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22 hours ago

It’s hot hot hot ! At the Smoothie King Arena ! Are you ready, New Orleans, Louisiana ? We are so ready !!! Bri


Happy Birthday JOHN !!! Greatest ever !! Drinking you a toast this evening. Thanks @stereo me for the clip. Bri


OK ! Just one more bit of New Orleans nostalgia. And - yes - I do know where this was ... but I’m not telling ...yet !! Bri

2 days ago

THANK YOU dear folks in the Amalie Arena Tampa this evening !! Great night ! Bless ya’all !!! Bri

3 days ago

The Night we Lit up Florida !!! Thanks beautiful people of SUNRISE, FORT LAUDERDALE, MIAMI and environs. You gave it up !!! You made the sacrifice - you chose light over image-capture ! So this is my gift to you !!! Sweet dreams ! And thanks PETE for capturing this moment from that same riser behind the drum kit where I stood in mid-sound-check this afternoon. Bri

3 days ago

!!! Bri

3 days ago

Hello Fort Lauderdale - well, actually SUNRISE ! Well, actually, Miami, which is only 38 minutes drive away. Here I’m getting a great view of the whole room, standing up on the riser behind Roger’s kit, which I hardly ever use in the show - but it’s very useful for Adam. Haven’t posted one of these vids for a while - I thought it might be an interesting precursor to what I’m asking Pete to do tonight ... These USA arenas all look the same at first glance - and they’re all perfect for the kind of production we put into them on our tour. But they all have their own little special features and they all sound a little different. Our out front sound man Tom New says he likes this one - so hopefully we’ll all be happy !! See ya later ! Bri

5 days ago

Little teaser, folks ? Our dear Bro’ Adam has his long awaited VELVET: Side A project coming out SOON. You can pre-order ! Yay ! Hop over to Adam’s IG —- @adamlambert — for details. Bri

5 days ago

The Walk !!! Photo: @emdonoghue Bri

6 days ago

Good morning. From ... a hotel somewhere in the USA ! Back on the bike ! Not that I’ve been off it much - it’s a nice constant regime in my life - physically and mentally it grounds me. Today, due to a glitch in the system, our day off will be spent travelling. Damn ! And we’re heading into 6 final shows in 8 cities in 8 days. 💥💥💥💥 Or probably 6 shows in 6 cities in 9 days. I’ve lost count ! It’s a good life if ya don’t weaken, says my missus! So the best prep is ... back on the bike ! And there’s time for a swim this morn. On it !! Have a good healthy day folks ! Bri

1 weeks ago

I got a new ‘look’ tonight in Columbus Ohio. THANKS beautiful people for making such In incredible noise ! What a pleasure !!! Sorry to lose your comments on this post - operator error here !!! Bri — credit @nationwidearena facebook page - thanks !

2 weeks ago

Thanks Genius Guitar Master Buddy Guy !! For having us so well looked after at your splendid Legends Club last night. We had a ball ! Respects ! Love ! @therealbuddyguy Bri

2 weeks ago

I am honour-bound to post this. Don’t want anyone to miss out on this chance to dance. Good luck ! Bri

2 weeks ago

Just one more before I turn in. I’m lost for words. This is such a great (and flattering! ) piece of work ! Thanks - and I’m glad you are @drivenbybrianmay !!! Great job Laura ! 💥💥💥💥 And tomorrow —— COLUMBUS, Ohio. Can’t wait ! Seein’ some old friends !!! Bri

2 weeks ago

Ha ha ha !!! I don’t know where this originated - but I had to repost it. Priceless - a great reminder of what stupendously good value Madam Lambert is as an entertainer !!! All Hail our slightly younger brother !!! Bri 💥💥💥💥 I always try to give credit where it’s due - I’m told this was originally posted by @luv2laugh777 - thanks ! Oh - and apparently some folks were not sure what the sign language says. It is “Find Me Somebody to Love” from the well-known Queen hit ! Bri

2 weeks ago

THANKS good people of St. Paul !!! It was such a tonic to play for you - and with you !! Tonight Dr. ROCK worked wonders on me. I had struggled with a black cloud all day - but as soon as those first chords came out of me tonight I felt energised, revived, and reminded that playing guitar is actually what I love to do !!! God Bless Dr Rock !!! And God bless the Twin Cities ! Thanks @tracyannsee for the art pic. 💥💥💥💥 Oh ! Adam points out that his orange @celsiusofficial might have helped too !!! Bri

2 weeks ago

I will be there in spirit. Surely this sad and deprived creature deserves to spend the end of her days with her own kind - not imprisoned in solitary misery ? For details please check @nonhuman rights.project. Help Happy and others like her to be recognised as beings worthy of respect and compassion. Bri

