housing: #futureofsuperadobe #calearth #calearthinstitute

6 days ago

Join us for CalEarth Volunteer Day on September 29 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.! As a non-profit, we count on the contributions of the community to fulfill our mission. By volunteering your time, you support our mission of providing sustainable housing solutions for people around the world. Sign up HERE: #futureofsuperadobe #volunteercalearth #calearth

1 weeks ago

From Oman to Venezuela, Australia to Sierra Leone, SuperAdobe traverses the globe as a building technique that stands strong in a variety of climates. We are currently raising money to fund ICC testing and permitting so more people can build safe, affordable housing. Every donation, big and small takes us a step closer to reaching our goal: #futureofsuperadobe #calearth #calearthinstitute

2 weeks ago

In 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, destroying roads and homes, and knocking out power for residents throughout the island. CalEarth alum, Owen Ingley and his nonprofit, Plenitud PR completed the construction of 3 structures in Puerto Rico that successfully survived the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria. Please donate to help us reach our goal of funding ICC testing and permitting so more people can build housing that withstands hurricanes: #superadobesurvives #futureofsuperadobe #hurricaneproof

2 weeks ago

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Rumi #rumi #calearth #haitione

2 weeks ago

Pull up a chair and take a seat with this magnificent SuperAdobe at casadomos.nicaragua. #superadobenicaragua #superadobe

2 weeks ago

Last year, 25,790 structures burned because of wildfires. Help us reach our fundraising goal to fund ICC testing and permitting so more people can build fireproof SuperAdobe housing. #superadobesurvives #futureofsuperadobe #fireproof

3 weeks ago

Sign-up for our 4-Day Core Curriculum workshop September 12-15, 2019! Learn SuperAdobe basics, principles of the arch, water management and more! #calearth #calearthinstitute #learntobuild

3 weeks ago

“Every tree, every growing thing as it grows, says this truth, you harvest what you sow.” Rumi #rumi #calearth #watervillage

3 weeks ago

Check us out this Saturday, September 7 during our Open House starting at 10am! Tour our campus and enjoy a lecture by Dastan & Sheefteh Khalili and potluck lunch. More info here: #calearth #calearthinstitute #openhouse

3 weeks ago

Taking time mid-week to reflect, relax and rejuvenate with @villaduendesakumal in Mexico. #organicdome #superadobemexico

3 weeks ago

After 25 years of research and development, Superadobe is ready to go mainstream. This is an important moment and we need your help!  We are thrilled but there is still some work to be done, and approximately $65,000 left to fundraise for ICC testing and SuperAdobe Permitting, and Phase 2 of our civil improvements. Visit our website to  make a donation to help us complete this important effort. Thank you for your support! In Gratitude, Sheefteh & Dastan Khalili

3 weeks ago

A true work of art! SuperAdobe love at Urku Wasi in Ecuador. #superadobe #superadobeecuador

4 weeks ago

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” Rumi #rumi #ecodome #calearth

4 weeks ago

Behold the “Healing Dome!” Livin’ the dome life with @oneearthbuilder #calearthspain #domelife #superadobespain

4 weeks ago

Join our Apprenticeship Program! This immersion opportunity includes in-depth building, teaching and research experience. Many apprentices go on to teach sustainable/green building or lead private projects worldwide. Our fall program starts September 12! Sign up TODAY:

4 weeks ago

What SuperAdobe dreams are made of - @casadomosnicaragua #superadobenicaragua #domelife

last month

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” Rumi #rumi #calearth #calearthinstitute #marsone

last month

Our founder, Nader Khalili designed this original structure in 1986 in New Cuyama, CA. It was restored by @BlueSkyCenter and is now called the "Khalili Cantina," a kitchen and lounge for visitors. Loving this shot by @lizlanesplitter ! #superadobe #naderkhalili #superadobecuyamavalley

last month

Take a peek at our September workshop lineup! Interested in building your dome life? Attending a workshop at CalEarth is a great way to learn how to build using the SuperAdobe method, experience our campus + meet like-minded friends interested in sustainability. Learn more here:

last month

Coffee anyone? The perfect seat with @sushikoots in Nicaragua. Those windows, that view, the small plant shelf - interior beauty. #superadobe #superadobenicaragua

last month

“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon; how much it can fill your room depends on its windows.” Rumi #calearth #rumidome #rumi

last month

Building in Nicaragua with @sushikoots ! SuperAdobe domes can take all shapes and sizes. How will you build your dome? #superadobe #superadobenicaragua #sustainablelife

last month

Join us for our 4-Day Core Curriculum Workshop on September 12-15, 2019 at CalEarth! Learn SuperAdobe basics, dome geometry, elements of design, water management and so much more! Make sure to check out our 2020 calendar too! Sign up and learn more:

last month

Wish on a star with @vallededomos Pure magic in Minas, Uruguay. #superadobe #superadobeuruguay #starrynight

last month

"Take someone who doesn’t keep score, who’s not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing, who has not the slightest interest even in his own personality; he’s free." Rumi #rumi #calearth #watervillage

last month

"Reason is powerless in the expression of love." Rumi #rumi #calearth #calearthinstitute #watervillage

last month

“I can think of few experiences as rewarding as the 4-day workshop I’ve just completed at CalEarth. The inspiration of the buildings, the knowledge of the instructors and the like-minds of the students were all beyond my expectations.” -Workshop Participant⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Join us for our 4-Day Core Curriculum Workshop, September 12-15, 2019! Learn SuperAdobe basics, water management, elements of design and much more. Sign up TODAY: #calearth #calearthinstitute #buildadome

last month

Nicaragua dreaming! A peek inside @casadomosnicaragua #superadobe #domelife

July 2019

"Why should I be unhappy? Every parcel of my being is in full bloom.” Rumi #superadobe #rumi #rumidome

July 2019

Hello friends! Take a look at our exciting lineup of fall workshops. Register early to receive a DISCOUNT:! Learn to build the dome of your dreams, experience the wonder of our campus and meet new friends. #superadobe #comebuildwithus #calearth #domelife

July 2019

Even domes enjoy a painted sky! Cannot take our eyes off the beauty of @fincaremedio #superadobe

July 2019

We're all about these interiors...bringing the light inside with @dome_lombok #superadobe #indonesia #domelife

July 2019

“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.” Rumi

July 2019

It's all about the details...and the chickens. In love with this door from @fincaremedio ! #superadobe #utuado

July 2019

Hello friends! Don't forget to schedule a CalEarth tour or field trip! Our hands-on approach engages children of all ages in learning through interactive exercises and storytelling for a truly fun and educational experience. Learn more here: #learnthroughplay #calearth #calearthinstitute #superadobe

July 2019

"Sing to me in the silence of your heart and I will rise up to hear your triumphant song." Rumi #rumi

July 2019

You deserve to take a break! Cool down with @casadomosnicaragua Ahhhhhhhh. #superadobe #domeretreat

July 2019

There's still time to sign up for our 1-Day Workshop - SuperAdobe Basics on July 13! Tour our campus, learn about SuperAdobe structures, soils for building and more! Sign up here:

July 2019

3 more spots available!! Please join us for the Northern California SuperAdobe Workshop, July 12-14, 2019 instructed by CalEarth alumni, Sonny Morrow! This 3-day workshop covers the structural fundamentals of SuperAdobe and students will walk away with confidence in building fireproof structures. Visit to learn more! #calearth #calearthinstitute #buildadome

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