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New EP #foreverandAday out now.//For All booking inquires: [email protected]

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18 hours ago

||To Shift The Paradigm|| 🙏🏽⚡️ There’s a generational Healing amongst us in the atmosphere.. can you feel it ? Can you hear it ? .. cause its’a’calling, & love awaits us. Reach out & grab your promise!!.. it’s for you! 👁❤️

2 weeks ago

Part 2 of Scruff Muff “Lazy Hospital Worship”!! U know ima lift my praise, anywhere, anytime.. I gots to get ME!! 🙏🏽😂

2 weeks ago

Here’s a little Lazy ‘Spital Worship from the Scruff Muff. 🤷🏽‍♀️🙏🏽

2 weeks ago

Hiiii guys!! 😂It’s me, being my most awesome, weirdly great self. 🤦🏽‍♂️I’m here with the stitch 🗣 & to also apologize for not being able to make the essence fest gig last night. I take my career & your time very seriously & the fact that you guys show up for me, endlessly. Means the world! I’m man down right now, & figured I should share.. that My auto immune disease is raging, but im fighting this thing & on my mission to shake back & beable to make it up to you! I got so much 🎶NEW NEW🎶 to share w/ you!!!..& Big Love to give. ❤️ Big Life, Big Dreams & every peaceful thing to you! Less stress, More Love, More Rest, & Jah Bless. 🙏🏽 know that HE’s got you even when it all feels too complex. 👁⚡️🙏🏽

3 weeks ago

New Orleans on July 7th. Hope to see you there 🙏🏽

May 2019

Will finally caught up to me about all that Jada crap that was going on in the news. & let’s just say, he whooped my axs!! Guess that ALI training really paid off : )

April 2019

Anybody else going thru a break up ?? 🗣 I’m Asking for a friend. 😭 🎶Drop it ? 🎶Or 🎶Keep it? 🎶Let me know!! Oh & ps; MixTape SZN is neArrr❗️ 😅😅

April 2019

Fun Fact; i dropped a couple tears during the edit of this video..(click the link in my IG bio to watch 👣footsteps RMX video ) cause mann, My nieces are just breathtaking! ✌🏽&❤️

April 2019

..when I walked away, I left 👣”Footsteps” so u can follow me👣 Remix video Out Now! (Click The Link In Bio ) Drip 💧 : @philippplein

April 2019

Click the link In Bio for New 👣”Footsteps” video👣 #TestimonyTurns5

April 2019

👣..”but I know some blessings coming, need some help to show the girls what it’s gone take to be a woman. By the wayyy, I got fans who wanna know if music on the way. & A girl who feel abandoned so she abandoned me, thought she knew that loving me was not a holiday. Needed your presence not a present girl on Christmas Day.”👣[Video Link In BIO] Happy 5 years of #Testimony album. 🎉

April 2019

Guys Theres an issue with the uploaded Video quality for “Footsteps”! We are working on taking it down and swapping out/re-uploading for the clearer picture as above! [New Video Link Avail In Bio]. ❤️ Happy 5 years of #Testimony

April 2019

New Video Out NOW (Link In Bio ) In honor of #Testimony 5 year Anniversary/Mel-Man Birthday!

April 2019

Wow man! This album #Testimony really Turns 5 today. We dropping a new record/video in honor of today!!

April 2019

Happy Birthday Mel-Man! Looking at this picture of you as a kid, (you look bad as hell by the way 😂 ) ...I see soooo much of you in every one of your daughters. Sometimes I still can’t believe it man, but I know you are somewhere smiling just like such with your queen ( @_chachacha ) on side of you. Miss you & the way you held down the responsibilities of being a true male figure & big brother in my life.. & you wore it with pride! You are my reason man & i love you endlessly. Rest In Peace 🙏🏽 ..& just leave all the rest, to me.❤️ oh & #TestimonyTurns5 today 🎉🎉

April 2019

ITs🔥LIT!!🚨🎶”Talk”🎶🚨 ReMix Is Out Now! [Click The Link In Bio]

April 2019

🎶Can we just “TALK”⁉️Should I Drop This Remix ?? If so, Drop some 🔥 below! [ @thegr8khalid , I hear you bruva! ]🎶

April 2019

To be a black man is to be a target. Sadly enough, but it’s true. You add the money & the fame...the bullseye broadens & in turn causes one to walk in constant paranoia of the Day death calls your upon your name. 💔R.I.P. KingNIP! @nipseyhussle ❤️🙏🏽... so tired of writing RIP’s.

