Anquasha Lanay @anquashalanay

“Laughter is the key. It opens the door to happiness." - A. L. Russell 💜💕✨

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April 2019

“Smile from your heart; nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is happy to be herself” ✨🌺

March 2019

Guess God decided now was a good time to humble me. You can’t see it from your view, but I’ve officially been inducted into the Cracked iPhone club once again. So what better way to capture this humbling moment than to recreate the last humbling moment.

February 2019

My hair in its most natural state. Learning to love my hair despite what society says 🖤 #naturalbeauty #4chair #nappyandhappy #TheQuazyWay

February 2019

There are two ways of spreading light. Be the candle or be the mirror that reflects it ✨🌻

August 2018

Sometimes you just gotta take a few selfies of that new dress that you bought and that you already managed to get a stain on within 24 hours of buying 🙃👍🏾

December 2016

New Year's Resolutions. The thing that we do because we want to "better ourselves". Because we want a "fresh start". Because the previous year was "so bad". I honestly hate them. A constant goal for myself throughout my life has been to laugh. Yes, you read that right. My daily goal is to have at least one boisterous, hearty, unrestrained, knee-snapping laugh each day. The year 2016 brought me some great laughs. Now I'm looking forward to 2017! Here's to another year filled with joyous laughter! Photo Cred: @tay_tran

November 2014

Took a cool selfie with these random folks. #StrangersAreCoolToo #MockingJay #Only8PeopleWereInTheTheatre

October 2014

And there you have it: The music-loving troll face. Problem?!? 😏 Happy Halloween everybody! #FirstHalloween #LovingThisMask

October 2014

Today is just....a REALLY GOOD day! #CantStopSmiling

October 2014

Oh my gosh, I had an AMAZING time at the #GloZellFestival !! I only got a picture with GloZell's mother, but that's okay! #SoHappy #CheckedOffMyBucketList

October 2014

And the dreads begin #JustPlaying #IWish

September 2014

Folks walking around with a frown on their face and all I can do is smile. I love the rain! #KeepingTheLaptopSafeThough

September 2014

Looking at this sunset as I write my paper somehow reminds me that it's all worth it. #ThankYouJesus #ImBlessed

August 2014

Oh Lord please have mercy on ME!! It's HAWT and this slushie ain't doing nothing! #leavemealonesun #ineedacar

July 2014

Got that Seminole pride!...Even in the midst of finals week. #FSU18 #IBonceagain #neverdone #onemoreday

July 2014

Selfie + rain + stranger = priceless #thatshowyoumakefriends #ithinkibrokemyphone #wherestherice

July 2014

Can they please get my name right? I give them a shortened version and they still can't spell it right, lol.

July 2014

I have no caribbean blood in me whatsoever, but I'm still lovin' this band!! #MarketWednesday #JustAmerican