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1 hour ago

She was here. She was real. And she took a piece of me with her. It’s the longest I’ve ever been without seeing her face, I miss you everyday Maui.❤️


Step into your power. 👑

2 days ago

Doing my best Sound of Music impression 🏞

3 days ago

There is beauty in just being still.

3 days ago

Swinging into the weekend like... #TGIF

5 days ago

#TBT to McDonald’s with bae 😂

6 days ago

I stan! (Is that how you say it? 🤷🏼‍♀️ )

1 weeks ago

These girls are there for me through everything and I am so grateful for them 💕

2 weeks ago

When Mercury goes retrograde... 🔮

2 weeks ago

Thanks for making my birthday so special this year baby. I love you. 📷: @eliastahan

2 weeks ago

I love my @illuminatecosmetics Liquid Lip In Miami. It’s the perfect Red and stays on all day 💋

2 weeks ago

Summer nights with my love @cmfrench 💕

2 weeks ago

Happy 4th my loves 💥💥

2 weeks ago

Who’s ready for the 4th??! I AM 🙋🏼‍♀️ (In celebration of @kristin_ess birthday today I wanted to post one of my favorite hair color she did, Blessed by @kristin_ess )

2 weeks ago

Just keep dancing through life 💃🏼 34 Here I Come 🎉🎉

3 weeks ago

Any challenge in life is a lesson that is meant to make you stronger and a better person. May we stand up and release the mental aspect of it, fully accept it and know that in the end it’s all for the good.

3 weeks ago

It’s the mornings I miss you the most 💔

3 weeks ago

Trying to plan a Lil vaca after we wrap and before I start my new series. To reflect + renew. But I don’t know where to go! Any suggestions? Comment below 👇🏼

3 weeks ago

#TBT to my girl @kimhidalgo + @brantdaugherty wedding. Surrounded by Love 💕

3 weeks ago

Mama and Maui 💗

3 weeks ago

Thanks @drag_ink ❤️ Now Maui is always with us.

4 weeks ago

Love is all you need 💕

4 weeks ago

One day at a time. Just breathe. Back to work today and although I’m dying inside Maui would want me to keep going. In these moments she’s giving me the strength to push through. It’s hard, every single second of every hour but i want to make her proud. I love my angel 👼🏼

5 weeks ago

We got her married @kimhidalgo !! Now only 3 more to go.... #wifeylife

5 weeks ago

I know we don’t have a human baby yet, but we do have a FUR baby. Yesterday was a really hard day, my little Maui was really sick and I had to put on a brave face and be in the moment for my best friend @kimhidalgo wedding. Knowing my husband was just gonna stay at the hospital all day even just to see her a couple times every couple hours made me feel at ease. The scariest part was not knowing what was wrong (not being home ) and that it came on fast, @cmfrench you comfort me in those moments and make me feel less scared. Thanks for loving Maui as much as I do and being the BEST dog dad out there!! (Maui is doing a lot better thanks to the care of the DRs @sagecenters ) #happyfathersday

5 weeks ago

Happy Father’s Day daddy!!! Thanks for being there for me and supporting me in all the houses I want to buy lol You’re the best contractor, even though we might not agree on stuff, we’re a great team! Also thanks for the discounts 😝 (but seriously, thanks for always providing for our family, you inspire me all the time! )

5 weeks ago

Sisters 4 Life.

last month

My fairy friend @kimhidalgo is getting married!!!! This was taken at my wedding almost 5 years ago and now it’s her turn 😭 I can’t wait to be by your side as you’ve always been for me. I love you Kim!!! #kimandbrant

last month

I STILL can’t believe I’m coming to TV this fall ☺️ September 26th at 9:30/8:30c @cbstv @patriciaheaton #carolssecondact

last month

We didn’t start the fire 🎶 ... oh wait maybe we did 🔥 #merryhappywhatever

last month

It’s so hot outside I might have to strip down and find a field like I did in this picture 📸: @jameswhitefoto

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