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2 days ago

Greenacres, Newcastle 2018 Winner: Award for Residential Architecture, Newcastle Architecture Awards 2019. Set only metres from the ocean cliffs of Merewether in Newcastle, Greenacres responds to both site and location. Stepping down a steep gradient at three levels the house works with the landscape as it terraces down the hill towards the street. The garage is buried at the base of the property, with the entry path and garden weaving beside, up and over the top, through the green roof. The design of the driveway is landscaped to reduce the impact of a large expanse of hard surface in front of the house. A simple, white rectangular form, propped on three giant steel ‘paperclips’, houses the kitchen/ living and dining area, with two bedrooms and a bathroom beneath. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin @_natmiles ) Built by @chcbuilders Photo @tesskellyphotography #Greenacres

6 days ago

Charles House 2017 A spot to sit, relax and take in the beautiful surrounding landscape. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin @aneontheend ) Built by @overendconstructions Landscape @bushprojects Photos by @peterbbennetts

6 days ago

Catching up with #amaparklife residents at AMA Headquarters tonight! An exciting journey we have ahead of us!

2 weeks ago

Westgarth 2015 New louvres in the arched openings to the courtyard control privacy, without shutting off the street. From the street, this Fitzroy warehouse appears mostly as it previously did. The perforated steel balcony reveals it balustrade above the wall, and hints at the small project that lies behind. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects Built by @sargantconstruction Photo @tesskellyphotography

2 weeks ago

Bathing in the light well at Moor House. In the centre of the original house was a small light well containing a beautiful, yet constrained, Japanese maple tree. The family often found themselves conversing through this lightwell. Conversations took place, through the maple, from upstairs bedroom to kitchen opposite, to study space and even the bathroom. The maple was retained and the lightwell expanded and surrounded in glass, bringing the tree into the living spaces. The conversations between spaces and levels, through the maple, are better and easier than ever. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects Built by @TCMbuildinggroup Photo @peterbbennetts

2 weeks ago

House House 2013 Looking up into the light well of House House - love the warmth of the materials in this shot. Glass roofs can be thermally challenging therefore we have used high performance glass with automated louvres over so that sunlight stops before it hits the glass, not after. There’s no green house effect here. The owners can adjust the louvres at anytime between full sunlight and complete block out. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin ) Built by @sargantconstruction Photo by @peterbbennetts

2 weeks ago

Charles House 2017 From the outside looking in At Charles we blurred the distinctions between indoors and outdoors. The house is filled with light and the beautiful gardens provide direct connection to the surrounding landscape. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin @aneontheend ) Built by @overendconstructions Landscape @bushprojects Photos by @peterbbennetts

3 weeks ago

Kiah House 2018 MORE THAN JUST A PLACE FOR SHUT-EYE A bedroom can be far more than just a dark space at the quiet end of your home. A bedroom can be a contemplative, meditative space that at one time is wrapped up cosy and tight in layers of beautiful heavy curtains and then open to the outdoors the next. At Kiah House we were charged with the task of creating spaces, both private and shared, that spill out into the garden and yet adaptable enough to create solitude and privacy when needed. The master bedroom ‘haven' has a dedicated Buddhist prayer space and opens up to the garden and ponds via sliding double-glazed glass panels blurring the lines between inside and outside. The towering lemon scented gum tree is enclosed by a small deck area, a place for the owners to “sit and meditate”. . Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin @_natmiles @raydinharch ) Built by @cbdcontracting Photo by @tesskellyphotography

3 weeks ago

Anyone going to be in Jakarta on the 24th of August? @maynardarchitect is presenting at the Anabata talk series being held at The Titan Center, Bintaro. @anabataseries are taking registrations. Come along if you’re in the area!

3 weeks ago

Thanks to @legnoarchitettura for this awesome little feature on Austin Maynard Architects. We’re chuffed 😊 🇮🇹🙏🏾

3 weeks ago

Brickface is a compact building situated at the rear of an existing house in Richmond, Melbourne. It consists of a garage at ground level, studio living/guest suite at first floor, and a roof deck. A new pool and entertaining space extends the home’s entertaining area, while the roof terrace becomes the missing productive garden. The main living area of the existing house faces south and opens up onto the new terrace and pool. The backdrop to this view is the rising high wall of Brickface. Brickface sits hard up to the laneway on two sides, in a corner position. The building terminates a row of garage doors and newer outbuildings that tumble down the hill. Built from recycled brick, the structure is a solid and secure bookend that presents a character that looks to have existed well before the other buildings along the lane. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects Built by @tcmbuildinggroup Photo by @tesskellyphotography #austinmaynard #architect #architecture #architecturephotography #architecturelover #architects #architectdaily #archdaily #archilover #design #designer #designinspiration #designinspo #architexture #australianarchitecture #build #building #builder #innovation #architecture_hunter #designlife #designideas #construction #house #home

