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Flu-Mara/ Yoo-Kyung photos and videos

September 2018

Here’s the quick painting i promised to post. I did it yesterday and it took about 3 hours. I used gouache since I’m not really good at watercolour or anything with paint brushes, so i wanted to try it out for this one to practice. I saw this image online somewhere but i can’t remember where so yeah... brain is good. The sketch looked better tho tbh (the original was so beautiful and then theres mine like kill me please ) #anime #art #gouache #painting

August 2018

@day6kilogram I know you guys will never read this but I just wanted to let you guys know that you’re so dear to me i love your songs, your personalities and literally everything about you guys tbh. Ever since i heard your debut back in the days i was your guys’ fan! Your music has helped me through many hardships, family trouble and life in general😂 So yeah i just wanted to say thank you guys and keep making amazing music!! One of my favourite songs is out of my mind from your album the day, i relate to it on so many levels. But of course i love your new album aswell😂😉 Thanks for everything💕 #day6 #day6jae #fanart #art #oilpaint #colouredpencil #drawing #portrait #wonpil #youngk #jae #sungjin #dowoon

July 2018

@jennierubyjane I did a lot of beginner mistakes but it still kinda turned out okay..?😅 #blackpink #jennieblackpink #art #coloredpencils #blackpinkjennie

June 2018

@miyayeah I tried to draw a portrait of you as my final school project. I hope you like it!☺️💕 I love youu❤️ #drawing #fanart #coloredpencils

February 2018

-Me and my bitches be like-💁‍♀️💁‍♀️🖤 #help