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An unpredictable & passionate boy with NO eyebrows. Family @norrisnuts @sabrenorris @sockie.norris *Parent managed account 📩 [email protected]

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2 weeks ago

Biggy reacts to his crush getting the present he bought for her 🤣 Do you think Bigs has a chance? (ps Biggy is dressed weird because we were doing a twin challenge. ) ♥️ @txunamy @sdiezzel

last month

GUESS WHAT! BIG W has asked us to share a sneak peek of the TOY MANIA Catalogue… but we need YOUR help to win the challenges first! Follow the link to the BIG W Facebook page and click ‘Get Reminder’ to be notified of when we go live this Friday 7th June at 4:30pm AEST! We’re so excited!  https://bit.ly/2KnFmJ2 @bigwaustralia #bigwtoysale #toymania

April 2019

So stoked to be working with PlayStation in the school Holidays! My favourite PS4 game is Tearaway Unfolded & Gran Turismo Sport. If we are good, we like to shop for new apps from PlayStation Store @playstationau #psschoolholidays

November 2018


October 2018

No one makes Biggy blush more than @stephaniegilmore ❤️🤣

October 2018

Can someone 🙏🏻 help with the caption? ❤️ Sabre

August 2018

I got a brother 🧒🏼👶🏼

July 2018

Mu sister Sabre is competing in the xgames for skate boarding when she wake up. I made this for her. Please watch it Sabre. I ❤️ u more then barrels 🌊 ☺️ @sabrenorris

July 2018

So Biggy comes on the radio with me. Tells the radio host Kyle he looks like Santa 🎅! And then says I was just being honest... 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🎅 🤣. Thanks for having us on @kyleandjackieo it was so much fun❤️ Sabre

June 2018

Me and The Norris Nuts and going to try to break the world record on 21st June for ‘the floss’ dance. 🙏🏻come help us we will be at the @bigwaustralia in Rouse Hill shopping centre between 7am – 8am. It’s going to be fun and there will be prizes!! @bigwaustralia #toymania

February 2018

This is 3 year old Biggy singing “Do What your Mama told you.” The lyrics are really deep. 🤣❤️🛢Sabre

January 2018

Biggy got in trouble and he got banned from Instagram. To celebrate his return a lyrical dance. #SelfTaught #NoFormalTraining 🤣❤️ @sabrenorris

November 2017

Biggy said if I ( @sabrenorris ) beat him in the Disney channels @disneyaunz @nerf challenge he is going to be my slave for a whole day and if he wins I have to be his slave. So I'm so excited but also nervous to watch it this arvo to find out who wins its on the Disney channel at 4.25pm. ❤️Sabre and Biggy #thisishowweplay #nerf #ad

October 2017

Biggy's cover for Stay with me ❤️ @sabrenorris

October 2017

The Bra boys gave Biggy stickers! He was so proud and happy he put every single one on his board🤣❤️ Sabre @dhdsurf

September 2017

Sometimes when your favorite surfer (or sports team ) loses it feels like you got shot 🔫Featuring 💘steph ❤️ @sabrenorris 🤣🤣 @stephaniegilmore 🏄🏻‍♀️ @wsl

September 2017

It was so fun replying to the comments Biggy and I ( @sabrenorris ) got for the clip he did for the equal marriage rights. ❤️ Sabre ps full clip on Biggy's YouTube link in bio.

August 2017

Biggy is getting non stop tonsillitis. Tomorrow he is going to get his tonsils out. He feels worried, So he wrote a letter to his kind doctor. I'll be happy when it's finished for him ❤️ Sabre

September 2017

Biggy is always very emotional with his emotions. More than anyone else I have ever met. I couldn't be more proud of him ❤️ @sabrenorris

July 2017

Biggy loves DMing girls 😍🤣.... #SomethingCouldHappen (yeah right Biggy ) ❤️ Sabre @cocosurfgirl @amarniebarbersurfing

July 2017

Biggy always says the most random things but normally we don't get it on film.... but @cerrusnorris did this time 🤣❤️Sabre #Iwont 'tlook

June 2017

Biggy scared the crap out of Mum. He always tries to scare us and it never works but he set his alarm for 4am and he finally got someone (or maybe he just got himself ). 🤣❤️Sabre 📹 @cerrusnorris (I couldn't be bothered getting up )

June 2017

Umm...... 😂🤣❤️ Sabre

May 2017

A nice boy commented to Biggy and asked him to make a motivational speech for his friend who is drinking too much beer and forgetting to do his university homework. We made this. ❤️ 😂Sabre and Biggy

May 2017

If anyone ever gets hurt Biggy is always the first one to them and he always cries because he gets so worried. He has the biggest most sensitive heart and I love how much he feels. This is biggy trying to help my little sister @naznorris ❤️ Sabre

May 2017

Biggy's on YouTube, if you want to know the struggles of life without eyebrows- link is in bio 😂❤️ Sabre #nometh

May 2017

Biggy has turned business man. He is selling these for $50 😂❤️ Sabre .

April 2017

Biggy is the easiest person in the world to prank. It is so fun. My favorite bit is how at the end he said "the coin didn't even go in" haha, yeah because that was the trick biggy😂❤️ Sabre

April 2017

Yep saw it Biggy 😂❤️ Sabre

February 2017

🤔 I think biggy is in love ! 😂 (at least he spelt her name right this time ) ❤️ Sabre

February 2017

When Biggy sleeps at night this is what he dreams of😴💤 ! You nailed it @worldsurflols Come on @markmatthewssurf you got to get better so we can do this, you got this, we believe in you. ❤️ Sabre and Biggy @dhdsurf

January 2017

The biggest hearts always hurt the most ❤️Sabre

January 2017

Biggy got to eat a lot of lollies and kiss @sylviajeffreys 😘!thanks so much everyone for helping Biggy pick his jacket for the @thetodayshow it was about 50/50 gold Vs NAVY. So he went for the non itchy navy one 🔵 ❤️Sabre and Biggy.

January 2017

Biggy got the call up to go on the @thetodayshow tomorrow morning🙈. We can't decide gold 💰or navy jacket??? The gold is a bit ichy but it looks very cool blue is more handsome?? •AT 8.15 WE HAVE 53 GOLD VOTES and 50 NAVY VOTES • @lydiapedrana @sylviajeffreys

January 2017

Im not going to lie, I'm a little confused what this motivation speech is about... but at least he is committed 😂❤️ Sabre. PS I always read Biggy what you guys write to him he always loves it but he can't write back because he is the slowest typer in the 🌎

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