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Commissioned by Apple. “We are at the whim of the tides, just like wild creatures are. We aren’t separate from nature. Mother Nature is us. It is the universe. It is everything. We are simply a part of that.” #Earth #ShotoniPhone by Anson F. @ansonfogel Check out Stories for more.

2 days ago

Commissioned by Apple. “If my images encourage people to protect wild places, then enduring grueling expeditions and extreme weather conditions is worth it. I feel like a servant to the planet.” #Earth #ShotoniPhone by Renan O. @renan_ozturk Check out Stories for more of Renan’s excursions.

4 days ago

Commissioned by Apple. “It’s easy to show nature as beautiful and tranquil, because it is. But the planet itself is not static. It’s a living, breathing thing. Getting people to see nature differently, to show them a side of the world they’ve never seen before, that’s a hard thing to do.” #Earth #ShotoniPhone by Tim K. @timkemple Check out Stories to see how Tim captures extreme conditions.

5 days ago

Commissioned by Apple. “Throwing yourself into extreme situations is oddly addicting. You start to crave it. The more time you spend behind a camera, the more you look for something extreme, because those are often the ones that are most extraordinary.” #Earth #ShotoniPhone by Keith L. @ladzinski Check out Stories to watch Keith capture an active volcano.

6 days ago

Commissioned by Apple. “Anytime you’re filming wildlife, you can expect the unexpected, so you have to be willing to shoot for hours. My job is to be a fly on the wall, to sit and watch all the magic unfold around me.” #Earth #ShotoniPhone by Andy M. @andy_mann Check out Stories to see how Andy captures even bigger creatures.

2 weeks ago

“I was around six years old when my father took me to the basketball court for the first time. I fell in love with the game immediately.” #basketball #ShotoniPhone by Piotr Z. @piotrzemlak

2 weeks ago

Community Brief 23: Twins Truly any time you're seeing double. Tag #TheTwinsSeries + #ShotoniPhone We’ll post favorites next week. Music: “Duplicate” by @bennysingsmusic featuring @mockyrecordings

2 weeks ago

“Preparing the hot-air balloon.” #cappadocia #ShotoniPhone by Richard M. @riccomattei

2 weeks ago

“Don’t overlook the simple things.” #swimming #ShotoniPhone by Lucia M. @luciamdd520

3 weeks ago

🔊 “It was always my dream to come to Amboseli and photograph one of these great tuskers. Even now, I watch this video again and again. The thrill never goes away.” #wildlifephotography #ShotoniPhone by Tapan S. @tapansheth

3 weeks ago

“Most people avoid Yosemite after a winter storm, but that’s exactly when I want to be there. Once you learn to appreciate how it can completely transform a landscape, it’s addictive.” #yosemite #ShotoniPhone by Sapna R. @sapnareddy

3 weeks ago

“I was hiking, chasing the sunset, when a trail led me to this colorful fantasy land. It sounds cliché, but every moment felt euphoric.” #landscapephotography #ShotoniPhone by Jaxson P. @jaxsonpohlmanphotography

4 weeks ago

Color Coded: Red Music: “Crimson” by Ken Nordine, the late “word jazz” genius. #Red #ShotoniPhone by... Rashed S. @irashedz , Ilya B. @bartonsup , Matej T. @mt__994 , Eythan A. @eythan_amar , Nicolas B. @nicobgn_ , George A. @the_greek_in_dc , Aditya T. @adityatambe17 , Valeria L. @valeria_lapardina , Adrian E. @adrianelliot , Mahmut Nedim Ç. @nedimcy

4 weeks ago

“There’s a loneliness or solitude to my images. For the people I capture, I like to imagine who they are and what they’re thinking about.” #ShotoniPhone by Matt B. @baron_films Music: “Little Blue” by Dead Light @villagegreenrecordings

4 weeks ago

Commissioned by Apple. “A window between worlds.” 7 days. 8 time zones. 9,289 kilometers. Across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Check out Stories and IGTV for more. #TransSiberian #ShotoniPhone by Sergey P. @sergeyponomarev Score by Kate NV @katenvy

4 weeks ago

“My city of Minsk, shrouded in fog.” #Belarus #ShotoniPhone by Daria B. @dariasaviour

last month

“While walking on a parched dirt road in rural Gabon, I noticed this crushed bottle’s almost melancholy beauty. But it also seemed to symbolize crucial environmental issues we face — from the ubiquity of plastic pollution to the ongoing struggle for clean, safe water for everyone. I hope it elicits empathy. I hope it makes you stop and wonder what if it was you that was more directly affected. I hope it encourages us all to act in ways that make the world better.” #WorldWaterDay #Water #ShotoniPhone by David G. @dguttenfelder

4 weeks ago

“Gribskov has a magical feel, almost like you’re in a fairytale.” #intlforestday #forest #ShotoniPhone by Ane H. @a_have

last month

Community Brief 22: Bokeh Give your background a starring role. Tag #TheBokehSeries + #ShotoniPhone We’ll post favorites next week. Music: “Magnifique” by Rouge Rouge

last month

“Nature’s artwork.” #ShotoniPhone by Ivy T. @ivytsh73

last month

"My son's natural habitat." #ShotoniPhone by Mark F. @markforrester

last month

“It’s a beautiful world we live in.” #ShotoniPhone by Jennifer C. @jennifercwang

last month

Commissioned by Apple. "It's not enough to just work hard and have a creative vision. As a woman and as an artist, I want the freedom to reinvent myself every day. I want to be unlimited." @tierrawhack on set for @applemusic #ShotoniPhone by Max M. @instamaxmonty #IWD2019

last month

“Costumes deserving of their close ups.” #ShotoniPhone by Denna A. @micromardigras Music: "Golden Crown” by @chawaband

last month

“I’ve always found beauty in organized games when I can see the entire field. The players aren’t identifiable. You can appreciate it like choreography. The field becomes this flat, neutral area, like it’s their stage.” #ShotoniPhone by Andrew M. @andrewbmyers

last month

“Snowy owls aren’t uncommon in Buffalo. I like playing a role in how people see the city.” #ShotoniPhone by Kevin R. @buffalony Music: "Educated Fool" by @jackiehillperry

last month

“I'm always in awe.” #ShotoniPhone by Jinghang W. @black_wong , on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Grand Canyon’s national park designation #findyourpark

last month

“4,250 meters above sea level, just existing somewhere in the Chilean Altiplano.” #ShotoniPhone by Pauline B. @uncercle

February 2019

“Spending the day at Virupaksha Temple.” #ShotoniPhone by Rufus R. @the ramukaka

February 2019

“Others may not take notice, but it’s interesting to me.” #ShotoniPhone by Arkadiusz D. @arczid

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