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5 hours ago

Commissioned by Apple. Low-light images captured before and after #Nightmode on the #iPhone11Pro #ShotoniPhone by... - 1. Geordie W. @geordiewood "Night mode mimics how the human eye would see in the dark, much better than a traditional still camera." - 2. Jason N. @Jason_nocito_studio "The fact you can shoot in almost complete darkness and get great portraits is really surprising." - 3. Laura J. C. @laurajanecoulson "Color saturation was great. Teamed with the Wide camera, the cinematic images you can create are truly amazing."

2 days ago

“River in the sky.” #lightning #ShotoniPhone by Jonas P. @jonaspiontek

1 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. “The iPhone 11 Pro frees up the filmmaking process. There’s incredible video quality. The ability to move. Amazing performance in low light and a truly cinematic feel using Ultra Wide. Now, there’s no excuse. Anyone can tell a story.” #4K #ShotoniPhone by Diego C. @hidiegoc

2 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. “El Camino de Santiago pushes your limits. You learn that on your own, step by step, you can achieve something that looks impossible.” #CaminodeSantiago #ShotoniPhone by César P. @cesarpesquera Score by Mans O. @mans_o Check out Stories and IGTV for more.

2 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. “We think of food visually, as an object in still life rather than "food photography". We were really inspired by weird track lighting and bright lights to bring out the shine of metallics and the texture of AstroTurf.” #StillLife #ShotoniPhone by Kelsey M. @kelseymcclellan and Michelle M. @pandahandler Check IGTV for the full story.

3 weeks ago

“There’s always so much going on above our heads.” #lookup #ShotoniPhone by Ali M. @ali3losh

3 weeks ago

“It’s simply a reflection.” #bnw #ShotoniPhone by Ivor L. @jawdoc2

3 weeks ago

“In Malaysia, we call this type of banana ‘pisang berangan’. Deep fried, it's a popular street food, and we even pour different kinds of grated cheese on them. You’ve got to try it.” #streetphotography #ShotoniPhone by Ahmad S. @suf xyan

2 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. "I love capturing sports courts for their lines, geometry, and vivid colors." #tennis #ShotoniPhone by Fabrizio R. @fabrizioraschetti Check out Stories for more.

2 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. “My use of color is unique to my style. Pastel colors provide the perfect palette for being minimal." #minimalism #ShotoniPhone by Maria S. @maria svarbova Check Stories for more.

4 weeks ago

“I love to show the mysterious lives of plants.” #abstract #ShotoniPhone by Felix S. @madebyfelix

5 weeks ago

“The details in my brother’s eye.” #focus #ShotoniPhone by Muhammed J. @the_lenser

2 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. "Living in Sweden, where it's dark and grey for half the year, makes bright colours more needed." #colour #ShotoniPhone by Tekla S. @teklan Check Stories for more.

last month

"The smile that made my day." #wildlife #ShotoniPhone by Salem A. @beingsalem

2 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. "For me, to hide myself is a way to show myself. You can show who you are with other parts of your personality - not just your face, your friends, your muscles." #selfie #ShotoniPhone by Isabel M. @isabelitavirtual Check Stories for more.

last month

“Another day spent basking for Escobar.” #reptile #ShotoniPhone by Myx R. @escobarthebeardie

last month

Community Brief 25: Empty We all need space sometimes. Tag #TheEmptySeries + #ShotoniPhone We’ll post favorites next week. Music: “Spook” by @cellobop

last month

“The sun-soaked, patchwork fields of the Azores.” #portugal #ShotoniPhone by Aleksandra M. @lekarkawpodrozy

last month

“Reflections in St. Petersburg.” #architecture #ShotoniPhone by Ilya A. @idbronskiy

last month

“Hampi is a wonder. Humans, animals and gods, all existing in the same space.” #india #ShotoniPhone by Pierre L. @pitoou

July 2019

“The universe holds so much more than meets the eye. My telescope can open up the moon’s heavily battered surface, letting me see all of its craters, mountains and shadows. When it’s still and quiet, it feels like there’s nothing separating you and the wonders of the night sky.” Marking the 50th anniversary of the #apollo11 landing, #ShotoniPhone by Andrew S. @failedprotostar Music: “Galaxy Glider” by Coldcut

July 2019

“Observing how bacteria and fungi behave is captivating. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. They can cause terrible illnesses, but are also the source of many lifesaving antibiotics. Since much of traditional microbiology is being automated and skills like identifying bacteria by appearance may be lost, hopefully our page can help to educate and also raise interest in our field.” #science #ShotoniPhone by Samuel Y. @bacteriagram Music: "LesAlpx" by @floatingpoints

July 2019

“Carmel’s rugged rocks, golden light and the bluest water I’ve ever seen. It shattered my expectations in the best way.” #sunset #ShotoniPhone by Nathaniel W. @nathanielwise

July 2019

“The labor of women, paid and unpaid, is the backbone of any economy.” #india #ShotoniPhone by Aakash P. @click_india99

July 2019

“An even split between wood and sea.” #greece #ShotoniPhone by Paschalis K. @mattlouder

July 2019

🔊“A caterpillar’s dangling dance.” #insect #ShotoniPhone by Pia K. @pia krishen Music: “Monky Disco” by @thebaberainbow

July 2019

“Drawn by the sun.” #bnw #ShotoniPhone by Jeff K. @jeffreymkarp

July 2019

“We drove 5 hours, hiked 3.5 hours, and slept 1 hour in the cold to wake up to this.” #hiking #ShotoniPhone by Johan C. @johanboeuf

July 2019

“Amazing wonders are all around us.” #plasticbagfreeday #ShotoniPhone by Hassan I. @seefromthesky

July 2019

“From the colors to the patterns, it’s like a visual story of a seafarer’s life.” #aerial #ShotoniPhone by Zay Yar L. @zayyarlin84

June 2019

Color Coded: Blue Music: “Blue” by Ken Nordine, the late “word jazz” genius. #Blue #ShotoniPhone by... Christina J. @xinafaye , Ashraful A. @the ash.are, Toni P. @tonipascualcuenca , Antonia S. @so asa, Marko V. @mark o, Christian F. @nocamerabag , Maaniu R. @maniurashydh , Delphine C. @delphine2lyon , Brian W. @brian walker, Musthafa B.U. @am_a_shutterbug , Darving M. @darvingmiquia

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