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3 hours ago

#AvedaArtist Darren Summors lives a vibrant life. He crafts works of art for his salon guests in Australia and fashion-forward looks for the runways of NYFW and is always ready to play, create and inspire. How do you live vibrantly? Tell us below.


Coming to Aveda salons on 9/1, the vibrant hair color your heart desires—without damage. New Full Spectrum Vibrants #AvedaColor lasts 15 washes and is 95% naturally derived.* What are you waiting for? Book now. *From plants, non-petroleum minerals and water. Learn more at aveda.com

3 days ago

Invati Advanced: instantly thicker, fuller hair. Start your routine today at the link in bio.

3 days ago

#Invati Advanced is made with a powerful and potent blend of certified organic turmeric, ginseng and amla to instantly thicken and strengthen your hair.

3 days ago

Achieve your hair goals by starting each day with #Invati Advanced to reduce hair loss by 53%*. Use it daily, love it forever. Thicker hair can be yours. (*due to breakage from brushing after 12 weeks of using the Invati Advanced system. )

3 days ago

Once a day, every day. Massage in the #Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer to invigorate your scalp and instantly thicken your hair.

2 weeks ago

Your brush doesn't have to be your enemy. Keep your hair feeling stronger, thicker and fuller with #Invati Advanced.

2 weeks ago

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. The #Invati Advanced system delivers powerful results for thicker, fuller hair.

3 days ago

Invati Advanced is vegan, cruelty-free, manufactured with 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. #Invati

3 days ago

Make it a habit and visibly change your hair. The #Invati Advanced 3-step system works to reduce hair loss by 53%* — and provides an instant thickening effect. (*Invati Advanced system reduces hair loss due to breakage from brushing by 53% after 12 weeks. ) Learn more: http://bit.ly/2ZrDVy3

3 weeks ago

Thicker hair just got REAL. Start off strong with #InvatiAdvanced , which strengthens to reduce hair loss* and makes hair look INSTANTLY thicker and fuller. (*Due to breakage from brushing, after using the invati advanced system for 12 weeks. )

last month

An everyday essential. #DamageRemedy Daily Hair Repair helps instantly repair and prevent breakage. (*Helps prevent breakage in a repeat combing test vs. non-conditioning shampoo. )

last month

Instant, visible results. #DamageRemedy Daily Hair Repair works instantly to repair and protect your hair from roots to ends.

last month

Everything you need for healthy, beautiful hair. The #DamageRemedy family will keep your hair looking its most stunning and strong, all summer long.

last month

After a day of summer fun, treat your hair to a little repair with #DamageRemedy Daily Hair Repair.

last month

Keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful from daytime at the beach to fireworks in the evening with #DamageRemedy Daily Hair Repair.

last month

If you're ready to experience #SapMoss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, try a sample at Aveda stores, participating salons or with a purchase at Aveda.com. We think you're going to love its plant-powered benefits and lush, sensual aroma. #SmellsLikeAveda

last month

The #SapMoss aroma of jasmine, certified organic olibanum and cypress is unforgettable and addictive — reminiscent of a lush forest. Experience it in the NEW Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. #SmellsLikeAveda

last month

NEW #SapMoss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner delivers weightless hydration to all hair types with a #vegan blend of sap, moss and coconut.

last month

If you’ve got a craving for something soft, sweet and utterly irresistible, look no further than the #CherryAlmond family — a delicious treat for hair and body. #SmellsLikeAveda

last month

It’s a leave-in to believe in. NEW #CherryAlmond Leave-In Conditioner delivers 12 amazing instant benefits to infuse your hair with touchable beauty from root to tip. #SmellsLikeAveda

last month

Your hair care routine just got a whole lot sweeter. Our NEW leave-in conditioner has arrived! #CherryAlmond Leave-In Conditioner softens and smooths hair with zero silicones for silky, run-your-fingers-through it softness. #SmellsLikeAveda

last month

It’s a game-changer. Half of #SapMoss Weightless Hydration Shampoo’s ingredients are individually, artfully blended into small batches for the ultimate in weightless cleansing and conditioning.

last month

NEW #SapMoss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner blends richly nutritious ingredients like Icelandic moss, larch tree sap and coconut oil to hydrate your hair without feeling heavy.

last month

NEW #SapMoss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner infuses every strand of your hair with luxurious hydration, quenching its thirst and leaving it feeling soft, shiny and hydrated. Shop it at the link in our bio and get FREE shipping.

last month

Your hair could be dehydrated if it feels brittle, dull and dry. Bring it back to life with NEW #SapMoss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner — available now.

last month

It’s time to hydrate. NEW #SapMoss delivers weightless, everyday hydration for all hair types — without silicones. Shop now at the link in our bio and enjoy free shipping!

June 2019

A modern classic: #SapMoss Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. It instantly boosts hydration by 81%* so your hair feels perfectly quenched and manageable. Shop it at your Aveda salon or store or online with FREE shipping. (*based on laboratory testing on tresses )

last month

True luxury is choosing products crafted with respect for nature that enhance and embolden your natural beauty. Shop our #crueltyfree product picks at the link in bio. #StyledbyAveda #StellaSpring20 #sustainablefashion

last month

Sustainability is at the heart of both @StellaMcCartney and Aveda's missions. With every collection, Stella unites high style with thoughtful design and sustainable, environmentally-friendly manufacturing. Learn about Aveda’s efforts at Aveda.com. #AvedaMission #StellaSpring20

last month

All Aveda products are manufactured using 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets, because what is beautiful is also sustainable. For Aveda and @StellaMcCartney , that means responsible manufacturing. Learn more about Aveda’s efforts at Aveda.com. #AvedaMission #GlobalWindDay

June 2019

We plant beauty in the world, from the streets of New York City to fashion shows in Milan. One of the many ways we make a difference: replacing single use plastic with reusable bottles and straws backstage at @StellaMcCartney #StellaSpring20

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