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Doing the least, but looking the most 🤸🏼‍♂️🌈@bretmansvanity Snapchat be @BretmanRock 🌺 Business: [email protected] 🌿 Shop Collection🔥💦⤵️

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Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock photos and videos

7 hours ago

Me baby sitting, @cleoamoreamiotonu and playing restaurant using my crystals🔮 and @fentybeauty glosses as food lol 💵

2 weeks ago

Just posted a New Video on YouTube with my good ole sis @maelovecleo ✨🔥Reacting to our old videos and it’s my favorite video we have ever done to be honest ❤️ Link in Bio

4 weeks ago

So since I have a boo now or whatevah👅🤫 I figured I would impart my wisdom onto y’all. Like damn I really am so good @tinder they literally hired me to share my advice. Link to full video in my bio - go watch if you wanna get boo’d up like me or if you’re still exploring your options 😉  #tinderpartner #swipelife #loveislove

4 weeks ago

Thank you guys for 13miion followers.. 💕✨ please enjoy this Sing And Dance performed by @cleoamoreamiotonu and I 🤪 I call this piece,” I don’t wanna take off my makeup” #loveislove

last month

Just another day at the office✨❤️ we irritating 🙄😫 #Nationalbestfriendday Tag your bestie

last month

My Biggest Give Away YET ✨🤪. I know I make a cute thief. I partnered up with none other than MAXIMALIST makeup brand @ILMAKIAGE to give away 3 @CARTIER LOVE BRACELETS – one for each of our 3 winners BITCH. Read that back – you read it right. Also 50 of you will win a $100 IL MAKIAGE e-gift card. I was feeling so cute and so generous so you’re welcome. So pay attention because here’s how you enter: 🔪 ------ 1. Follow @ILMAKIAGE@BretmanRock on IG ✨ 2. Like this mother fuckin post ❤️ 3. Tag 2 Friends who swear they want to look as rich as you will 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ ------ Giveaway is open internationally & will end at 10:59AM EST on Monday June 10th. Don’t say I never do anything for you bitches. 😘

last month

Sweetest kisses from the sweetest gworl @cleoamoreamiotonu ✨🧡 Have a Vuitton Day 🤪🌴

May 2019

Cleo is hitting all these notes 🎼 she a singer or whatevah... bitch you better like my last picture I look so damn cute in it

May 2019

The Helicopter is the beauty community...🚁 Houston we have a problem

May 2019

This is why I don’t film my workouts... I literally don’t know what the fuck I’m doing 😩😫

May 2019

Do you ever think your pet is dead ?

April 2019

Only you can remind yourself.....

April 2019

Me getting rid of the bad energy..... even though I AM the bad energy ✨🔮🧿

April 2019

These gender reveals are getting out of hand 💙💖 tag your bestie or someone you don’t like.... ✨ they will never know 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️ @nikita_dragun Thanks for @sugarbearhair for taking Da Baddest

April 2019

My friends hyping me up 🙈🤪Thanks to @sugarbearhair for taking us ! We wanted to pay homage to the Sugar bear hair pills with our outfits lol 💙💖

April 2019

Bretman The Science Bitch ✨ Today we’re doing the classic Egg and Vinegar. Experiment but with a twist🤪😉 watch the rest on my IG TV you will not regret it lol

April 2019

One of My {many} Hidden Talents 🤪 Let me know if you can do this send me videos lol 😩 watch the whole thing on my stories if you want lol

March 2019

Me when I say “I’m Busy” 🤪

March 2019

I love you mama 🌱💚 Enjoy your new home 🏡I am who I am, and I do everything I do because of you 🍀 I love you more than I love myself and that’s a lot because I REALLY LOVE MYSELF 🌴🌿

March 2019

#bretmanxbirdbox 🦅📦 I was 100% committed to the box bc I almost had it the first time... but anyways full video in my story I guess

March 2019

Nobody: .... Us:

February 2019

Me bored as fuck playing with my home, girl 🌿☀️ just minding my own business

February 2019

It’s always the ugly bitches hating....ALWAYS 🙈 like if you agree and if you’re cute

February 2019

My favorite video my sister and I have ever filmed !😂 Me teaching her the rules of the road🚙🚧🚦 Because she a driver or whatevah 🚨 Link in BIO

February 2019

My sister and I always performing 🤪🕺🏼💃🏽 @maelovecleo 🤪 Princess Outfit is @fashionnova ✨ New YouTube video Link in Bio Ladies it’s the funniest video we ever did

February 2019

Cleo took this selfie of us.. aren’t we so cute ? ✨😂🤪😊 Category is Navy Blue💁🏻‍♂️

February 2019

Someone help me 😬 Putting on mascara and rolling my lashes got me feeling some typa way🙈😊 I literally don’t know how to act

February 2019

This is what I mean when I text “Ha” 😂😂 not no Hahaha just “Ha”💁🏻‍♂️ if you’re wondering how my ankles are watch my story

January 2019

Just some Q&A’s 🤪😂 I don’t know why so many people asked me to repost these but 🙈💁🏻‍♂️ my stories are always cute thanks for everyone who watches my shenanigans

January 2019

I hate when I’m trying to be a hoe and my mom trynna clean 😤🤪😩 Shirt from @fashionnova or whatevah... New Youtuve Video aswell Link in BIO

January 2019

The worst thing you can do to your haters is knowing your worth and how beautiful you are 🤪🤪 because once you do, bitch it’s game over for your hater hoes...😘 Bitch I’m cute and if you don’t think so, then that’s your problem not mines 💕

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