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4 weeks ago

happy bc its spring break & cathy paid for my ice cream : ) )

February 2019

oh, me? i played AMERICA: “she’s all beautiful, and sassy, and she’s got her man, but she’s still independent. i’d say it was pretty good casting.”

February 2019

messing around & messing up words xoxo, bella (p.s. happy valentine’s day )

January 2019

D I S T R I C T S ✔️

January 2019

lola lou. i am: afraid of addressing you in the past tense & denial of the truth (because the idea of a world without you pains me ) but i have reason to believe you are still with me. you are the heat that burns between my palms when i kneel down to pray as though you’re trying to hold my hand tightly, reassuring supporting me the way i did you when we walked out those church doors linking arms every week you are every legato section of every band arrangement i’ll ever play you are who i sing to, play to, speak to when no one else is there to make up for all the times i was too embarrassed to at family gatherings to make up for when i couldn’t the evening of 10/24/18 you are what made me and my sister sit parked in a dollar store parking lot buying paper plates on your birthday red faced, headache, heartache over you you who brings family together year after year you are with us all. continuing to raise & be with your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren & you don’t have to but out of the good of your soul you do & i know that the world isn’t controlled by our deceased loved ones but still i listen i watch i wait for something, anything. she tells me to hold on, to keep the faith. — lola, i hope you had a very happy birthday with the big man in heaven!!! — 🎥: @xmelissamae

December 2018

l8 sk8 d8, m8‼️

September 2018

(one )ba, (two )ba, (three )ba!

August 2018

beach day MUCH needed.

August 2018

while most families scream for ice cream, my family just screams

August 2018

“get out of the car, we’re being spontaneous”

July 2018

📸 : an ipod 5

June 2018

it was a spicy 92° out today, i'd say that's about 92° hotter than me! that's all for today's forecast ☀️

May 2018

young & sweet, only 17!

April 2018

judges & timers weren't ready for us ; ) #4N6

March 2018

4 acts. 3 dances. 2 performances. 1 hell of a club. #diversity #myflywasdownthewholetime

March 2018

if i had a nickel for every time i rewrote this caption, i’d be able to hire someone to write it for me

November 2017

c a u g h t o f f g u a r d.

March 2018

“who here eats meat??”🙅🏻‍♀️

March 2018

family picture!!

August 2017

gateway getaway ☀︎

August 2017

t e x a e s t h e t i c 🤠

August 2017

N O , L A .

August 2017

band camp has me dead, but now i'm living

March 2017

h i g h l i t.

March 2017

"how hot is your hot plate?"

March 2017

there's a FIRST for everything thing ;- ) #4n6

February 2017


February 2017

chartreuse sisters go for a "non-date"

February 2017

KENJI. make a wish every time, i wished to get states and we did. at states, i wished to place and we did.

February 2017

oh, how we've grown i can't explain how proud i am of every single person in the company, my cranes especially. i truly am so grateful to have worked on such an amazing show and get so far. congratulations to all of you and to silent laughter as well placing second in our divisions. what an amazing way to close the shows

February 2017

this is me folding a crane. come see me fold more cranes this friday at the dessert theatre !!

December 2016

xmas from a subway station ︎❄️

December 2016

lookin' ♯ in these new band uniforms

December 2016

we may look hot, but not as hot as velma kelly

November 2016

t h e f a n t a s t i c k s . to think a month ago we had no clue what we were doing and now it's over. i never thought i'd ever love a show like this, but now it sits near and dear to my heart. i'm so glad to have been a part of this experience. thank you guys for making it that way ♡

September 2016

*hat flip tricks*

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