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10 hours ago

안녕하세요~~ 이번주 토요일 (7/20 ) 한국에서 팬미팅을 하려고합니다. 오후2시 신사가로수에있는 Saint Rain이라는 카페에서 진행할예정인데요 자세한내용은 빠른시일내에 말씀드리겠습니다! 혹시 팬미팅에 오실 예정이라면 아래 댓글에 ‘💛’를 남겨주세요! Stay tuned! Last minute casual fan meeting in Korea this Saturday at Saint Rain cafe in Garosu-gil at 2pm, leave a 💛 if you plan on coming & tag a friend in Seoul! See you babies soon! 😽

2 days ago

오늘... 뭐 하고 있을까요? ㅋㅋ Guess what I’m doing today~~^^

4 days ago

아 정신 없어 ㅠㅠ 할게 너무 많다... so much to do, so little time.. working on some new exciting things for @leonardandchurch & also planning new MVs... #sleeplessnights

5 days ago

Patiently waiting for my sunblock to dry & my food to digest before swimming 😅 #throwback #lastweek #jejudo

6 days ago

생각보다 한국 일정이 좀 더 길어질 것 같아요..시간 되면 팬미팅 할까 하는데 어떨까요? Looks like I’m extending my stay in Korea.. if there’s time for a fan meet, who’s down?

1 weeks ago

한국 덥다💦 it’s hot in Korea... time for a dip? You know you’re friends when you both buy the same printed swimsuit at different times. #twinning #sametaste

2 weeks ago

Just being Extra.

2 weeks ago

Have you seen my newest YouTube video? 😏

2 weeks ago

처음으로 이쁜 친구들이랑 아프리카티비 라이브 했습니다.. 나중에 유튜브에서 봐요~^^

2 weeks ago

This was on my way to get my 1st tattoo. So many emotions. But mostly EEeeeek!

2 weeks ago

Jeju say what?

3 weeks ago

I was so happy because I was hugging such a cute fluff all night. ❤️

3 weeks ago

제주 바람

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

제주바다 놀러왔다~~^^ 메롱 😛

3 weeks ago

Trying to take an instagram bathtub photo.. am I doing it right?

3 weeks ago

Meet this beautiful Shepherd Dutch, recently rescued by my friend @davidleemcinnis & @jungdaa ! Glad this big baby now has a great life! Good times last night catching up with old friends @wonsukchin @cchung0512 @sj_lee14 @junoflo @naminamiworld

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

한국에서 넘 좋은 시간 보내고있어요^^ Legit melting out here from the humidity but having so much fun eating & being a tourist. Also been laughing A LOT. Laughter truly does cure the soul. 💛

4 weeks ago

This week we #spendtime with my incredibly talented friend @iamlincolnyounes ! Read how my handsome Australian friend ended up as an actor in LALA land! (link in story ) Also make sure to catch Lincoln every Monday night on @grandhotelabc , I promise you don’t want to miss it! 📷 @lukerieke 📝 @leonardandchurch

4 weeks ago

Ohayōgozaimasu Tokyo. おはようございます Still jet lagged but I’m ready for you.

4 weeks ago

Admiring the interior design. #tokyo #ginza

4 weeks ago

Today’s #ootd What’s the best ramen spot in Roppongi? I need to find some ramen tomorrow... 🍜

4 weeks ago

There’s a lot of things I’ve been saying I’d do when there’s time... then you blink and it’s been 5 years, 10 years... Sometimes you’ve just gotta make time. Off to an adventure — it’s half work but I’m really going to find some time for me. To rest, recharge & figure out what I want to do with life. ✈️🇯🇵

4 weeks ago

Monday leggo! Last couple days in LA! In 2 days I’ll be in JAPAN! 📷 @choyelliot

5 weeks ago

Early morning hike with the girls + @chewy_cho , well I guess she’s a girl too 👧🏻🐶🐶🐶👧🏻

5 weeks ago


last month

2019 has easily been one of the hardest years of my life and to top it off this month is really pushing the absolute worst... but trying my best to keep my head up. If you’re going through a tough season, don’t give up. You’re not alone. Let’s do this. 📷 @ashleyseryn 💄 @sooyonelinakim 👗 @gabriel castorena

last month

Felt like a highlighter, might delete later. #selfie — I got jokes.

last month

Can I always hide behind leaves? — Snapped the other day on the way to lunch by @rmarq_ being all artsy & cool.

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