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Jesus is my bestie • Luke 1:45 • Texas Tech • ΣΦΛ ✝️♥️🐑

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last month

“Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances” 🌻❣️ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 #joy #Godisgood

June 2019

This one’s for my girls who constantly are made to feel that they are not enough. This one is for my girls who push so hard but still get pushed back down. It’s for the girls who are called worthless, the ones who struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This one is for the girls who get judged and cast aside before people even get to know them. I love all of you and I’m here to tell you that we will get through it. The Lord has beautiful promises for us and a love eternal. He’s got us in His loving embrace and He is great. Trust in The Lord and make your feelings known, He will listen. #lovejesus ✝️💓

April 2019

Words cannot even explain how sad I’m feeling right now. This girl was so full of light and was always happy. I’ll miss you dearly pretty girl. Love you tons and I know that you’re having fun with Jesus. Praying for the Rodriguez family. #foreverinourhearts #resteasy

April 2019

Here’s an oldie but also a reminder that Jesus is great. ✝️💓 #blessed #model #Jesusislove

April 2019

You guys!!! Go listen to my church on Spotify!! So proud of these guys and amazed to even get the opportunity to be a part of this team! #blessed #worship

March 2019

Appreciation post for my rusty roo. ✝️💓 #dogsofinstagram #blessed

February 2019

“Felt cute, might delete later.” 🙂 #forevergrateful #blessed

February 2019

Here’s a sweet one for y’all because The Good Lord is doing amazing things. ✝️💓 #GODISGREAT #blessed #throwback

February 2019

Can you believe that I serve a God who is so bright, He can outshine any darkness? Yeah, I’m still shocked of how deep His love goes for us. Thank you Jesus x100000 for loving us so much, despite all the mistakes we make. #Godisgood #ThankyouJesus #forevergrateful

January 2019

“The Lord is my Shepherd ... He makes me lie down in green pastures” Psalm 23 will always be one of my favorite Psalms. Thank you Jesus for taking our place on that cross. ✝️💓 #blessed #Godisgood #psalm23 #forevergrateful

January 2019

Man, time really does fly. 🤩 #photoshoot #blessed

January 2019

The more and more I think about myself and my appearance, I begin to love myself even more than I could’ve imagined. Loving God with my whole heart has opened my eyes completely and has made me realize that I am beautiful in His loving eyes, despite what some might say. I am so glad I opened my heart to the Lord and have allowed Him to show me His everlasting love. ✝️💓 #selflove #Godisgreat

November 2018

In honor of Christmas around the corner, here’s a sweet throwback with the O.G’s. Love y’all ♥️😂 #squad #throwback

November 2018

Why did I never post this picture? I don’t know but here’s a little throwback for your Wednesday. 🤗 #blessed #oldiebutgoodie

September 2018

Love, love, love my little family. ✝️💓 #philamb #Godisgood

September 2018

Love me some Rusty Rus. 💓💓 #puppiesfordays #happytime

April 2018

Excuse my bestie’s bed 😂 but so glad The Good Lord sent me to Lubbock. ✝️💕 #blessed

March 2018

Smiling because God is good✝️💗 #texastech

March 2016

Bb made it and gets to cheer with us senior year!😭😭 #cheer #2017 #varsity

January 2016

Because I haven't posted in forever. #old #shorthairdontcare 🙏🏼💕☺️

October 2015

Finally 17. 🙏☺️🙌💕🎉🎁 #birthday #selfie #17

September 2015

Here's a selfie for your blessed Sunday. 🙏💕 #ss #snapchat

August 2015

Excuse the pictures in the back😂 but #selfiesunday 🙏💕💒 #lastdayofsummer

August 2015

Beach time is always fun time. 💁😊🙏🙌💕 #beach #funinthesun ☀️

August 2015

Not the best but whatever. 🙏😊🙌💕 #yesterday #cheerpictures #selfie

July 2015

Done with cheer camp. #cheercamp #done

July 2015

Not the best picture but day three complete. 🙏🙌 #cheercamp #thanktheLord

July 2015

Day two complete. 🙏🙌 #whew #cheercamp #wontletmetagmk

July 2015

Day 1. 🎀💕 #cheer #cheercamp

June 2015

Throwback to military ball. 🙏🙌😊💕 #militaryball #throwback #oldtomenewtoyou

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