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Watch and Listen to “Single Again” & “Overtime” in link below.

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2 days ago

August 22nd is Black Women’s equal Pay Day! a black Woman has to work 9 months more than a white man to make the same pay as them, that’s unacceptable, y’all deserve more! 🖤

2 weeks ago

Love to my dawg @asapferg #Floorseats More wit da mob soon 🤞🏾🌎

2 weeks ago

This is so important! absolutely free! Free food, free music, free haircuts/hair braiding, free carnival rides, free love! Come to my free block party and bring ya family, ya people, whoever and have a good time in the city!

2 weeks ago

This Sunday our self help panel discussing mental health n how to deal with things they don’t teach us in school.

3 weeks ago

Stay Hungry, Stay Patient... @kashdoll we got another one, Detroit 🙏🏾 Ready Set video out now!

4 weeks ago

“you know black men don’t cheat, ain’t no proof of that ” 😂 @keithpowers @hahadavis @comicjwill watch #SingleAgain link in bio

4 weeks ago

I even tried the drugs and they didn’t help, short term fix that breaks everything else #SingleAgain video out now

4 weeks ago

Single Again video out now. Directed by @lawrencelamont ⁣⁣ ⁣ I shot this video in Detroit, hired locally in the city and we made it with good energy n all love ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I know what it’s like to be in social scandals where even with no information/ evidence, just people assuming will blame you and turn on you. It’s something that’s been happening to black men especially forever and I wanted to touch on that n show how social media has the power to sway people’s opinion to the point of hatred⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This is also a video of love and a beautiful couple who has to decide is it better to be separate or understand each other’s difference be stronger from it. Played by @ryandestiny and @keithpowers

4 weeks ago

Single Again video drops today at 3pm, Detroit time. 🌹

4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago


5 weeks ago

Something I truly had to learn how to do is work on myself. #SingleAgain download n stream now everywhere

5 weeks ago

Thank you. #SingleAgain out now. Link in bio.

5 weeks ago

more new music tonight. “Single Again” drops 12a Detroit time.

last month

Energy the first language that I speak!!! 🗣

last month

I miss this feeling so much! Feels good to be back! OVERTIME OUT NOW! The energy is up!!! Link in bio 🗣🌎 Produced by @hitboy @keywane @thetuckerbrothersmusic

last month

new music tomorrow. 12p detroit time. “OVERTIME”.

May 2019


May 2019

U got J Lo, horse, speedboat n lamb races, security runnin wit da Maybach, geez budget approved! It’s green or yellow 😂? Jealous video(s ) out now n congrats @djkhaled

May 2019

SNL finale 🌎

May 2019

Bro last year we became neighbors and you truly help inspire me in times when I really needed that bright, positive energy and inspiration you always carry! You are great! Thanks for letting me go off n bar up on your album and also putting me on the “hits!” (Khaled voice ). It’s deeper than music tho bro! THANK YOU and congrats to the Father Of Ashad

May 2019

I never met anyone who is truly successful that wasn’t thankful. Thank you all 🗣🗣 @DjKhaled ft. Me “Thank You” Father Of Ashad out now

April 2019


March 2019

more thoughts 🗣🗣🗣 @keywane @amairejohnson

March 2019

Same day as Aretha, Happy Birthday to us 🖤

March 2019

my thoughts (3/3 ) 🗣 UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

March 2019

my thoughts (2/3 ) 🗣 CLARITY

March 2019

my thoughts 1/3 🗣