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February 2019

Somewhere above the SoCal ✈️

February 2019

The best car for this kind of weather! 🚙

December 2018

I’ve been really lazy at posting lately but now i have a good reason to do it. First reason - we look sharp AF. Second reason - i’m grateful for these group of people. Even tho we don’t work together anymore, I’m glad we are still finding time to hang out. 🤙🏻

April 2018

Happy Alex seating on a huge piece of glacier.

March 2018

To get to the Portage Glacier we had to cross frozen lake (around 3 miles one way ). We decided to do cross country skiing and soon I realized that it wasn’t good idea. Mostly because of the wind, ice and lack of cross country skiing experience. I end up walking half way to the glacier.

March 2018

It’s time to post some pics from my recent trip to Alaska. First of all, huge thanks to Aaron for being my host and guide! We’ve met almost 3 years ago while hiking Kalalau trail in Kauai, HI. During my Alaska trip he was kind enough to show me some cool spots in the area, get me a discount for lifts and a room to crush in. 🤙🏻

December 2017

It was my mom’s dream to see and hug a sequoia tree 🌳 What is your dream?

December 2017

January 2017, North-West of Oahu island.🏝 I miss this place.

October 2017

Perfect setup: nature + tent + bike. Yosemite National Park 🏕

October 2017

Autumn in Yosemite 🍁 Top Yosemite Fall trail.

October 2017

Morning in Yosemite 🌲 🏞

October 2017

Lesson #1: “ How to drop your bike” for Dummies.🤦🏼‍♂️ 1. Stop on the side of the highway if you feel like your luggage is not secured. ✅ 2. Be tired. It helps with making stupid decisions.✅ 3. Shake your luggage left and right to make sure it’s still secured. ✅ 4. Look at your bike while it’s falling. ✅ Congrats, you are dumb. 👍🏻On the other side, I want to thank Alex(me ) from the past for buying foldable clutch and brake levers. I can only imagine how much longer I’d stuck there if brake lever would break. 👍🏻Also, thanks to 3 nice guys for stopping and helping me pick up this heavy beast.🙌🏻

October 2017

S O U N D O N 🎧😌

October 2017

Foggy day in Sequoia National Park. 🌲

September 2017

Donate✅ Dress up✅ Ride the DGR✅ Eat quesadilla after✅

September 2017

Dallas Green with his band City and Colour🤘🏻

August 2017

Throw back to my 3 weeks solo backpacking trip to Kauai Island in 2015.🏝 Whole trip cost me around 600$ including the tickets. No hotels, no restaurants, no car rentals; only backpack with tent, camping stove and some spare clothes. Can't wait to do it again. 🤙🏻

August 2017

I have a bunch of pictures from all over the places. I'm just going to post them without any chronological order and sometimes even captions.

July 2017

I've been wearing this watch for a while now and can finally say that I love it. Simple, stylish and serves the purpose perfectly. 👍🏻 You can still grab one with 15% off by using the code ALEXANDER15. The link is in my bio. @111watches #sponsored #partner #ad #outdoorwatch

July 2017

Somewhere between LA and Sequoia National Park, CA

July 2017

Foggy day in the park. Sequoia National Park, CA

June 2017

Road tripping in Sequoia National Park, CA 🌲 🚘 🌲

June 2017

I took this picture during my weekend trip to Sequoia National Park with my mom. She loved it. And i'm glad i was able to share this moment with her as it was one of the most beautiful sunsets i've seen in my life. 📍Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park, CA

May 2017

Hey guys! I'm really excited to partner up with @111watches and share my love for their outdoor watches!! Not only does it look stylish, it's also solar powered and won't mind getting wet during your next adventure. Grab one yourself with a 15% discount by using code ALEXANDER15.🤙🏻 The link is in my bio. #oneelevenwatches #gogridless #sponsored

April 2017

Thanks to @tintabybulka for this awesome art. Now i finally have something to hang on the wall👌🏻 Check out her artwork and show some love!!

March 2017

Another shot form my short weekend trip to Jalama beach. Stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch and few pics: )

March 2017

Redondo Beach. Fell in love with this city from the first time I saw it. 🤙🏻

March 2017

Finally it's warm and sunny. Perfect time for a ride👌🏻

February 2017

it's time to post some more pics from my recent trip to Oahu. Lanikai beach.

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