March 2019

🚨🎶New Music 🚨🎶”NunYa” Remix Video Out Now [Link In BIO]

March 2019

“Why is you textin me, askin who next to me? Why you care about who havin sex with me.... What I got cookin w/ her ain’t your recipe”! #NUNYa Remix out now! [Link In Bio]

March 2019

🎶NEW MUSIC🎶 “NunYa” G-Mix out right now on YouTube! (Link In Bio ) [Disclaimer; This Is Just a Remix so noooo It won’t be on iTunes/Spotify. It’s just a G-Mix. & speaking of Lani, Congrats on your new arrival. 🙏🏽 New 👧🏽Life]✌🏽&❤️

March 2019

Before my sister passed away, she asked a few request of me. THIS was one of those request, it is now fulfilled & I hope you are somewhere smiling about it @_chachacha // #OdeToTheKING & to a few of my faves @tashacobbsleonard @musiqcity ( @thewallsgroup ) @kierrasheard @jonmcreynolds Let Me Know If Yal Down to Join Me For The Worship EP!!

March 2019

We lost an whole hour today🙄😒 so...that means one less hour to do and Indulge in fleshly thangsss 💦😩😊(I’m just talking bout sleep 💤 &slobber )😂😭💀 Happy Sunday yal! I am kickin depression’s AXX! (at least today ) lol Keep fighting your battles! ✌🏽&❤️

March 2019

Im just tryna 🍆slide up in it 🍑💦👅 & sing sweet nothings to you til I buss💦 up in it. 💀*tomorrow Sunday, so I’ll be saved and sanctified again by then😭😂 🎶[click the link In Bio for New Music]🎶

March 2019

🎶Sweet sounds of the name Jesus. 👑How Majestic is YOUR name! 🙏🏽⚡️In alllll the earth. 🌍 Hope this blesses your day today. Happy Friday folk! 🎶[click the link In my Bio for New Music]🎶

March 2019

Mommy to be ( @kehlani ) wus hoooood! 🌹Top of the morning people!! #NunYa

March 2019

🌬[press▶️plAy] there’s only ONE You! #Celebrate yourself! 🎶Click Link In Bio 4🚨NEW MUSIC🚨]🎶

March 2019

My shining ST🌟R ❗️⚡️🎶[Link In Bio for New Music]🎶

March 2019

[press▶️plAy] #Honest ⚡️A whole throwback & STILL a whole #MOOD ❗️”Truthfully im cutting people off who can’t do shxt for me, cause I made mistakes of helping people who just take from me. See me tryna get it so they plotting on me faithfully. I know if i lost it all tomorrow, they won’t stay with me.”

March 2019

🎶[Press ▶️ Play]🎶 According to streams, “Secret” seems to be one of Yal’s favorite.. Is this True? Drop your favorite song title from #foreverandAday EP below❗️[Click The Link In Bio For New Music] 🌹 fanLove edit by: @team_foxtail

March 2019

Valentine’s Day EP still going up! Click the [Link In Bio]

February 2019

“For i am the clay, & 👑YOU👑 are the Potter. Yet shall i trust.” 🎨 [🚨🎶Click the link in my bio for New Music🚨🎶]

February 2019


February 2019

Repost from @aaalsinalookbook | 🎶 i released New Music #foreverandAday 🎶 A Surprise EP on Valentine’s Day, if you haven’t heard it Go & Click The [Link In Bio] #TheINDEPENDENTway

February 2019

Mann... THIS! This right here is beyond LOVE & beyond DEDiCATION because I get sick of l👀king at my damn self sometimes 😂 nah but Thankyou for loving me! i❤️ you right bck. 🎶NEW MUSIC🎶 #foreverandAday EP out on all digital streaming platforms [Link In Bio]

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