3 weeks ago

Austin Maynard Architects have signed the declaration by Architects Declare Australia. "The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time. Globally, buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats. For everyone working in the construction industry, meeting the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries will demand a paradigm shift in our behaviour. " Follow the link in our Bio to read more.

4 weeks ago

Alfred House is an addition and reconfiguration of an existing two storey, two bedroom terrace, with a tired lean-to that had little relationship with the exterior space. The client wanted us to replicate one of our previous projects, Vader House, as they liked the idea of a centralised courtyard. It was an interesting idea for us to revisit and to evolve, as we were able to push the concept further due to the property’s connection with the laneway. . Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitects @mork_austin ) Built by @tcmbuildinggroup Photo by @frasermarsdenphoto

5 weeks ago

The official ParkLife crew 🙌. We had our first catch up over the weekend - so awesome to meet everyone! Such an exciting journey lies ahead! #parklifeama

5 weeks ago

Della Torre 2015 This simple addition at Della Torre has given this house in Ivanhoe a new street frontage. The operable louvre facade caps the open plan living area, and mediates the public / private engagement between the dinner table and the street. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects Built by @tcmbuilding_ Photo @frasermarsdenphoto

last month

Dorman House 2016 Feeling those moody winter skies! Stay warm this weekend friends 🔥 Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin @_natmiles ) Built by @spenceconstruction Photo by @peterbbennetts #dormanhouse

last month

@maynardarchitect onsite at #unionhouseama yesterday - how amazing is that bath! Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects Built by @cbdcontracting

last month

Grant House - Contrasting the old & the new: White colorbond cladding was selected to maximise solar reflectance, drastically reducing demands on mechanical cooling. The material is robust and low maintenance Over time the house is designed to require minimal maintenance, minimal servicing and minimal adaption. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project Team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin ) Built by @sargantconstruction Photo @derek_swalwell

last month

Brickface 2017 Blue blue electric blue: To separate the private studio space from the garage below and the roof terrace above, the room has been painted blue throughout - walls, ceilings and skirtings. The cohesive use of colour unifies the room and draws a domestic scale to the studio: using colour to provide contrast and signify a change in function. The studio design and specifically the colour, provide a contrast to the surrounding gritty laneway and industrial brick facade. The owners wanted a space that would be calm and playful despite its 'seedy laneway’ location. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitect Built by @tcmbuildinggroup Photo by @tesskellyphotography

last month

Tattoo House 2006 Dappled light streaming through the 'tattoo' - the tree super-graphic, composed of images taken in a local park, creates playful and ever-changing shadows across the interior spaces of the house. The stickers became a multi-purpose solution to the dual requirements of council overlooking regulations and glare reduction.Legislation which dictates a 75% opacity to second-storey windows was resolved with UV stable stickers rather than expensive and elaborate screening. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin ) Built by @renovationone Photo by @peterbbennetts

last month

Pretty chuffed to be shortlisted in the Residential Architecture category for the inaugural Design Awards launched by @thedesignfiles this year. Empire House is sharing the honour with some pretty spectacular projects. You can check out the list 👆 (link in bio ). #empirehouseama Designed by @austinmaynardarchitect (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin @raydinharch ) Built by @preferredbuilders_canberra Landscape by @bushprojects Photos by @derekswalwell

last month

King Bill 2018 The distinguishing and unifying feature of King Bill is the corrugated colorbond steel metal cladding. Surfmist Custom Orb is used to define each of the additions - the stable building, the glass pavilion, and the bedroom pop out. The use of a singular material highlights the additions, particularly in the old stable building where the clean white steel contrasts with the original old brick. The advantage of the profile is that it can be rolled to create sweeping curves and sun shading eyelids. The versatility of using the linear ribs vertically or horizontal - allows the material to be used practically in different applications, to shade and guide rain water (the stable and pop out ), or to create the curve of a building (the pavilion. ) Designed by @austinmaynardarchitect (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin @raydinharch ) Built by @cbdcontracting Landscape by @bushprojects Photos by @derekswalwell

