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3 weeks ago

My amazing, funny, vibrant, handsome nephew turned 3 this weekend & all I could do was thank God for being able to see this right here! ————————————— The devil tried to take my baby’s life back in May, & God said not so! I cried tears of joy today remembering how God covered & protected thee Peter Maximus Moses. And for that, I am forever grateful. ❤️❤️ @peter_maximus

last month

Happy father’s day to one of the best dads I know! Thanks for holding my sister down & raising my nephews to be great men! ❤️ You are so fearless & it doesn’t go unnoticed. Love ya!! @yorell_moses

October 2018

Goldie. 😘

October 2018

we here baby! 🤟🏾

September 2018


May 2018

today feels so surreal. I am officially the first high school & college graduate of my family, & blessed is not the word to describe how I feel. I am overflowing with emotion. God keeps his promises! He promised he would keep me, and he did. ❤️

May 2018

“By faith, through grace” 🙏🏾 SHE’S AN ALUMN Y’ALL. 🍒

April 2018

ain’t been out in so long.

October 2017

21 was definitely amazing to me! ✨

September 2017

21 21 21 🎈