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2 hours ago

Lingering a while around one of these aromatic azaleas. One day Instagram will transmit perfumes ! If we exercise a little patience and move around the bloom, its three dimensional beauty reveals itself. My today began so chaotically, but in the last rays of the Sun I’m ... lingering. Bri 🌹Join me !

3 days ago

Thank you Sandra Muller @caffeinatedpaint for this lovely art work. To many of you folks, this will immediately strike a chord. But, by way of explanation, what Sandra has done is illustrate myself plugging in to the New Horizons space probe, which at present is located over 4,000,000,000 miles away from planet Earth. The picture has a nice symbolic meaning, because we did actually beam my New Horizons track out to the space vehicle on New Year’s Day. Brilliant ! 💥💥💥💥 Sandra’s Dad, Tod Lauer, is one of NASA’s top experts in astro image processing. Much of what we see in those beautiful images of Pluto and Ultimata Thule from the New Horizons Mission are due to Tod’s skills in extracting and refining the data sent back to Earth from that tiny speeding machine - about the size and shape of a grand piano, and in the 13th year of its journey, still heading outwards towards the stars. Bri

3 days ago

Still Life. Bed-time Reading. Bri

3 days ago

Help ! James and Kerry are making a sponsored parachute jump to raise money to feed disadvantaged children in the UK. How shocking that this situation exists in our country. Children are going to school with no food in their tummies. And it’s now known that such children are highly likely to fail in the school system. Help this great venture by sponsoring them with as many pennies as you can spare ! For details visit @kerryellis79 or @towns88 — Bri

4 days ago

Quo Vadis ? Bri

4 days ago

No words needed !!! But I think in the early days we used to dream of something like this happening. Thanks @robi_stereo ! Bri

4 days ago

And probably the final stereo view of Ultima Thule - the first Kuiper Belt rock mankind has ever visited. It was an unmanned visit, but I think we all felt we were THERE, in the New Horizons probe, looking out the window as we sped by, 4 Billion miles from planet Earth, at a speed of about 36,000 miles per hour - yes, you read that right - 36 THOUSAND miles an hour. This picture is the result of the work of hundreds of very clever NASA people over at least 15 years, under the direction of Alan Stern, who masterminded the Mission - originally to Pluto - but now exploring further out at the cold edge of the Solar System. Enjoy ! Parallel view above, crossed eyes view below. 💥💥💥💥 I should make it clear that this is not a conversion, but a REAL stereoscopic pair, made from images taken just a few minutes apart as the New Horizons probe sped past the object, ‘looking’ sideways. I’ll have to check this, but I would guess that the baseline between the two views is a couple of thousand miles. Credits : NASA New Horizons jhuapl/SWRI — Bri

5 days ago

KOREA here we come !!! This coming Spring 2020 we will be saying a lot of THANKYOU’S to our friends in Korea who took our Freddie film to their hearts and gave us so much love. Now don’t go a-hollerin’ at me, all you folks elsewhere !!! We’re doin’ our best here !!! We ain’t 39 years old any more !! That’s a tough road we’ve laid out ahead ... and who knows where it will lead. And ... we never pass this way again. 💥💥💥💥💥 the dates are 18th January 2020 (Saturday ) at 7pm 19th January (Sunday ) at 6pm at the GOCHEOK SKY DOME Tickets bookings: Interpark ( / 1544-1555 ) Yes24 ( / 1544-6399 ) Sponsored by Hyundai Card, Promoted by AIM Super Concert (in box ) QUEENONLINE.COM For additional information, SEE @officialqueenmusic — Bri

6 days ago

Tonight !!! - Channel 5 - 8pm - with Steve Backshall - Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs - Episode 2 - the climax !!! See you there - Bri

6 days ago

Eeek ! Tonight ! At 8pm - Channel 5 ! SAVING BRITAIN’S HEDGEHOGS - Part II. Join us !!! Bri

6 days ago

BRAND NEW from Adam Lambert !!! NEW EYES ! Strange - this took me a while to assimilate - wasn’t sure when I first heard it - but now definitely falling in love with this track. GO ADAM !!! Check out Adam’s IG for more details. @adamlambert Bri

6 days ago

Back on the two-wheeled horse - with my ol’ buddy for inspiration - gotta be a warrior today. Wishing you all strength in your battles today ! Bri