last month

Ballot closes for ParkLife tomorrow @ 6pm. Here's a little reminder of all the awesome that is Austin Maynard Architects - we're taking the best bits and morphing them into ParkLife where you will create an awesome community living within the Nightingale Village. This is your last chance to be a part of it! Get in touch with any questions or queries - all the links in bio ☝️

last month

Grant House Upstairs the parents retreat is light-filled and open, with a bedroom at one side, a lounging area with mezzanine reading platform at the other and a bathroom ‘box’ at the centre. Divisional walls stop short of the ceiling to create volume and height which celebrate the curve of the ceiling. The open layout is dedicated parent space, not enclosed and therefore used for relaxation rather than a place to store/hide stuff. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project Team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin ) Built by @sargantconstruction Photo @derek_swalwell

last month

regramming @nightingale housing While research clearly shows us the multitude of benefits to individuals and collectives, intergenerational living is not generally regarded as a very sexy topic by the architectural media. Austin Maynard Architects are one firm exploring the typology with integrity and enthusiasm, as evidenced in their Charles House project, pictured here (📸 by @peterbbennetts ). We already have some family communities in existing and in-progress Nightingale projects. With older generations looking to downsize, and young families wanting to remain close to work and school without the burden of a huge mortgage, it makes sense to look to be in the same building. ⠀ --⠀ To view information on Nightingale ParkLife by @austinmaynardarchitects follow the link in the bio. There are 30 apartments of various sizes and orientations on offer in the upcoming ballot! ⠀ --⠀ Any questions about the building, apartments or purchaser process can be sent to nightingale @maynardarchitects com⠀ #patklifeama

last month

Grant House In rethinking the functionality of the house and how it is used, garden space has been protected and expanded. Reduction of the original footprint created more natural light, more garden and easier access At Grant House we created a visual and spacial separation between the old and the new with a courtyard. Having that separation brings light and air into the back of the old house and into the new addition. The chainlink provides an opportunity for vegetation to take hold which over time create a cooler micro climate. Designed by @austinmaynardarchitects (Project team @maynardarchitect @mork_austin ) Built by @sargantconstruction Photo by @derekswalwell

last month

Have you checked out the Nightingale ParkLife microsite over at Nightingale Housing yet? In case you missed it there is a recording of our info night, and you can download the resident package which contains all of the relevant information and plans for #parklifeama Austin Maynard Architects awesome contribution to the Nightingale Village. Can't find the answer to your question? Send an email to nightingale @maynardarchitects com We're so excited to be a part of Brunswick's Nightingale Village. Its going to be a game changer. #austinmaynard #apartmentdesign #apartmentlife #apartmentliving #architecture #archdaily #architecturaldesign #austinmaynard #archilover #architexture #australianarchitecture #betterapartments #cohousing #community #design #designmatters #designinspiration #designinspo #home #melbourne#nightingale #nightingalehousing #nightingalevillage #parklifeama #peoplenotprofit #sustainability #sustainableliving #sustainable #australiandesign

June 2019

Thank you to all who came along to our resident information session last night for Nightingale ParkLife, the last building in the Village on offer! Andrew took us through Austin Maynard’s response to the Nightingale model and how we envisage ParkLife to be: environmentally and socially sustainable with a massive dose of signature AMA playfulness and design integrity. ⠀ . Ballot now open until Wednesday 3rd July at 6pm.⠀ . You can view all plans, pricing and indicative finishes on the Nightingale ParkLife microsite (link in bio ).👆🏼 . Any questions about the building, apartments or purchaser process can be sent to nightingale @maynardarchitects com 📸 @austinmaynardarchitects

June 2019

Regramming @nightingale housing; if you’re interested in ParkLife, a tour of Nightingale 1 is the single best way to gain a deeper understanding of the Nightingale model and how it is realised on a day-to-day basis by those lucky enough to live there. Tours run every Thursday and take you inside the home of a Nightingale resident, to all the common areas and provide you with the financial context surrounding the model. ⠀ --⠀ ⠀ There are still some spots available for this Thursday's 10am tour. Follow the link in @nightingale housing bio to register!⠀ --⠀ Pictured here is a legit planting day at Nightingale 1 captured by  @klongersklongers 🌳⠀ --⠀ #ParkLifeama

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