2 weeks ago

Second night in Madison Square Garden - already just a memory ... I had a night of giving it my all yet feeling insecure. This picture seems to capture that feeling. It’s a moment seldom captured of me in my post-Cyborg suit, winding up Bohemian Rhapsody and the set. Thanks for the pic @freddieliquidmetal - and It makes me happy that it was a great moment for you and for so many passionate attendees ... It’s a strange life out here. So much magic, so much warm noise, yet laced with such silences - like right now, as I sit alone with my phone at 1am, wondering what I should share. And what it all really means. Thanks for the love you give us, folks. Bri

2 weeks ago

Nothing quite like it !!! Madison Square Garden is full of magic, and full of memories for me. Amazing. Who would have thought we’d be back here for two nights packed to the rafters. Grateful. Bri

3 weeks ago

Great pic of Adam in action in our New England show tonight. Thanks @lunawest - rockin’ !!! Bri @adamlambert — correction : from Philadelphia show.

3 weeks ago

Good things happening back home ! Please support my friend Talia and her dancers (all children ) in Pride in Surrey @resolutiondance - and it benefits the MPT @prideinsurrey Thanks !!! Bri

3 weeks ago

Happy Birthday James Hetfield ! Rock on ! Bri

3 weeks ago

OK - I’m getting this now. But this made me smile a lot ... thanks @joe_kindofmagic - nice job, and I hope you won’t mind me borrowing your work ! Bri

3 weeks ago

OHAYO GOZAIMASU !!! (Honto des’? ) It’s true !! We will rock you soon !!! Folks ... It’s our Japanese tour dates this coming early Spring : Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya. More announcements soon !!! Bri

3 weeks ago

Wow ! How did you do this, @tracyannsee ??! Amazing ! This song was never a single, much to my chagrin. But it’s nice to see it live on. THANKS !!! 💥💥💥💥 I’m so touched by your comments on this. I’m surprised the song means so much to you guys. Thanks - that means a lot to me. And now you’re educating me about Animojis - I guess I will have to give them a try ! Meanwhile you have also directed me to other good stuff using this iPhone tool. Thanks pals !!! 💥💥💥💥 correction: yes - you’re right - the song WAS released by Electra in the USA, but sadly rather late and half-heartedly. Well ... maybe some day. Bri

3 weeks ago

Happy birthday Joe !! @defleppard from me and Anita. It’s all an illusion ! We’re not really getting any older !!! Ha ha ! — Bri

3 weeks ago

And now to the Important Stuff !!! I’m turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so ....😃 Bri

3 weeks ago

!!!! Bri

3 weeks ago

THANK YOU dear folks at the PPP Paints Arena tonight. So happy to see how Pittsburg has blossomed and prospered in the New Age. My pal the Cyborg felt particularly at home. You guys gave us your hearts tonight. And I think it was mutual. I loved it. See you again some day soon I hope. Cheers ! 💥💥💥💥 And - I nearly forgot - Thank you @mary26terry for the photo. - Bri. Thanks for asking about the guitar knob. Nope - we never found it. I don’t @think it’s coming back ...

3 weeks ago

On our way ... The roar of that wonderful audience in Pittsburgh is still ringing in our ears. But the metal bird is waiting. How lucky are we. But without that luxury it probably wouldn’t be physically possible to tour at this level and at this rate. On the plane, all together tonight, we eat a little, drink a little, joke a little, conduct a light-hearted post-mortem on tonight’s triumph (! ) - and make plans. And tomorrow ? A lie-in ! Rest the bones ! Bliss !!! Bri

3 weeks ago

Gotta love a Police Escort !!! You all thought this was what it’s ALWAYS like on tour with Queen, right ? 😊 💥💥💥💥it’s actually one of the best perks of the job because (1 ) it makes you feel so smug to be indisputably on the right side of the law (2 ) it makes you feel important, even if you’re not. (3 ) you can go through red lights (4 ) even though it hurts to run out of a place full of people who love you and are excited about what you just did, it gets you out quick enough to get on the plane which will take us to the next port if call. Because (5 ) we need to wake up tomorrow morning in New York City. THANKS GUYS !!! Bri💥💥💥💥

3 weeks ago

No words !! Except —- Konnichiwa ! Psycho desu !!! OK - some words !!! QUEENの楽曲とシンクロして打ちあがる13,000発の花火大会が開催決定! 【QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS~夜空のラプソディ~】 11/03(日)大阪府/舞洲 11/16(土)千葉県/浦安 11/30(土)宮崎県/宮崎 グッズ付きチケットも発売! Bri

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