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23 hours ago

I only been a actor for three years.And God has bless me to met and work with some Hollywood Icons. @vanessabellcalloway This scene is nothing I condone.But just pay attention of how great all the actors in it are. @im angelabassett @laurencefishburneofficial

3 weeks ago

Grinding harder 💪🏾

May 2019

My first Hollywood speaking role ❤️🎬... The Poison Rose 🥀 #The Butler

May 2019

God is Good.. made it to the big screen with Travolta 👌🏾❤️

May 2019

First I want to thank God for opening up the door for me.Getting a speaking role is not a easy task.I want to Thank my Mother-Grandmother and family members. @johntravolta Thank you for being a great guy and having confidence in me.It was a honor to work with you.To my friends and supporters go watch the Poison Rose 🌹

April 2019

Will Smith is a wise brother! This message is so deep... Self discipline ❤️

December 2018

Merry Christmas everybody from my family to yours ❤️❤️👌🏾

November 2018

Throwback #IRS Agent on the show Saints and Sinners. @davidbannerlikespictures real solid dude was very supportive!

December 2018

First I want to thank the Lord for helping me believe in myself.Finally got my SAG CARD.Hollywood recognize me as a actor very grateful 🙂 #sagaftramember

October 2018

About to hit a new movie set🎥.Thank you Lord for every opportunity ❤️

August 2018

My role as a police officer on Mr.Mercedes.Thank you lord for another opportunity.Got to start small to get in the industry ❤️

May 2018

Having fun working on my next project

March 2018

Got to work on a small scene on the new Bobby Brown movie. Bobby was a real dude. Played role as a deliver man!

February 2018

New Role as police officer on new show Mr.Mercedes...