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~19~ Twinning is trending. XΩ❤️ Watch our new video here👇🏼

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23 hours ago

Brooklyn missed the memo lol


Been debating back and forth on what I should do with my hair now that summer is over....keep blue, go back to pink, or go back to brown? Comment down below what you think

2 days ago

Guys we are OFFICIALLY MOVED INTO OUR HOUSE! We still have a ton of work to do, but we got so much done today and now we are feeling accomplished lol

1 weeks ago

Choose your side, team Bailey or team Brooklyn??

3 weeks ago

One of our traditional outfits for our friends wedding here in Bali😍

3 weeks ago

Honestly shocked my hair doesn’t look like a humidity frizz ball in this pic lol

3 weeks ago

The chicken is the star of the show tbh Ps. I had to wake up at 2am to post this so pls like it lol

3 weeks ago

Been traveling all day! What have y’all been up to??

4 weeks ago

Golden girl

4 weeks ago

Dis my sister~ she’s pretty cool

5 weeks ago

Trying to be aesthetic n’ all that

last month

Should I go blonde?? New truly hilarious video went up today that explains why I am in a wig lollll WATCH IT NOW BBS LINK IN BIO

last month

Paisley is a whole mood

last month

Been flying all day so boy does it feel good to be home

last month

The side eye I give to all my haters

last month

Nothin’ wrong with a fresh face and messy braids

last month

Brick wall, waterfall, you think you got it all

last month

Behind us is the wall we scaled/snuck through to take pics and almost got caught by the cops lol (Ps. We start selling the shell necklace I’m wearing on Monday! )

last month


last month

If you didn’t see our newest twin drive through prank then what are you doing.... LINK IN BIO TO WATCH

last month

If you didn’t know, Brooklyn and I are building a house in Waco as an investment and to live in next year at Baylor with our two besties! Seriously adulting over here guys (with the help of the parentals of course lol ) ANYWHO we visited it today in all it’s partially-built glory so please appreciate this pic of the very cute front door😂

last month

Happy birthday to our mama!! Since birth she’s supported us and been there for us at every pivotal moment of our lives. We love you mom!

June 2019

Ready, set, Vogue

June 2019

SOS someone help me I’m taking my first financial accounting exam in an hour and well... RIP me

June 2019

Best dad in the whole world right here. He not only puts up with all of us girls, but he teaches and sets the perfect example for our brother and for our future husbands. We love you dad!!

June 2019

Literally can’t think of a single caption for this pic so... help me come up with a caption in the comments lol

June 2019

Sitting here casually pretending like we aren’t FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE FACT THAT WE JUST HIT 6 MILLION SUBS!!! You guys. You GUYS. What blessing you all are! We love you all to the moon and back and couldn’t be happier and more proud of our growing #braileyer family: )

June 2019

Alright people! Bailey is letting y’all pick her new hair color, and after the votes on the polls yesterday, we have narrowed it down to the top 3! Silver, blue, and rose gold! Comment which one you want it to be and the one with the most comments will be her new hair color!!!!

June 2019

*tries to look cute while balancing my butt on the fence*

June 2019

When your video doesn’t go as planned..... link in bio to watch us FAIL at trying to swap in the drive through!

June 2019

A bunch of 4th of July products n’ stuff just went live on our website (link in bio to shop!! ) Just a PSA you’ll def wanna use the code STARS10 for 10% off your order... you are welcome😂 ALSO thanks to the random guy who let us use his jet ski thing lol

June 2019

4th of July is like a month away and I’m already eating bomb pops

June 2019

Living life ❤️

May 2019

How I feel about my online summer classes starting in three days

May 2019

High school friends reunited

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