1 weeks ago

I had a lot to think about today. But this wonderful lady was in my mind all day, even when my thoughts were turbulent. I loved DORIS DAY. Never met her - so often dreamed about it - especially when I discovered her work in her animal sanctuary. But never did. Sadly ? Yes, but in a way I’m glad I never bothered her. But I always held Doris in my heart as the perfect singer - all warmth, always smiling, yet smouldering beneath. That voice !!! Tender and soft and inviting, yet ready burst into joyous overdrive as she poured her heart into the big moments. She wasn’t my generation, of course. She was of my parents’ generation, and a lot of people raised their eyebrows when I named her as my favourite singer when we were first asked this kind of question around 1970. “Doris Day?! She’s not a rock singer !” No - of course not. But listen to “ Secret Love” - my all time favourite. Listen to the beauty of those tones, and feel the passion in that performance. And remember that in those days there was no ProTools. This would be a single take. Her accuracy is sensational – she must be one of the most perfectly-in-tune singers in history. But that’s only the beginning. She doesn’t mess with the melody, or decorate it to show off. She tells the story - sings it from the heart, and all kinds of tiny curves and variations portray the emotion she feels. This isn’t the first time I’ve eulogised about Doris, but this, of course, is a special time. So many people who loved her will miss her. But, for me, seeing her peacefully depart the world at the age of 97, having followed her heart all the way, I just rejoice in her beauty and splendour, and thank her. And send her love on her next journey. RIP Doris Day. Bri

2 weeks ago

THANK YOU @defalaise for making something inspiring out of me ! I hope you don’t mind me pirating it. Have been lacking in the inspiration to post. I figure if there is nothing to say, don’t say anything. Hope you folks are all doing OK. I’m working on building energy. Onwards ! Bri

2 weeks ago

Ha ! Hedgehogs on TV ! And us ! Ouch ! It’s always embarrassing watching yourself on Telly ! But hopefully @this got some good messages across ... Did we do OK ? Thanks Channel 5 ! Thanks @backshall steve - Thanks @anneatsaveme — 💥💥💥💥. Episode 2 is same next week. Bri

2 weeks ago

On the Telly this evening ! 8 O’clock Channel 5. With @anneatsaveme and @backshall steve - “SAVING BRITAIN’S HEDGEHOGS”. Let me know what you think, pals. Bri

2 weeks ago

Ha ha ha ! Me and Zoë Ball this morning on Radio 2 - having an intense discussion !!! Thanks Young Birthday Girl @kerryellis79 !!! And thanks @zoetheball - Bri

2 weeks ago

My pals —- them poor girls —- ! King’s Daughters ! Invading my studio ! Making a hit record on the quiet —- watch out ! @kingsdaughterss — Bri

2 weeks ago

Zoë Ball is the Best !! Good grief ! It was hard getting out of bed at 5 am this morning - but ZOË is SO worth getting up for ! THANKS - great morning team at Radio 2. #bbcradio2 @zoetheball Bri

2 weeks ago

Oh NO !!! Not the coffee machine !!! 😳😳😳 Bri

2 weeks ago

Good Morning folks !!! Yep - this is how together I feel at this unholy time of the morning ! Heading into town to meet ZOE BALL - at 8.10 am !!! Listen on Radio 2 !!! Bri

3 weeks ago

Just imagine ! Some day in the future, a honeymoon snap might look like this ! Thanks Isabela Herig for guiding me and my grandson on this wonderful trip. #acuteart - Bri

3 weeks ago

We walked on the Moon today !!! Well, it sure felt like we did. Amazing !!! Lunatick - a Virtual Reality Experience in the Strand - is a breathtaking trip. Masterminded by this man, Jacob De Geer, and designed by #antonygormley and Dr #priyamvadanatarajan , this is an amazing 20 minute ride. Most of the time you can control your own movements in the virtual landscapes, including bouncing around on the Moon’s surface and climbing up crater walls ! Sadly this showing closes today at 6om - wish I had discovered it earlier. But watch out for its return and other VR presentations by #acuteart Thanks for a great time ! Hopefully we will collaborate soon! Bri

3 weeks ago

So here are the bigger children, this afternoon in their leafy run. Of course you will all be able to figure out which of the Magnificent Seven we can see here !!! 😳They’re all healthy and, and increasingly foxy-looking, and apparently don’t have a care in the world. It’s a good day. They have claimed this palette palace as their base, as opposed to the cozy hide they started off in. I think they’re feeling wild. Hope you are all feeling wild out there. Cheers - Bri

3 weeks ago

In the rescue today - these little ‘uns are still too young to go out in the runs. Doing well, though. The very unusual pale coloured cub, Alexandra, is unique in our experience, and her pal Daz is the same age, so they will progress to the grassy places together. Bri

3 weeks ago

Got my SMILE on today ! Thanks to my dear friends the Staffells. Of course Tim designed this logo for our college group well before anyone else had a mouth-based logo. And Anne Brummer always has her smile on anyway; seeing the Magnificent Seven fox cubs tumbling around this morning in the rescue, it’s no surprise ! 💥💥💥💥 I’ll show you ! Happy Thursday folks. Bri

