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January 2019

Es Kopi Susu is one of the best coffee drinks in trend in Indonesia. Es Kopi Susu is being favored by teenagers and adults. Starting from a cafe, many small businesses now provide this kind of drinks. . . What makes Es Kopi Susu different than the traditional one? The main difference is the use of the milk as a mixture. Traditional Es Kopi Susu recipes use sweet thick cream as a mixture, while the present Es Kopi Susu uses full cream milk. Brown sugar or palm sugar is used in the present Es Kopi Susu recipe to replace the sweetness of sweet thick cream. Making Es Kopi Susu is not hard because it doesn't need to use a machine. . . The ingredients you need to prepare for one serving: - 18 grams of robusta coffee bean (double ristretto/espresso ) - 10 grams of creamer - 20 grams of sweet condensed milk - 80 grams of ice - 100 ml of fresh milk