3 weeks ago

This has made me smile so much I had to borrow and share it. I hope you don’t mind, @top musicians. My thanks to you for all the great stuff you post. I love these guys ! I love the passion in how they dig in with these strange mouth organ things - and I love how faithfully they carry forth all the subtleties of the underlying chord changes. I hope John WIlliams sees this ! What a wonderful classic bit of film score writing ! Star Wars still stirs my bones ! Bri

3 weeks ago

OK ! I give in !!! Happy May, folks. And thanks for the vote of confidence ! This is so NOT how I look at this minute, as I post - but perhaps, now you are reading this, I DO !! This is the happy face I need to put on, so ... thanks !!! Bri

3 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to my darling Anita !!! Thanks for all your kind wishes, folks, and thanks for the lovely pic, Jen. Bri

4 weeks ago

I wasn’t feeling jolly this morning, so I’m grateful to @highonguitar for making me chuckle. This guy is a very good sport for letting this out - and who is to say what kind of talent is useless ? Oh ! Maybe I’m over-thinking this ! Ha ha. Well, I gotta say I couldn’t do this ! Respects !!! And a Jolly Shredding Sunday to you all, folks !!! Bri

4 weeks ago

Miss Hannigan’s final night ! Here’s my amazing lady wife Anita tonight with @jennygayner and @iamrichardmeek on stage in the musical ‘Annie’ at Bradford Alhambra. So #proud of her 3 month run doing 8 shows a week all around the UK to great acclaim. Anita Dobson is precious and unique. I don’t deserve to be so lucky ! Bri

4 weeks ago

This is a brand new TV documentary, which explores for the first time, how Queen and Adam came together, and, against all the odds, a new Queen era was born. Soon to be aired around the world, I am told. But @abcnetwork produced this piece, in collaboration with our team, so the USA gets the first showing. Enjoy ! Bri

4 weeks ago

Tonight - guesting with some old friends -Mott the Hoople ! Left to right - Ian Hunter (Mott singer ), Joe Elliott (Def Leppard singer ), Stan Tippins (who was tour manager for Mott, back in the day, and always sang the chorus to All the Young Dudes. Not many people know that he was also the original singer of the band. Here we are singing ‘All the Young Dudes’. Also we played one of the greatest rock anthems ever - ‘All the Way from Memphis’. At the Shepherds Bush Empire. Thanks @ivy_gf Bri

4 weeks ago

Our little family of cubs has no Mama to teach them the ways of the world. They only have each other and their instincts and their capacity to learn from experience. But they’re in a safe place and healthy and well-fed. And they’re already interacting with their cousins in the wild outside, and experiencing all the smells and noises they will soon be dealing with first-hand. For now, all is well with the Magnificent Sol-Fa Seven. Bri

4 weeks ago

Our little family of fox cubs - tentatively claiming their place in the world - with no Mama to guide them. But they are safe, and have food in their tummies, and they have each other. And they’re already learning from the smells and sounds around them, especially from their cousins outside who visit in the night. For now, all is well. Video by @anneatsaveme - visit for more updates on our inmates ! Bri

4 weeks ago

Queen meeting today. I don’t think we have ever been so busy. Amazing. And it’s thrilling to know that the World is now waiting for our next step. From our meeting place we had a grand view of the giant building site they call London these days. If you look closely you can see that this is the old Battersea Power Station, with the iconic chimneys rebuilt. But the whole thing is now engulfed in a rash of maniacal building works, and will soon be impossible to see from anywhere in the city but the river. I can’t help feeling our beloved London is wrecked now. Cranes, pollution, noise and dust, and an ever growing uncoordinated jumble of soulless concrete and glass. To cap it all, the great black cloud hovering above it is the disastrous failure of the Brexit attempt. And seemingly nobody has the power to stop it. How much more embarrassing does it have to get before we sweep it all away and get back to sanity ? Well, time to make music. Bri

4 weeks ago

My concluding remarks at Sir Patrick’s ‘Farthings’ (think “ Far Things” ! ) this afternoon in Selsey, unveiling a blue plaque. A little hesitant at the end - I got a bit choked at the last moment. But ‘tis done. The plaque is a nice lasting nod to a great man. Thanks to all who came. Vid by Sara Bricusse. Bri

4 weeks ago

The Plaque ! Unveiled ! In memory of the one and only Sir Patrick Caldwell Moore !! Selsey rocks !! We see here Dr John Mason, close friend and colleague of Sir Patrick, misself, Teresa and Matt, who now own ‘Farthings’ and have made a monument to Patrick - a fabulous Moon Garden. Bri

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